Scammers Sell Plywood Wrapped In Black Tape As 50" Flat Screen

They cut a slit in the back of the wrapping and then the guy got nervous and said “I left something in the car,” and booked. What had appeared to be a 50″ flat screen TV was actually plywood wrapped in black tape.

A Florida man told WJXX that he almost got ripped off when two guys approached him on the street with what sounded like a great deal: a brand new 50″ LG flat screen still in its wrapping for only $500. But when he and his friends hauled it inside and cracked it open, it turned out to be a dummy, just wood wrapped in gaffer’s tape. It even came with a fake remote control, cardboard in bubble wrap.

The tipster says it was so professionally done it looked like it wasn’t the first time the guys had done it, or their last. They may strike again.

Use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And if two guys come up to you on the street trying to sell you a piece of electronics at a steep discount…. yeah, on one level or another, it’s probably sketchy.

Southside Man Believes He Was the Target of a Flat Screen TV Scam [WJXX] (Thanks to Justin!)

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