DirecTV Pulls Plug On G4

Yes, Fox might have kissed and made up with Cablevision and Dish Network over the weekend, but there is still unrest in the world of carriage fees, as DirecTV has recently pulled the plug on Comcast-owned cable channel G4.

DirecTV stopped broadcasting G4, whose main thrust is the gaming industry and which has had some mainstream success with Attack of the Show (and of course, that show’s co-host Olivia Munn), on Sunday and says it has no plans on turning the switch back on.

“At this time we are no longer negotiating and we have no plans to put G4 back up,” a DirecTV rep said in an e-mail to Entertainment Weekly. “We are constantly evaluating our lineup in a new world where programming costs continue to rise at significant rates. Since G4 is among the lowest rated networks based on the latest Nielsen data, we decided that it made sense to focus on preserving programming that is more relevant to our larger customer base.”

And G4 says in its statement, “We have been trying to engage DirecTV in fair and reasonable discussions to continue to carry G4. G4 offered DirecTV the same basic deal we have had for the past three years. However they still plan to drop the network and deny G4 fans the only network that focuses on the popular gaming lifestyle.”

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  1. AstroPig7 says:

    There’s a gaming lifestyle? Why wasn’t I informed?

    • vastrightwing says:

      Oh yes, it’s called generation Y who still are being subsidized by their parents.

      The thing is, once you have a wife and children, the gaming “lifestyle” is much harder to maintain. Perhaps, G4 provided a vicarious way for the audience to maintain some attachment to it.

      • AstroPig7 says:

        That sounds like my childhood, although I didn’t end up self-entitled like much of Generation Y seems to be. Maybe it’s the effect of being between Generation X and Generation Y.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        Aren’t we at Gen Z? now? I thought I was Gen Y and I’ve been out of the house for nearly a decade and graduated from college.

      • Robofish says:

        It also tends to change when marriage enters the picture or for that matter any adult responsibilities.

      • TheGreySpectre says:

        No…not really. Sorry to burst your bubble but I still do plenty of gaming even though I graduated college and am off working a job 1500 miles away form my parents without any assistance from them. The only difference from when I was younger and in high school is now I get to buy bigger things like better video cards, bigger monitors, raid setups and more games now that I have a nice salary and benefits instead of being on minimum wage.

      • TheGreySpectre says:

        Also I know quite a few people who game with their wives.

      • lordargent says:

        Grow up, because a lot of gamers already have.

      • ames says:

        Not true, Judgeypants.

      • anduin says:

        what a ridiculous statement

  2. agent 47 says:

    I’ll never forgive G4 for what they did to my TechTV!

    • mirrorball says:

      Same here. I miss Tech TV.

    • segfault, registered cat offender says:

      +1, TechTV was great!

    • gamabunta says:


    • mister_roboto says:

      Damn right. They replaced it with old James Bond movies? That’d be like MTV not showing music videos. Heh.

    • Jozef says:

      Same here. I’ve never heard of G4 before they bought TechTV, and a few months after the merger, when they killed off almost all TechTV shows, I started ignoring them again. That was years ago; I didn’t even know G4 was still around.

    • Sian says:

      Lot of G4 hate for gutting TechTV here.

      I’m not disagreeing, but damn.

      • Enduro says:

        +1. After a couple months of G4/TechTV (I think that’s how they branded it for a while) I wrote them a rambling complaint letter. They took something really awesome and informative and replaced it with fart gags and cheesecake. There’s already too much low-brow programming out there, why do we need another low budget one?

        At least they dropped the Tech TV name so they’re not misleading viewers like what Music Television and The Learning Channel have devolved into. That’s straight up false advertising.

    • bender123 says:

      VIVA VA LEO!!!!!

    • Pibbs says:

      I miss TechTV. The last holdout from the old days is X-Play, but I really do miss Leo and the Screen Savers, as well as Call for Help. In my super-nerd phase in College, I found out that the mall I worked in a Best Buy at was having members of TechTV there for a weekend for a meet and greet. There were the two hosts of X-Play and Cat Schwartz from Call for Help, and I remember losing my mind. They ended up hanging out with us in our break room, and they were all really cool.

