Travel When Others Don't To Save Big

It pays to be original when dreaming up your vacation plans, because if everyone else has the same idea as you, you’re sure to be paying the highest rates possible for travel, accommodations and attractions.

A post on Currency, AmEx’s personal finance blog recommends planning your trips on off-peak seasons to avoid the crowds and pay as little as possible.
The post says you’re best off traveling between April 15 and June 1, as well as Oct. 1 and Dec. 15 – obviously excluding the travel hell that is Thanksgiving – for the best rates.

Granted, there are some disadvantages to traveling during the off-seasons. The San Diego beaches, after all, aren’t quite as appealing in December, but Disneyland is still Disneyland during what passes for winter in Los Angeles.

What’s your favorite off-season travel destination?

Travel Off-Season for a Cheaper, Better Getaway [Currency]

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