Fox Says No To Cablevision Offer

First it seemed there was no chance Cablevision and Fox would settle their differences today. And then Cablevision said it was okay to pay Fox a butt load of cash… but only for one year. And now, we learn Fox has rebuffed this last-minute attempt to end the stand-off in time for Game 1 of the World Series.

For a comment, we once again go to Charles Schueler, Cablevision’s executive vice president of communications:

On behalf of our customers, we are very disappointed that we offered News Corp. what they asked to be paid for Fox 5 and Fox 29 and News Corp. has said no. It is now clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that News Corp. is operating in bad faith. We call on the FCC to intervene immediately to restore the Fox signals to Cablevision’s 3 million homes and order News Corp. to agree to binding arbitration to resolve this conflict.


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  1. DanRydell says:

    “we are very disappointed that we offered News Corp. what they asked to be paid for Fox 5 and Fox 29”

    So wait, were they just trying to get Fox 5 and Fox 29 back with that 1 year deal and not the other Newscorp channels that have been shut off? If so, it’s not surprising that Newscorp said no.

  2. milkcake says:

    Can’t most people get Fox to watch World Series using antenna?

    • DarthCoven says:

      Congratulations! You’re the millionth comment to point out that broadcast channels are available via antenna! TELL HIM WHAT HE’S WON, JOHNNY!!!

      As I’ve said before, those of us in basement apartments are SOL when it comes to OTA transmissions, as are many people in large apartment buildings, behind large geographic features, etc.

    • obits3 says:

      There is no place for such logic and reason here ;)

    • kaldurak says:

      Yes they can. And likely with a better HD signal that through cable or satellite.

    • Supes says:


      I think Cablevision should offer subsidized HD antennas to their subscribers…. when many of their viewers are getting the channels already, it’ll put them in a much stronger bargaining position. They shouldn’t bow to the greed of News Corp.

      • frank64 says:

        In my town OTA works great for most people. However, most everyone has cable. I get all the networks including FOX and WB, 5 PBS and a few independents. This with a $30 in room antenna. All the home owners could get more with a roof antenna.

        Many people say cable is such a rip off, they would ditch ditch it except they love their (fill in blank) You find that their bill is $70-$120! I guess the (fill in blank) is worth $70 dollars then?

        OTA is obvious, but many people don’t think about it much.

        • craptastico says:

          a lot of people don’t get much with OTA. i used to use one while i got 3 channels and 2 of them were pretty fuzzy, but barely watchable. the one that came in good was Fox though

          • Supes says:

            The nice thing about HD OTA is that they either come in perfectly or not at all. Since everyone affected by the World Series blackout is in a pretty metropolitan area, I’m guessing 90-95% of them could get Fox via a decent room antenna. Even in cities with big buildings like NYC OTA reception tends to be pretty available.

            I went to cable recently, but I live in Manhattan, and using an antenna in an apartment facing a back alley I could still get all the major networks (and several other channels) OTA crystal clear in glorious HD.

          • menty666 says:

            We apparently live on the wrong side of a hill, because we get bupkus here. Ditto for the radio stations.

    • enalzi says:

      There’s also the fact that many people, like me, didn’t get converter boxes during the swtich because we had cable.

  3. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Sorry, sports fans, but growing pains like this are usually the only way we get change.

    I am glad these companies keeping fighting and having customer’s being the ones who suffer. The more it occurs, the more likely these business models will go away for something that works better, or the FCC flxes its muscles and makes some changes.

    • c!tizen says:

      Exactly! In the mean time I’m glad I hate baseball, cause if it were my South Park then shit would be going down my friend, shit would be going down!

    • Enduro says:

      I love baseball and if my Tigers were in I would make a sacrifice if they were in (by going to bar or something).

      I still don’t see why Cablevision doesn’t pull FoxNews. It’s election time, the World Series of Scumbaggery. I bet Fox would change their tune since the only channel they’re allowing to be broadcast is FoxNews.

