DirecTV Customer Service Is So Bad It Drove Me To Comcast

Jesse says DirecTV’s customer retention reps went with the hard sell to make sure the company didn’t lose a customer to cable TV. As a parting shot, a rep disregarded Jesse’s complaint that the company called too often and ended the conversation with an insult.

Jesse writes:

I was a DirecTV customer with a premium HD package for two years. I recently decided to cancel my service due to DirecTV’s inability or unwillingness to remove the HD portion of my package and exchange my HD DVR for a normal, no frills receiver.

In the two months since I’ve canceled I’ve received three different calls from your “win-back” department. The first two times I politely explained why I’d left DirecTV and asked not to be contacted again as I am now a Comcast customer (and in a contract as are DirecTV customers). The third call from this team came this morning and was quite unpleasant. I was short with the gentlemen on the phone since this is now the third time I’ve been called after requesting no further contact. I told him that his records ought to show that I’ve asked to receive to further calls and he responded it was “not his job to keep records”. I was about to ask for a supervisor when he said, “you can’t afford it anyway,” and then hangs up on me! Not only can I afford it, I bought premium content such as NFL Sunday Ticket for two seasons. That is absolutely unacceptable to have someone working the phones of the team that is trying to win customers back, who is going to speak to a customer in such a way.

As a result, Comcast now has a customer for life (congrats Comcast since I buy premium content, high-speed internet and in the future, likely phone service as well).

DirecTV will never have my family’s business again and via Facebook, Twitter and obviously email, I plan to tell everyone I know about this horrid experience with a company that evidently wants my business so bad.

Unless Jesse is a Comcast plant, this story almost makes me want to sign up for DirecTV just to ditch it for cable and see if I can get an indignant retention rep to talk smack about my mom.

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