Save $2 Per Pizza Hut Pizza By Avoiding Lingo

Pizza Hut charges $10 for large pizzas with three toppings or less, but ups the price to $12 for specialty pizzas. Josh checks in with the simple yet astute tip to avoid ordering a specialty by name, instead just getting the the three toppings to make the pizza qualify for a $10 order.

He writes:

Along the same lines as some of the comments, take a look at a Pizza Hut menu. Any Large Pizza up to 3 toppings is $10. But there are several choices of “specialty” pizzas that are $12, even though they are 3 topping pies as well. I always just order a large with those three toppings rather than ordering it by name, thereby saving myself $2.

Qualifying orders, after eyeballing Pizza Hut’s site, would include the Pepperoni Lover’s (order pepperoni, pepperoni and pepperoni instead) and the cheese lover’s (order extra cheese).

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  1. pop top says:

    I think an easy way for the workers to get around this is when you call in and ask for your three toppings to be all pepperoni (or whatever), they graciously “upgrade” your regular pizza to a specialty pizza.

    • AustinTXProgrammer says:

      I think you could avoid that if you ordered online.

      • pop top says:

        Are they not allowed to make changes to orders after the fact? Also, like some other commenters pointed out below, you can’t have double-toppings.

    • duxup says:

      Ages ago when I worked at Little Caesars we were tasked with always working the order into whatever special or coupon offer we had (regardless if they had a coupon or not) that gave them the best deal. We didn’t change the order, just how we processed and charged it.

  2. Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

    A lot of those promos specifically say “no double toppings”, so this trick wouldn’t necessarily work.

    • nucwin83 says:

      I just went on the site and tried it, You can x2 the pepperoni and still keep the 10$. But there’s no option for x3, so oh well. I’ll try this next time I order since I always get a pepperoni lovers.

  3. PyrateWench says:

    They’ve long since removed the “Cheese Lover’s” from the menu, but when I worked there several years ago Extra Cheese counted as a 1 topping pizza and a Cheese Lover’s counted as a specialty pizza – even though when we made it, you got the exact same amount of extra cheese. I always tried to tell customers if they asked for extra cheese they’d get the same thing, but it’d be $3 less than if it’s entered into the system as a specialty lover’s line.

    • Englishee Teacher says:

      The cheese lovers was originally made with different cheeses. There was the regular cheese, then the “extra cheese” was 3-cheese blend. After they stopped carrying 3-cheese blend they just never bothered to get rid of the pizza.

      And you’ll never get as much pepperoni on an “Extra pepperoni” pizza as you would on the pepperoni lovers, the pepperoni lovers had some ridiculous number of slices, like 50 on top and 24 underneath or something.

  4. dush says:

    Weird, when i call pizza hut it’s $10 for a large one topping and $11 for a large with up to three toppings.

    • shepd says:

      Everywhere is going to be different, all over the place. Pizza Hut charges as if they’re gourmet pizza in Canada (Lord only knows why). Large with 3 toppings is usually something crazy like $20.

      It does taste nice, but not 3x nicer than an independent shop makes the same thing for.

  5. Burzmali says:

    Extra cheese bumps it up to $12. It does at my Pizza Hut, anyway.

  6. sirwired says:

    You can’t order triple-pepperoni for $10. Fine print on the $10 deal says “Additional charge for duplicate toppings.

  7. SG-Cleve says:

    Do pizzas with three toppings have three times the total amount of toppings as a one-topping pizza? Or to make room for all of the toppings do they put less of each one?

    Anybody here ever work in a pizza shop?

    • dakotad says:

      Multiple toppings = more toppings but it’s not as simple as 3x as many. The reason is that too many toppings actually prevents a pizza from cooking properly and results in a crummy, undercooked pizza. Single topping pizzas get more of that topping that a 3 topping pizza.

      The ratio might be something like 1 topping = 70 pieces 2 toppings = 40 of each, 4 toppings = 30 of each and so on. There were visual guides for the cooks at Pizza Hut showing how the topping density should work.

      I worked for Pizza Hut for several years as a delivery driver as well as cook and server.

