Urban Outfitters Unveils Snazzy New Logo

Perhaps jealous of all the publicity The Gap received when it unveiled its dopey, short-lived new logo, Urban Outfitters unveiled this beauty of its own.

What it lacks in symmetry and, well, design skill and effort, it certainly makes up for in orangeness and random curvature.

Next we’ll see whether Urban Outfitters backs down from its revamped look due to public outrage as quickly as quickly as The Gap did.

Urban Outfitters Logo [Urban Outfitters]


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  1. Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

    um. That’s worse than the Gap atrocity.

    • Dinhilion says:

      I was wondering about that. But ya, it did not used to look this bad. I like quite of a few of their clothes but I hate the new website.

  2. backinpgh says:

    That is not snazzy at all! I hate it.

  3. human_shield says:

    someone got printshop!

  4. benbell says:

    Mincrosoft WortArt to the rescue!!!!

  5. Larraque eats babies says:

    C U R V Y orangetext

    Dear clothing outlets – if you design a logo that looks like it was done by the CEO’s grandkids in photoshop, then your clothing is probably too ugly for me to wear.

  6. ben gardners boat says:

    That’s so bad, it can’t possibly be real. If it is, it’s probably a publicity stunt inspired by the Gap debacle. I have to go, my eyes are burning.

  7. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Hello 1993 Word Art! I’m waiting for a company to unveil their 1986 Printshop logo

  8. slim150 says:

    who works in these departments.. baboons?

  9. VOIDMunashii says:

    Did they just find the words printed randomly in different magazines, cut them out, and colour them a particularly unattractive shade of orange?

  10. Truthie says:

    Ha! This looks like bad WordArt from Microsoft Office 97. It almost makes the abortive Gap logo look good.

    • shadowboxer524 says:

      WordArt was my first thought. I think it’s the curve and the difference between both words. I’m surprised they didn’t make each letter a different color!

  11. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    This makes Gap look good.

  12. deejmer says:

    This just HAS to be a stunt. God, please tell me this is a stunt…..

    • theycallmeGinger says:

      I’m putting in my vote for stunt, as well. They were jealous of Gap’s publicity and want their own. It is so horrendous I can only assume that’s the case!

  13. Dover says:

    Check out their site, almost all of the graphics are this bad (first visit, don’t know if they always have been). This has to be a joke.

    • deejmer says:

      You’re right. Thats the worst site I’ve ever seen by a major corporation. Its like they are TRYING to do a 1997 horrible web design throwback.

    • wonderkitty now has two dogs says:

      No, it used to be a pretty cool site. Nice fonts, everything very “shabby chic”. Pretty appeasing to the eye. It now looks like a discount outdoor outfitters site.

    • AK47 - Now with longer screen name! says:

      My thought as well. After seeing that site, I’m now assuming it’s a joke.

  14. LogNoggin says:

    What? Huh? But..? No way!? Worst logo ever? I’m speechless.

  15. ChuckECheese says:

    Has meth destroyed the brains of all the graphic artists?

    • FatLynn says:

      I don’t know, but it’s about time you change your avatar.

      • ChuckECheese says:

        I will change it when somebody comes out with an app that lets me create a logo in the style of Urban Outfitter. In the meantime, I readily confess that I am inadept and disinterested in matters of design, color and pattern.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      Everyone wants to do something that is awesome and unique and unfortunately, the best they can do is unique. Only not very. With Walgreens and Wegmans going at it for the not-very-similar W shape, and with the Dodgers hitting up that Brooklyn deli for having cursive signage … companies that want to rebrand themselves are finding fewer and fewer options while retaining readability and distinctiveness.

    • SilentAgenger says:

      Perhaps, but the computer has done far more damage to the graphics industry.

  16. misterfweem says:

    I cherish my ignorance of Urban Outfitters. Can anyone tell me what the old logo looked like?

  17. km3k says:

    Clicked through to their website. Is it normally that ugly? Or is that part of the joke too?

  18. AmateurD says:

    This has to be a hoax. It HAS to be. There is no way this passed any approval chain run by anyone older than 4. Gotta be fake.

    *checks urbanoutfitters.com*

    MY EYES!! THEY BURN!!! AAAAAAAAAAaaaauuuuughh,

    This HAS to be a publicity stunt. I do marketing with several different brands, and this is hands down the worst branding I have ever seen. I can only justify a just and loving God by assuming they’re doing this purely for the irony factor.

  19. Portlandia says:

    looks like someone spent 5 minutes using “Word Art” in MS Office.


  20. suez says:

    Yesterday I couldn’t spell “deziner.” Now I is one!

  21. Emilliy says:

    Like everyone else I had to go see their website. Whats with the random floating shapes, which are also that fantasticly horrid orange color? My favorite is the half eaten sandwich at the top.

  22. Newto-Rah says:

    I had assumed that the logo was cropped like that to fit the formating of this site, apparently I was wrong.

    Who cuts the top off of a logo like that? Maybe they saved 10% by leaving off the top?