    • cayton says:

      I’ve hated G4 ever since TechTV went away. Way to kill off a good thing and replace it with the most useless nonsense I’ve ever seen.

      I like video games, but I’d rather play them myself than :
      Watch other people play them
      Watch other people talk about them
      Watch other people…is there anything else on G4?

      If I wanted video game reviews, I would look them up online.

    • HappyFunTimes says:

      Long live Leo!!!! G4 is only good for Ninja Warrior marathons. I miss my TechTV!

    • johnperkins21 says:

      I agree. Though it wouldn’t have been so bad if they at least kept a focus on technology, but apart from X-Play and a few mentions on AotS, it’s rarely anything but dumb skits and a piss-poor FX/Spike clone now.

    • makreljohnson says:

      On behalf of Tech TV – Good Riddance G4 to you and your endless stream of COPS.

      I sorta grieve for the new absence of Olivia Munn

      I congratulate DirecTV for giving Comcast a shot to the groin, however small it may be.

    • LordXar says:

      I still have signed pictures or Leo and Kate somewhere. Damn I miss that show.

  3. yessongs says:

    That’s what you get for killing off Tech TV

    • APCO25guy says:

      +10. I never had a use for G4. TechTV was superb. They replaced it with the most lame garbage and I simply deleted it from my channel lineup (along with all the dozens of shopping channels and infospam & scam crap, and God Squad stuff) on DirecTV. There! Just eliminated about 1/3 of “total choice” programming lineup!

  4. lawnmowerdeth says:

    I stopped watching G4 after the TechTV buyout and firing of the original staff, can’t believe that was 6 years ago. Seems they just show Cops now anyway.
    The Screen Savers was a great show.

    • dryfire says:

      It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since they killed off techtv and most of the staff.

      I tried watching G4, but they seemed to give every game as good of a review as the possibly could.

  5. Tarceinus says:

    G4 is pretty much Cops reruns and occasional Japanese game shows anyway. Olivia Munn isn’t even on AotS anymore.

  6. MutantMonkey says:

    G4 is to gaming what MTV is to music. Several minutes of actually “core” programing and the rest is just mindless, boring filler.

  7. Nighthawke says:

    About bloody time. Before G4, there was TechTV that was excellent, well-rounded, full of crackling good ideas and great personalities. The leveraged buyout by Comcast was nothing short of scandalous, knocking off over 7/8 of the staff, holding over Morgan Webb her sidekick Adam Sessler, and a few others for their planned game channel. It was a bad deal all in all, just ask Leo Laporte when you call in to his show. He still wears a TechTV Polo shirt from time to time.

  8. avenger339 says:

    It’s sad that the best thing on G4 was reruns of a FOX show (Arrested Development).

    As a self proclaimed gamer, and as someone who lives “the popular gaming lifestyle” (whatever that even is), I say good riddance, and hope more companies follow suit.

  9. Klay says:

    And we care how I’m watching the Paint Drying Channel instead!

  10. shepd says:

    G4 is crap, bring back TechTV already.

  11. Daverson says:

    Well, shit. I liked G4 for their E3 coverage, and I also liked Ninja Warrior (aka Sasuke.) Too bad.

  12. Foxtrot-Yankee says:

    I watch Twit.TV for that kind of content and it’s free from the Internet.

  13. Klay says:

    And we care how? I’m watching the Paint Drying Channel instead!

  14. Michaela says:

    This makes me thankful that I am not a user of DirecTV. G4 is one of the few channels I actually watch!

  15. failurate says:

    I was not even aware G4 existed until I found the 8bit cartoon Code Monkeys on Netflix. Found it in our station guide and yeah, mostly re-runs of Cops. No loss at all.

  16. LastError says:

    This was way past time. G4 only took over and killed TechTV to get TechTV’s DirecTV channel. G4 had never been able to manage that themselves. They had to buy their way in.

    Now they’ve lost the only thing they had left.