      • SG-Cleve says:

        Just as I’ve always suspected!

        So it’s not exactly fair to charge a fixed amount per topping since you get less of each topping the more toppings that you order.

        Maybe there should be a charge for “heavy”, “medium”, or “light” topping, then pick as many or as few items as you want to be included.

        • Jbondkicks says:

          We didn’t it that way. Most of our toppings were portioned by ounces. If the chart said a 12″ got 6 ounces of cheese…and then, say, 3 oz olives, 3 oz green peppers and 40 slices pepperoni, that’s what you’d get.

          I suppose we’d reduce the amount if you ordered a truly ridiculous amount of toppings, but not otherwise.

    • nocturnaljames says:

      Pizza Hut puts a whopping 60 pieces of pepperoni on, if it’s only 1 topping. However, if you order 2-3, it’s significantly less, and 4+, even less.

      I don’t know of many specialty pizzas that have only 3 toppings. I don’t see how this deal is really that smart. Also, I believe specialty pizzas come with extra cheese, which you don’t get ordering just a 3-topping.

  8. lehrdude says:

    Will this trick work at Starbucks???

  9. guroth says:

    I used to work for Round Table Pizza. Their specialty pizzas come with different amounts of toppings than if you just ordered the toppings individually. Depending on the pizza you may get more or less of a specific topping, but generally get more toppings overall (this was several years ago and may no longer apply)

  10. Stiv says:

    Uh, well, yeah….

  11. your new nemesis says:

    Actually, maybe only one or two of the specialty pizzas have only 3 toppings, the rest have 5 or more. So, this deal is actually not bad, but trying to work the system like this isn’t going to work if you want a true supreme or meatlovers. I used to work at a Pizza Hut, and I still remember what goes on all the specialty pizzas 5 1/2 years later.

    • dakotad says:

      Yep, me too. Nothing is better than a well made hand-tosses super-supreme. With properly proofed dough, Pizza Hut’s hand tossed is really tasty in my opinion.

      As an aside, my family always ordered super-supreme pizzas growing up. When we got together with other people they would always want just cheese or sausage or something like that. We’d order several pizzas of each kind. Guess which always ran out first? People think they don’t like a lot of toppings but when push comes to shove, the prettier pizza with all the nice veggies and meats goes down first!

      Man, now I am hungry for pizza!

  12. FrugalFreak says:

    I make my 3 topping Pizzas at home.

    • drjeff says:

      This times a zillion. I can’t imagine ordering Pizza Hut rather than just breaking out the mixer and making a better pizza for less.

      • veritybrown says:

        Everyone in my family prefers my homemade pizza, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy. But Pizza Hut is waaaaay down on the list of alternatives.

    • El Sabor Asiatico says:

      Too true, but then you’ve got to spend a day or more letting the dough rise, getting all your ingredients prepped…I mean, that’s why they call it “fast” food, not “good” food, no?

  13. pdj79 says:

    Extra cheese does not equate Cheese Lover’s. CL has 4 different cheeses. Extra cheese is just more mozzarella. Interesting note – you can get extra cheese on a Cheese Lover’s.

  14. UHF says:

    A large “Dans Original” is $12. It has pepperoni, italian sausage, and mushrooms. But ordering a large pepperoni, italian sausage, and mushroom pizza is $10. It’s the same pizza!!

  15. TheMonkeyKing says:

    My hint for Satisfaction’s Pizza: Order the veggie pizza + one meat and save $4. Order all the veggies separate and one meat costs more.

  16. ffej712 says:

    I did that last time I ordered a Hawaiian pizza! Why pay $2 extra for only two toppings?

  17. SuperNinjaâ„¢ says:

    Well, they have those “Order an un-baked Pizza” stores now, why not a “Bring your own toppings” pizza restaraunt? “Yeah, give us a large, and put THIS JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER on it!”

  18. JacobRoss97 says:

    What the OP doesn’t know is that the Pepperoni Lovers has extra cheese aswell.