  23. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    They’re a little late to the bandwagon on this one I think.
    What’d they use? Word ’97 wordart? WTF!

  24. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    ha ha ha haha

  25. wonderkitty now has two dogs says:

    Ugh, the website is “new”, too. It’s pretty ugly. I didn’t see anything wrong with the old logo and site.

  26. lihtox says:

    Looks like they’ve decided to split into two companies, “Urban” and “Outfitters”. Separately the words don’t look too terrible (though bland), but there’s no connection between them.

  27. wrbwrx says:

    eat less!

  28. minjche says:

    My guess is this is a stunt to parody Gap.

    The rest of the text graphics on the site are just as horrible, and I can tell by the pixels.

  29. BenChatt says:

    Am I the only one out here who thinks this trend is awesome? Now I can finally fulfill my dream of becoming a graphic designer without actually going to school, or having any artistic inclinations whatsoever.

  30. CalicoGal says:

    WORD Art ftw

  31. Mr_D says:

    Now hipsters have an ironically bad sign to go along with their ironic fake vintage clothing.

  32. chaesar says:

    they’re taking the 80s throwback stuff way too far with this

  33. Sheldon says:

    Ugh that logo looks like it was made with Microsoft Word art.

  34. twitterme28 says:

    It looks like a five-year old made it in MS Paint.

  35. Daverson says:

    Hey, has anyone said it looks like Microsoft Word Art yet?

  36. eirrom says:

    Fail. Simply fail.

  37. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    Butterscotch? They must be going for publicity. Consumerist falls for their plot. Harharhar ;^)

    A lot of the photos have harsh shadows, deliberately. (women’s outerwear) Is clashy the new ‘in’ style for everything?

    Hell in a handbasket I tell you.

  38. tape says:

    Let’s not go insulting the color orange by using its name to refer to this silly shade of yellow, Phil.

    In other news, this isn’t a logo. If an 8-year-old with MS Word can create something in 45 seconds, it’s not a logo.

  39. ElizabethD says:

    This makes the Gap logo look brilliant by comparison.

  40. enabler says:

    Publicity stunt or not, whomever put this together must have been laughing their arse off. No designer would do this with a straight face.

  41. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    The Gap’s problem was that they tried to replace an iconic image.

    Urban Outfitters didn’t have an iconic or even consistent image. I’ve seen so many variants and had to Google for the old ones.

  42. axiomatic says:

    Is there some school out there producing these (either marketing or graphic arts) idiots making these awful designs? I really think this one is worse than The Gap logo was.

  43. bebopkid says:

    The logo out of context looks like a joke (maybe a “hey Gap you’re out of touch” slam) but it’s not. If you look at their website it fits in perfectly with their 90s design.

    And since 90s style has been popular with post-hipsters for a few years now it’s perfect timing to push it to early-adopter/early-majority hipsters. For a company trying to be “cheap” fashion retail leaders this fits perfectly–as long as they don’t mind rebranding in 5 months; which brings me to my next point.

    The only problem I see with this new look is that they just took their “timeless” branding and made it a very specific trend that will last tops 2 years. From a branding standpoint this seems kinda odd, but maybe their willing to wipe their brand and start new every other year. Not sure if that will be confusing or a great advantage to their brand. Maybe both.

  44. Michael the Great says:

    Want free publicity? Make a crappy logo for yourself! Ta-Da!

    • ScottCh says:

      Bingo. Look at how many people are reacting to this. Instant buzz. Instant attention. Brand recognition. Eyeballs. And all you have to do is toss out a mediocre logo, and then “fix” it a couple of weeks later. Cheap viral is the new black.

  45. CrazyPiggy says:

    Are you sure it’s their new logo, because, if you’re like me and go to the site a lot, almost every other week they have a new “design” up there, changing the logo, font, styling, etc..

    Besides the image on their homepage, is there a document that states this is an official, honest to god, new logo, or can I safely assume this is just one of their “logo of the half-month”?

  46. CrazyPiggy says:

    Are you sure it’s their new logo, because, if you’re like me and go to the site a lot, almost every other week they have a new “design” up there, changing the logo, font, styling, etc..

    Besides the image on their homepage, is there a document that states this is an official, honest to god, new logo, or can I safely assume this is just one of their “logo of the half-month”?

  47. watchwhathappens says:

    someone knows MS Word!

  48. Dinhilion says:

    ya I noticed this a couple of days ago when I went on there. I instantly turned the computer to someone else and said “LOOK AT THIS!”

  49. stuny says:

    If you refresh the page, an alternate logo appears for a moment. But the file name says 2007, so even more confused. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/images/2007_holiday/uo_logo.gif

  50. goodfellow_puck says:

    Looks like a captcha

  51. claytons says:

    Viral Marketing is now an entrenched method and has been for years, you this many people – on a consumer blog of all places – still can’t pick up on the obvious?

  52. CrazyPiggy says:

    like I said before, Urban outfitters periodically changes their homepage logo. they changed it again today. they don’t keep their logos that they post online permanent, instead, just as a temporary change. in no way was this like the gap incident.