    Truly a great day for some revenge! Great job DirecTV! LONG past overdue.

    Quality TV lives on at Twit.TV

    • DanRydell says:

      Sure, if you want to hear Leo Laporte drone on endlessly about Twitter or the latest flash in the pan Web 2.0 site that has one minor piece of functionality that you can link to every social networking site.

      Most of his guests/hosts are terrible (Dvorak is great though).

  17. RxDude says:

    I have DirecTV, and if you hadn’t told me they dropped G4, I would never have noticed.

  18. Andy S. says:

    I used to watch TechTV all. the. time.

    After all of the good TechTV shows were scrapped by G4 and replaced by crap like Attack Of The Show and reruns of Cops, they lost me. I haven’t watched the channel in years now. Apparently I’m not the only one.

    (Hey, DirecTV… now that you’re not paying for G4, can you give us AMC in HD, please?)

  19. ShreeThunderbird says:

    Will America miss the “Toxic Avenger” movies?

  20. D0rk says:

    God dammit, I am very unhappy about this.

  21. Holybalheadedchrist! says:

    “…the popular gaming lifestyle.”

    Who will even miss this piece of asshattery? Now, let’s see what on the new “Sillybandz” channel….

  22. DashTheHand says:

    One of the reasons I cancelled Broadstripe was because they dropped G4 without warning or explanation. One of their “innocuous” midnight updates left me without it.

    When I called to complain, I was told that there was nothing they could do about it. When I told them I’d be canceling due to this, they told me I would still have to pay an early termination fee. I argued that one of the channels I was explicitly watching was removed, so that I no longer had need of their services. They countered with “Well, we’re going to have HD channels ‘soon’ so that should make up for it.” I didn’t feel like wasting my time explaining the difference between apples and oranges to them.

    BTW, never did get charged that cancellation fee.

  23. rdm says:

    DirecTV subscriber here and I only watch G4 anymore when WebSoup is on (and when it’s new). So, no big loss but I am bummed out for Chris Hardwick.

    (AMC isn’t in HD yet, DTV? E! also isn’t. Classy)

  24. sp00nix says:

    Aww, no more daily Cops marathons for me. That’s all that channel is good for.

  25. ktetch says:

    I remember doing The Loop on Attack of the Show about 3 years ago. I was in an uplink studio in Norcross (just outside Atlanta) and the Comcast cable the upload station had didn’t have G4.

    Doing a live interview/debate with just an earpiece is HARD! (add in 3 secs of sat-lag and it’s damned near impossible to come off looking good without a lot of practice – i failed)

  26. MacUser1986 says:

    G4 was awesome when it was first release but since then it was nothing but casual garbage.

  27. duxup says:

    For a network about “gaming lifestyle” they don’t have very much about gaming to offer. Rather just a bunch of “sexy ladies expo”, Ninja Warrior, and Cheaters episodes set to play endlessly.

  28. Vulpine says:

    Bring back TechTV with Leo LaPorte!

    When Comcast bought TechTV and turned it into G4, we lost a real tech-centric network. I’d much rather have Leo and his old crew of techies than G4 any day!

    • Rachacha says:

      Free on the Internet live streaming 5 days a week and downloadable content. Visit Laporte’s network and his live stream at Much of the same content and format as the old TechTV, but the shows are focused on certain topics (Windows, Mac, Google, Security, Open Source, Web, iPad, Home theater etc. plus Laporte’s weekly radio show.)

    • yensed says:

      TWiT and Leo’s entire network has surpassed the awesomeness that was TechTV.

  29. Rhizzo says:

    Shame. It’s been pulled from Comcast basic cable for a couple months now. Sounds like the network isn’t pulling the kinds of ratings the our cable provider gatekeepers have been looking for. That’s the problem with network cable based infrastructure. Gotta keep the ratings up.

    They’re a tech company. Maybe they’ll focus more on Internet based broadcasting.

    In the mean time you can get your Olivia Munn fix from the The Daily Show. I think I saw her as a correspondent on there.

    • LastError says:

      Munn’s also on the cover of US Weekly. Apparently she was shagging Justin Timberlake.

