The McRib Is Back, Along With "Legendary" Contest

McDonald’s promised to bring back the McRib on November 2nd, and, sure enough, the “legendary” pork sandwich has returned (for just six weeks), along with a new marketing campaign and contest built around the “mysterious” origins of the meal. Legendary? We always assumed it was cooked up in some test kitchen in the early 80s, after the Boneless Pig Farmers of America lobbied McD to pick up their product.

According to McDonald’s, the McRib’s “origins are unknown.”

Some say it’s been here all along, existing among us, hiding in plain sight, just waiting for the exact moment to make itself known to the world. Others believe it was discovered and released by powerful sources that held its deliciousness captive, away from its adoring public. But whether you believe it’s the object of an international conspiracy to rule the world, or the ancient result of fire stolen from the Greek gods on high by one pork-lovin’ titan, it’s certain its saucy, tangy goodness can instill such a desire to have one, that people will risk, maybe not life and limb, but a barbecue-stained shirt to have one.

To enter the contest, you have to make your own McRib fan video about the origin of the sandwich. We can only assume that the best ones will never appear on the McDonald’s site, but will circulate forever on the internets. The winner of the McRib contest gets $10,000 and a trip to Germany, where the McRib is a staple in the chain’s lineup.

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