  4. obits3 says:

    My favorite part is how my local Fox station is airing commercials blaming everybody but Fox. I respect a good strike, but I don’t like how Fox has the power to end this, but they act like they are helpless.

    • ryder28910 says:

      You say that like Cablevision doesn’t also have the power to end this.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        Clearly this is not what she is saying.

      • obits3 says:

        I haven’t examined the facts enough to be on either side. I just think that it’s funny to see Fox act like they are completely innocent. I was just reflecting on the nature of propaganda, more or less…

      • MaarekElets says:

        Yes, Cablevision could totally end this by caving to Fox. Then when NBC/Universal/Comcast and CBS/Viacom/MTV Networks come asking for the same deal they can end it by going out of business or raising their rates by 100% as well.

      • s73v3r says:

        Both sides are equally capable of ending this. Yet, FOX is the one saying that Cablevision (and Dish Network, apparently) are the ones that are holding up progress.

  5. The Brad says:

    Cablevision has the power to end it as well. Don’t think for a minute that neither side can cave or compromise.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      When the Gods fight, the people suffer.

    • Supes says:

      Sure but Cablevision is at least trying to negotiate. There’s no indication News Corp. has offered anything except their initial proposal. I think people are right to blame News Corp…. it just looks like pure greed, given how much higher their proposal is than the past rates.

      I actually applaud Cablevision for standing up for themselves.

      • DanRydell says:

        Apparently their proposal is the same amount that other cable companies are paying them. Cablevision insists they deserve a discount, Fox thinks otherwise. If you go into Costco and they’re selling a TV for $1500, you offer to pay $1000, they say no – what do you do?

    • frank64 says:

      The way it works out though, is that Cablevision is actually working in the consumers best interests. I know it is by accident, but still. The more they pay for Fox the more we pay, and the more we end up paying for others stations too.

    • Gulliver says:

      No, Cablevision gave Fox what it wanted EXCEPT, Fox is DEMANDING they carry Fox Business (which has ratings so low they are immeasurable) and National Geographic Wild (which until today I had never heard of). They do not want those networks, but Fox is saying if you want one, you must take them all. Seems like selling a car and saying you must buy the floor mats and leatheer trimmed steering wheel that you hate.

  6. JG2002 says:

    why is FOX always doing this. This happened in Iowa a few times now too. Never seems to happen w/ other networks in Iowa. FOX = Greedy??? Compared to other stations?

    • fatediesel says:

      In the Iowa-Mediacom situation it wasn’t Fox that owned the stations, it was Sinclair Broadcasting, and in addition to Des Moines’ Fox affiliate getting shut off they also owned the Cedar Rapids area CBS affiliate and it was also shut off.

    • incident_man says:

      2 words: Rupert Murdoch.

  7. v0rt says:

    I think Fox smells blood.

  8. Shtetl G says:

    Cablevision put all their eggs in a basket betting that the Yankees would be in the world series and local politicians would force fox to cave in. I have no idea who is right in this negotiation but cablevision lost a big a chip when the Yankees got knocked out before the world series.

    • DewBerry says:

      Strange – I thought exactly the opposite, that it was Fox that wanted the Yankees in the WS to pressure Cablevision. After all, it is Fox that has chosen this moment in this market to pull the plug.
      Now the pressure is somewhat reduced for Cablevision to pony up, and they can probably sit it out until after the WS, when Fox is in a significantly weakened position.

  9. Woodside Park Bob says:

    Here’s a modest proposal:

    The FCC should step in and require broadcast TV stations to provide their signals free to cable companies but at the same time also require cable companies to provide free broadcast-stations-only cable service to anyone in their service area who asks for it as compensation for not having to pay for the broadcast channels.

    This would benefit the public by ensuring access to free broadcast channels.

    This would also benefit the broadcasters by ensuring their channels are available to anyone in their broadcast area, therefore maximizing their potential advertising revenue.

