See Your iPhone In 3D Thanks To Snap-On Binoculars

For those who find 3D glasses too liberating and are interested in making their portable devices less portable, Hasbro is making a viewfinder that lets you see your iPhone or iPod screen graphics in 3D.

According to an Associated Press report, the $30 accessory, dubbed My3D, will be available in the spring. Then it will be up to developers to release games and apps that take advantage of the bleeding edge in dorky technology.

Is this something you’re interested in, or will you hold out for the inevitable 3D iPhone and iPod?

Hasbro unveils device that promises 3D on iPod [AP via Yahoo, Kotaku]


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  1. Tim says:

    If you thought you looked ridiculous wearing glasses while watching your TV at home …

  2. TopcatF14B says:

    Slow news days?

  3. McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

    Yeah, but when you have your iDevice plugged into those Dork(tm) Glasses, you wont be able to use the specified iDevice, being unable to touch the screen. Additionally, have you ever held binoculars to your eyes? That gets old after 15 minutes.

    I predict: Fail.

  4. RipCanO'Flarp. says:

    You know that scene in wally where everyone never looks up from their screen…..yea that’s where we’re headed. Now where is my hover chair? I need to get the mail.

  5. Daverson says:

    This is gonna be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

  6. Power Imbalance says:

    This 3D craze is getting old.

  7. umbriago says:

    Congratulations, Hasbro. This is utterly ridiculous. It looks like a View-Master.

    The money quote is this, however: Meanwhile, Hasbro worked with LA Inc., the Los Angeles Convention and Vistors Bureau, to create virtual travel experiences that include visits to the Wax Museum and the Santa Monica Pier.

    Now taking a “virtual” swim in a shark tank (and maybe having your virtual arm bitten off) I can understand, but what purpose would a “virtual” visit to a wax museum serve? WHY NOT JUST GO THERE?

  8. daemonaquila says:

    Repeat after me, consumer electronics companies: 99.5% of us don’t give a rat’s patoot about 3D, will not waste our money on it this Xmas, and never will. At least 50% of us actively seek out theaters that play new releases in 2D, and that’s not going to change either.

    • Twonkey says:

      Repeat after me, deamonaquila. The ability to pull numbers out of my ass at random does not lend my subjective personal opinions any weight whatsoever.

      I’m not even saying that the sentiment hidden beneath that pile of hyperbole is wrong. If 3D isn’t for you, then it’s not for you. Whatever. I am saying that these companies are probably holding on to information that’s at least a small bit more reliable than your ass-numbers, and there’s a good chance that it says that there’s a market for 3D technology. ;)

  9. aka Cat says:

    I’m honestly surprised that this isn’t being made by the current owner of the View-Master brand.

  10. Macgyver says:

    3d is gonna go the way of the betamax.

  11. gman863 says:

    I’m starting an office pool:

    Starting with the first day they’re available for sale, how many days will it take until we have a news report about a traffic accident caused (at least in part) by 3D iPhone glasses?

  12. Caggeyder says:

    It reminds me of that old commercial for HD sunglasses. At least that’s the first thing that came into my mind.