  19. Derek Balling says:

    When I worked at Pizza Hut, years ago:

    – A cheese-lovers pizza wasn’t just “extra cheese” but a different blend of cheese
    – the specialty pizzas had different weights for toppings, usually higher than a normal topping order (ie, a normal pizza with mushrooms might have 1 oz of mushrooms, where a supreme would have 1.5, or whatever).

    So, you may not ACTUALLY be getting the same pizza you’d get if you ordered by the name. Very similar, though, certainly.

  20. PyrateWench says:

    Cheese Lover’s USED to be several types of cheese, but when I worked at Pizza Hut in 2002 they no longer offered that so Cheese Lover’s was ONLY the mozzarella cheese, which was the same as extra cheese. I see on their website it’s “Cheese lover’s plus” which is extra cheese and 2 toppings.

    If you get a 3 topping pizza and pick extra cheese as one of those 3 choices, it still costs $1 more. I think that’s lame.

  21. Pixel says:

    I did this all the time with a local pizza joint in Hartford.
    I’d order a large pIzza with Ham, pineapple & extra cheese(the toppings on their hawaiian pizza), they’d immediately say “Oh, a Hawaiian.” To which I’d reply “No, a Hawaiian is $16.99, but a large pizza w/ ham pineapple & extra cheese is $12.99.”
    Sometimes took a few go-rounds to get it into their head, but I always ended up saving the $4.

  22. initforthelulz says:

    Regardless of whether it’s $10, or $15, it’s way overpriced for Pizza Hut. It’s been years since I’ve eaten at a Pizza, so last weekend I decided to take the kids. 2 pizzas, family order of breadsticks, 20 wings, a sandwhich and $55 later, I was more than disappointed.

    However, football+ $10 delivery pizza= Profit.

  23. Big Mama Pain says:

    Pizza Hut makes me have to “take my talents down to South Beach”

  24. HPCommando says:

    At Little Caesar’s, “cheese is an ingredient, not a topping”…you cannot order “extra cheese”. This was confirmed with a call to their corporate office in Chicago after getting the same message from the order taker, the assistant manager, manager, district manager and regional manager.

    Little Caesar’s no longer gets business from our family.

  25. dg says:

    The need to play games like this is why I don’t order from Pizza Slut, and haven’t for ohhhh probably going on 20 years or so. Got enough local places that do what you want, at a great price – or I just make my own from scratch when I get the inkling…

    Just refuse to play these games, don’t order from them, and they’ll get the hint sooner or later…

  26. shygirl says:

    We ordered one of those $10 pizzas about a week or two ago and got extra cheese and then pepperoni on just half — they charged a dollar extra for the extra cheese. :(

  27. JadePharaoh says:

    I did that myself last weekend. I love their Spicy Sicilian pizza (sausage, ground beef, jalepenos, and onions). So what I did was, rather than spend $2 extra for the ground beef, I just ordered a large with sausage, jalepenos, and onions.

  28. dognose says:

    The funny thing is that this is suppose to be their new “regular” price for pizzas.

  29. maubs says:

    So how do I get them to bring back the Natural Pizza?

  30. Mclick says:

    Really depends on where you order from. Here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we are looking at a Large Triple Crown for 19.99 each and 29.98 for two. For the same large pan pizza with the 3 triple crown toppings you are looking at 23.49 for one and 35.23 for two. Not sure how there math works but totally different than the posted article. I know where I live you have to watch if you get it delivered because some of these Pizza places hire delivery agencies rather than their own driver. You end up being charged by Pizza Hut you delivery charge of $3 or $4 and then they expect a tip after that. When they quote your price on the phone they don’t tell how much the delivery charge is, they just give you a total. Unless you look at your receipt before paying you get suckered in. I gave the delivery guy a $4 tip one day, then realized I was charged $3 delivery only because they gave me the wrong pizza and double checked my receipt. If they have a delivery charge I have a tough time justifying a tip for the driver, what because he had to follow the rules of the road to get to my house and bring a cold pizza and he had to walk from the car to my door.

  31. kujospam says:

    Shrugs, Generally a pizza lovers at my pizza hut is extra cheese, 2X pepperoni and extra sauce.