      I am not sure which one of them I feel more sorry for. Maybe both.

  30. duncanblackthorne says:

    This raises an interesting question in my mind: Assuming that the Comcast purchase of NBC is approved and goes through, might some carriers (like DirecTV for instance) cease carrying Comcast/NBC-owned channels because it’s a conflict of interest? Seriously, anything that can be used as a reason to prevent Comcast becoming both a content creator and carrier is a good thing so far as I’m concerned..

  31. Arimer says:

    Oh no, My day long reruns of cops and cheaters which have nothing to do with gaming or technology. What ever shall I do. Seriously the only time this channel played anything to its core audience was from like 5-7. Everything else was just reruns of shows on 18 other channels.

  32. pgh9fan1 says:

    Wait! Now I can’t see Makoto Nagano anymore. This is bad. Very bad. I love Ninja Warrior as do my wife and son.

  33. Gulliver says:

    Basically DirectV said, the price we paid in the past was too high. We will carry your crap station if you pay us to, or maybe for free. The amount of lost business for DirectV will be more than offset by the cost savings for not having to pay our competitors.

  34. EdK says:

    This is probably retaliation for Comcast’s refusal to discuss Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia with Directv.

    • BlownCircuit says:

      I would say it is a combo retaliation for Comcast’s behavior during the Versus negotiations that occurred last year, leaving hockey fans pretty well Comcasted during the regular season, along with a power play to get Comcast to allow carriage of CSN-Philly.

      Comcast’s rhetoric for not allowing DirecTV/Dish to have access to CSN-Philly is laughable at best, and insulting at worst. Comcast has repeatedly stated that it is doing nothing different than DirecTV did in securing the sole distribution rights to NFL Sunday Ticket. The Comcast executive making these comments either: a.) has a completely lack of understanding of the fact that content distribution rights are decided by the content owner (NFL) not the content provider (DirecTV). This could be a result of them being both a content owner and provider, a clear conflict of interest to anyone with a modicum of common sense. b.) is the person who wasn’t willing to make the winning bid, thus is still mad about losing the rights to be the sole NFL Sunday Ticket provider (a poor decision for the NFL anyway, choosing a carrier with less potential market share), c.) assumes that the general population, and in specific Philadelphia sports fans who live in Eastern Pennsylvania, are idiots who would be swayed by his apples to plums comparison.

      Hopefully with Senator Specter ($:Comcast) losing his seat, we can get the antiquated FCC exemption to sunset, thus forcing Comcast to stop Comcasting fans who just want to consume their Comcasty product.

  35. g051051 says:

    After the G4 takeover of TechTV, I stopped watching just about everything except X-Play, Ninja Warrior, and Bansuke. After X-Play changed format, I dumped that. The only thing I’ll miss is Ninja Warrior.

  36. AngryK9 says:

    I am going to miss watching Ninja Warrior on my AM break every day.

  37. deathbecomesme says:

    sigh…..I wish my gf wasnt so insecure. I once said around her that I thought Olivia Munn was hot. Now whenever Im watching The Daily Show or anything on TV that has her on there I get the “cold shoulder” treatment. The night we rented “Date Night” I finished the movie alone once Olivia was shown. What is it with girls and double standards? She can say Clooney is hot and I dont give a sh*t. But I say one thing one time like a million years ago and Im in the dog house for the rest of our relationship!?

    • Joseph S Ragman says:

      Sorry, dude … you need to put her to the curb … or tell her to get in the kitchen and make you a sammich. That way you can watch whatever or whomever you want in peace and quiet.

    • EcPercy says:

      Well you aren’t married… Time to move on.

  38. Fred says:

    It seems like it’s time for a-la-carte programming. Then we will know which channels are popular and not those that the network isn’t making money on.

  39. anime_runs_my_life says:

    G4 is still around? After they got rid of the good shows, started showing some stupid stuff – like the Spaceballs and Code Monkey’s “cartoons” (they’re so bad they don’t even deserve to be called cartoons), I gave up on G4 altogether.

