Target Shortchanging Customers On Coupons

Coupon-clipping Target shoppers are ticked off at the news that the retail chain has been shortchanging customers on some manufacturers’ coupons since at least mid-summer.

Target says it has known about the issue since August and is trying to fix it:

We are aware that some coupons are not scanning for the full amounts… We are aware of the issue and are diligently working on a fix for that and will implement it as soon as possible.

The L.A. Times cites the example of one customer who, as recently as Wednesday, claims her $1.50 coupon on feminine-hygiene products was somehow reduced to $1.02 when scanned at the register.

“You really have to watch the registers, and for people who don’t, they don’t know they’re getting ripped off,” the customer told the Times. “I think this is a serious issue that a lot of people aren’t aware of… I don’t understand how a national company knows there’s an issue but hasn’t done anything about it.”

The Target rep says that customers whose coupons don’t scan properly “can bring their receipt to guest services for a refund of the difference.”

Yes, because they should have to spend extra time in line at Target because the company can’t fix its computers. That is good customer service.

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