    This would benefit the cable companies because they would gain more subscribers, a foot in the door, so to speak, to get the new free customers to pay for non-broadcast channels. It would also benefit the cable companies because they wouldn’t have to pay for free broadcast programming.

    And neither the broadcasters nor the cable companies are likely to approve of this idea … so it must be good!

    • framitz says:

      Nah, That solution is far to sensible for the communication behemoths to consider. It makes too much sense.

  10. AngryK9 says:

    Remember baseball fans, it is corporate greed that made you miss the game.

    • Southern says:

      I actually quit watching professional baseball in 1994, when the PLAYERS cancelled the World Series due to a salary dispute/strike. Haven’t watched a Pro baseball game or a World Series since.

  11. bigtxpapa says:

    Hey lets be Honest! Rupert Murdoch NEEDS that money because he is supporting the entire Republican Party and has already Guaranteed those payments to their respective campaigns. If he backed out now what would the Republicans do? Pay up America, you owe him!!!!!

  12. majortom1981 says:

    I just got an email from cablevision. They are giving cablevision customers access to the game on for free. You pay mlb the $10 and then cablevision will credit your account $10.

    So cablevision customers wont miss the world series atleast.

    • Supes says:

      Good for them. quality kind of sucks, but it’s still a nice gesture and helps ease some of the bargaining pressure.

  13. Griking says:

    I’d love to see Cablevision stick to their words and just say no to Fox. While i’m sure that customer would like to have Fox I don’t feel that carrying Fox is an obligation to Cablevision. They should have the right to decide what services and channels they want to offer and which they don’t.

  14. CaughtLooking says:

    Cablevision customers are eligible to receive MLB Postseason TV for free after rebate.

    “Offer for all Residential and Business customers who may or may not have previously subscribed to To receive $10.00 credit, proof of order must be sent in an e-mail to, fax to 201-405-1804, or mail to Cablevision, Quality Assurance Dept., 200 Jericho Quadrangle, Jericho, NY 11753. Include the order confirmation e-mail from Subscription along with subscriber name, address, phone number and account number. Proof of purchase must be submitted by 12/26/10. Allow 2 billing cycles to receive your credit. Cablevision employees are not eligible. Offer expires at the end of the World Series.”

  15. consumerd says:

    Well, well, well, well, well..

    Hmm… now I have two of the federal digital antenna boxes in my house that I have been sitting on for just such an occasion.

    I wonder if I can sell them now to people in cablevision territories?

  16. CookiePuss says:

    No Texas vs San Fran game on Cablevision? My condolences to the 3 viewers who wanted to see that in Cablevisions NY/NJ/PA market.

  17. Mercurywaxing says:

    Will Cablevision pro-rate my bill for the fact that I’ve lost 2 channels. These are channels they are no longer paying for, but I now am. So even if it’s a miserable $.02 I think we should get a little bit back here.

  18. bravo369 says:

    I don’t have cablevision and am not affected but FCC should intervene. Murdoch wants to hold ALL the channels hostage. Isn’t there a law that says you cannot use one product to artificially balloon the price of another? Also, Murdoch owns Dish network so the longer this goes on, the better he profits because not only will cablevision eventually pay, but all the customers who are fed up will go to dish. it’s a win-win for murdoch and a lose-lose to all the customers.

  19. jefffowler says:

    I am not a sports fan, but I have been watching Fox on HULU so this battle is of no concern to me here in NJ. Rupert is living with a dying business model, adapt and over come or die, I am sure the latter will be the result. Why fight, with digital signals I can get all this for free, on my HD TV right out of the air. I have had Cablevision for 15 years now I was the first on my block to get cable internet, they have always treated me well, and I stand by them. Fox can cram it.

  20. hugothebear says:

    This can’t be good for FOX Sports whenever they have to re-neg. Hopefully, MLB will move to NBC whenever FOX’s World Series contract expires. Then I can enjoy a game without Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

    I’d include ABC, but they’d just put John Miller and Joe Morgan.