  40. Leftstrat says:

    After the spaying/neutering of TechTV, G4 being pulled is no great loss.

  41. dpeters11 says:

    I hated G4 for killing TechTV as much as a lot of you, but I’m wondering if it necessarily was a bad thing…We get a lot of great content from Leo and the TWiT Network, we have Revision3. Would these be around if it hadn’t happened? Most of the on screen TechTV personalities are on those two networks and likely are quite happy. Not sure exactly what Martin Sargeant is doing these days, but the others are pretty much accounted for.

  42. Goatweed says:

    AOTS is ok at times, but most of the good segments are available online the next day anyway. Munn hasn’t been on for ages (it seems) so I’ve been watching it less..I miss TechTV badly tho, I used to watch that more than any other channel on a regular basis. TWIT4LIFE!

  43. JlGomez says:

    Loved Tech TV I watched it from its first airing, I really really miss it.. I cant believe how many of the consumerist audience remembers and loved Tech TV. G4 has been going down hill lately I have to say Attack of the Show keeps bringing in bimbos to replace Olivia Munn instead of just finding a good female host. But I do still watch until I find that the co host is a bimbo then I delete the DVR recording. I have Comcast so I wont loose it but my son will. I think Kevin and Morgan Webb should be on all day and every one else should all be temps.

  44. ventu587 says:

    Does anyone really watch G4 anymore? I can’t stand watching it now. How is this even a gamers channel anymore? X-play is mostly retarded now (or was it always this way?), AOTS is bleh and the rest is BS that most gamers couldn’t give a rats… When did cheaters (the relationship one) become the norm for a gamer channel? I turned to it once thinking it was the old cheats show that actually showed how to get through certain games with codes and so on…nope, just as lame as COPS 2.0 with a bunch of retards posting stupid tweet style posts below the show.

    So right now it seems the only “gamer” show on right now is X-play with maybe some game coverage on AOTS during E3 or Blizzcon.

  45. naturalblue says:

    What the what? That is some bullshit. I watch G4 all the time and have DirecTV. I will be writing a letter

  46. RogalDorn says:

    The thing I hate about G4 is the programming. 10% actually tech and 90% is re-runs of cops. seriously? at least do re-runs of your own programming. I love x-play, and Ninja Warrior. most of the time its the best thing on. AotS is okay, its basically reddit in tv form.

  47. Andrew Punch says:

    I am going to have to write Directv a thank you note. I miss the screensavers!

  48. Jemaine says:

    Hopefully this is permanent. I watched ZDTV then TechTV everyday after school and then G4 took over, and it was okay for maybe a year or so and then I just gave up on it. Anyone that watches G4 probably watches MTV just as much; which isn’t saying much. I did enjoy that show that’s kind of like Wipeout but set in Japan… oh well… won’t be missed.

  49. Oranges w/ Cheese says:


  50. jp7570-1 says:

    AFter what G4 did to TechTV, I really don’t care if they are on the air anywhere.

  51. ericfate says:

    G4 still exists? Why?

  52. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Please bring back TechTV — we don’t really care about G4!

  53. ElizabethD says:

    We’ve had DirecTV for two years, and I’ve never heard of G4.

    All I know is: DirecTV brings me “Friday Night Lights” four months before viewers with other providers can watch it. Win.

  54. The_Fuzz_53 says:

    Maybe if it was in HD I would have watched. I pretty much quit this channel when I bought an HDTV.

    Also, can’t wait until Comcast owns NBC…

  55. RSDeuce says:

    I fondly remember TechTV, and would love to watch another show like it. G4 did us all a disservice by killing it off, and good riddance to a channel I have not watched in years…

  56. Primarylupine says:

    I’d gladly accept 33 more channels of Armenian dramas, or Korean cooking shows if they promise to not bring back G4. Hell, I’ll even take Vietnamese TV evangelists.

  57. TuxedoCartman says:

    I liked G4, mostly because of their Japanese game shows.

    But as a question to DirecTV: really? G4 brings in lower ratings than the Golf Channel, or any of the outdoor hunting themed channels you broadcast? I doubt that.

