Cablevision Gives Customers Free World Series Streams

Good news for aging New York Giants loyalists and Yankee fans who want to do a pre-purchase check-in on Cliff Lee: This evening, Cablevision emailed customers — who have lost all Fox programming, including the World Series, due to the ongoing battle between the two companies — and said they would reimburse them for Major League Baseball’s $9.95 service.

In the email to the company’s 3 million customers — primarily in the New York suburbs — Cablevision said:

Attention Cablevision Subscribers!

Don’t miss a minute of the World Series online!

As Fox continues to hold our customers hostage from enjoying sports events, Cablevision would like to extend a special offer for you to enjoy the World Series at home, online! is offering a $9.95 option to watch the World Series and Cablevision will credit your account $10.00.

Thanks, Cablevision. Any ideas for Jets fans who will be blacked out this weekend if you and Fox don’t kiss and make up by then?