Save $2 Per Pizza Hut Pizza By Avoiding Lingo

Pizza Hut charges $10 for large pizzas with three toppings or less, but ups the price to $12 for specialty pizzas. Josh checks in with the simple yet astute tip to avoid ordering a specialty by name, instead just getting the the three toppings to make the pizza qualify for a $10 order.

He writes:

Along the same lines as some of the comments, take a look at a Pizza Hut menu. Any Large Pizza up to 3 toppings is $10. But there are several choices of “specialty” pizzas that are $12, even though they are 3 topping pies as well. I always just order a large with those three toppings rather than ordering it by name, thereby saving myself $2.

Qualifying orders, after eyeballing Pizza Hut’s site, would include the Pepperoni Lover’s (order pepperoni, pepperoni and pepperoni instead) and the cheese lover’s (order extra cheese).

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