  58. SgtBeavis says:

    G4 we will mi….

    Wait they cut off G4. About damn time! Take that for killing our beloved Tech TV you a-holes.

  59. barcodetattoo says:

    Yay! The end of the annoying logo every 20 seconds!

  60. Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

    At least the Canadian G4 isn’t laden with reruns of Cops. Here it’s reruns of the Office, which isn’t too bad considering. But at least our G4 still has some more tech-centric programming (via Victor Lucas’ EP Daily and Reviews on the Run shows.) And we can still watch 2-6 year old repeats of Leo Laporte’s shows that were produced up here–for those who don’t remember, when Comcast killed TechTV in the US, it was still G4 TechTV up here until actually a few months ago. Laporte continued doing Call For Help up here until 2007, moved to Vancouver to do The Lab with Leo for about a year, then our Comcast (Rogers) put the kibash on that–though we still see the reruns informing us about this great new browser called Firefox, and the new security features in Windows XP Service Pack 2. Still, I guess that beats watching repeats of Cops.

    • anduin says:

      haha yes, I remember seeing Leo on one of his Canadian shows and they were talking about some antivirus that didn’t have malware protection attached to it yet. Its kind of fun to watch these old shows and see how far we’ve come or haven’t in some cases.

  61. gman863 says:

    The premise of a gaming “lifestyle” channel has a major flaw: It ignores the fact most gamers rarely (if ever) change the input on their TV from the game consoles to the cable or satellite box.

    +1 to DirecTV

  62. Demonpiggies says:

    What about my 8 hours of Cops?

  63. vlv723 says:

    Good Riddance. G4 and Tech TV should never merged and kept with its core content. A Gaming lifestyle isn’t filled with Cops, Cheaters, and other shows. Same goes with technology lifestyle.

  64. pot_roast says:

    Bring back TechTV, you rotten &^$%#!!!

    I hated Comcast for that. They ruined an awesome channel that actually had a topic and stuck to it.. well, aside from Adult Swim.

  65. G. G. says:

    a la carte channels everybody – reduce cost of subscribers. I dont watch sports or care about gaming channels … why should i subsidize others who watch them.

  66. Andy S. says:

    Now where am I supposed to view Ninja Warrior?

  67. rambo76098 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! G4 deserves it for gutting TechTV. That was the only channel I watched in my nerdy phase in Jr High & High School until it was raped of any good content.

  68. mykie says:

    Does this mean I can be let out of my DirecTV contract, now that I can no longer receive the products and services I pay for?

  69. Demolition Man says:

    And nothing of importance has been lost.

  70. Demolition Man says:

    And nothing of importance has been lost.

  71. psykomyko says:

    My wife and I discovered G4 well after the TechTV merger, and we’ve loved watching Ninja Warrior, Attack of the Show, and X-Play together. The current G4 has done a hell of a job showing cool stuff and getting mainstream attention despite Comcast’s lack of support to give them more original (and successful) content. Maybe if the crybabies whining about TechTV actually watched Attack of the Show and noticed how much of G4’s editorial content is in line with sites like Consumerist and BoingBoing, they’d realize what a loss this is.

  72. FrugalFreak says:

    Who cares. I miss Tech TV with Leo, Chris, Patrick, Kate, Martin, Kevin, etc… Wish they would have started thier own network. Fav was Call for Help & The Screen Savers.

  73. BillyDeeCT says:

    The only thing good DirecTV has done – now if they only gave me the Free HD for Life like they did everybody else they would have kept me as a customer!

  74. anduin says:

    Well seeing as how the gaming portion of this channel is limited to about 4-5 hours a day followed by The Office, Campus Police and other nonsense for the rest of the time, Im not surprised to see it rated low. The channel has been a waste of space especially since gamers know their best information source are internet sites strictly dedicated to gaming that will literally update within seconds of news being released.

  75. Be_Honest says:

    G4 was a waste of space in my channel lineup. Glad its gone

  76. BlkSwanPres says:

    I may switch to Direc because of this