OXO Spins Broken Product Into Customer Loyalty

OXO makes some cool and innovative household products that you didn’t know you needed until you see them in the store. But it’s good to know that after that surprisingly easy-to-use gadget stops working, the company will stand behind it, too. That’s what Dan learned when his salad spinner broke. They shipped a new one off to him after his first message to customer service.

I recently had trouble with an OXO Salad Spinner. Not exactly a big-budget item but it broke after only a couple months of use and I was disappointed. The first (and last) action I took was to use the web form that OXO provide on their customer service site:

“Hello, My wife and I received a large OXO Salad spinner as a wedding gift a couple of months ago. It worked great up until tonight when it broke… some of the plastic parts in the center of the top piece seem to have snapped and now it won’t spin. Anyway, we don’t have a receipt and I’m not sure where it was purchased in the first place… What should I do? Thank you for any help you can provide! Best, Dan”

Well, a couple of days later, a customer service rep named “Martha” replied; asked what specific model we had, and shipped out a new one at no cost:

“Dear Dan,

We will go ahead and ship out a replacement lid. You will receive it in about 7-10 business days via Fed Ex. Happy Spinning! “

I won’t name any names, but I’ve had major battles with national retailers in the past over shoddy workmanship and defective products. Most times, I don’t get anywhere… so this was refreshing. Thanks OXO!

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