FDIC Seizes 4 More Banks

The FDIC seized four more banks on Friday. That brings the total number for 2010 to 143, the most in a year since the S&L fiasco back in the 80’s. Here’s who went down:

* K Bank based in Randallstown, MD – $538.3 million in assets
* Pierce Commercial Bank based in Tacoma, WA – $221.1 million
* Western Commercial Bank in Woodhland HIlls, CA – $98.6 million
* First Vietnamese American Bank in Westminster, CA $48 million.

The assets and deposits were quickly gobbled up by other banks, with the FDIC and the acquiring bank splitting the losses on K Bank and Western Commercial Bank.

The size and scope of the banks that went down for the count this year are on average than those last year. However, the pace and number reflects how communities and local lending institutions are struggling to keep their commitments as more loans go sour. Last year 140 banks went under.

The average consumer is not at risk, as the FDIC guarantees deposits per account up to $250,000.

Pace of U.S. bank failures not seen in 2 decades [MSNBC]

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