Hulu Plus May Drop To Half Price

Currently in its testing phase, Hulu Plus let subscribers who shell out $10 a month while willing to sit through ads watch its meager programming on the PlayStation 3, iPhone and other devices.

All Things D report the questionable deal is about to get a little better, with Hulu considering a price cut to $4.95 a month. It’s a price point that beats Netflix’s $8.99 service that gives viewers streaming access to significantly more content, albeit commercial free.

Would Hulu Plus be worth a longer look at the lower price?

Hulu Plus, Take Two: How’s $4.95 a Month? [All Things D via Engadget]

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  1. ToKeN2k6 says:

    Yes, drop the price! $10/month kind of made me cautious when everybody else out there want’s my $10/month for this or’s all adding up!! I did test it out on the PS3 and it seems pretty cool, just not sure if it can win me over..for $5, I think I’d at least try it for 1 month to see if I like it..

  2. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    $4.95 a month still doesn’t beat Hulu’s free side. It also doesn’t really beat Netflix because you get more for your money, multiple ways of getting content (and people can stream different things at the same time), and no advertisements. Also, Netflix streams in HD, which is not something you can do with Hulu Plus if you’re not willing to pay the PS3 fee for Hulu Plus. You’re stuck with the computer.

    • falc says:

      regular Hulu does not offer HD. Hulu Plus on the Roku box, along with Netflix, hooked up to your HDTV is the best way to beat paying for an expensive cable bill every month, in my opinion. My wife has been home on maternity leave and watched all previous seasons of Bones and Castle on Hulu Plus.

      • kujospam says:

        but it does server 480P, which is easier for tvs to up-convert the content then 480i. So it looks better, not
        true HD quality but still not bad. Anyways, I have had it for the last 2 months, and only use it on my ps3. I use it here and there. Even though I already have Playon. It isn’t bad, but I still find myself using netflix a lot more, but thats because netflix has more content. But I’m more religious in watching my hulu content when it comes on.

  3. BurtReynolds says:

    Nope. Netflix is a superior service and worth every cent more I spend on it.

    • tresser says:


    • DancesWithBadgers says:

      Agreed. Netflix has superior offerings, can be played on any console, and no annoying ads.

    • falc says:

      I agree that Netflix is awesome, i have Netflix and use it on my Roku box almost everyday. But consider this: can you watch recent episodes of your favorite shows on Netflix? Last night my wife and i caught up on some of our shows on Hulu Plus. We watched 3 Modern Families, 2 Cougar Towns (dont judge), the latest ‘The Office’ and ’30 Rock’ and SNL with Emma Stone. All in HD thru our desktop hooked up to HDTV. Once Hulu Plus comes thru on Roku it will be even easier! Drop digital cable, get Netflix & Hulu Plus and you’re pretty much set for content…

      • nybiker says:

        Just curious, which Roku box are you using? I’ve noticed that they have 3 different ones. All I have now is OTA (plus Netflix, but I don’t watch much instantly since I don’t want to sit in front of my pc screen all night).

      • mac-phisto says:

        no, i can’t watch recent episodes, but i just use the opportunity to watch other content. if it’s important to you, that’s cool – i hope the price break goes into effect. but for me, i can subsist on just netflix & save the extra $5-10 altogether.

      • Conformist138 says:

        For new episodes, it depends. Do you like the disney channel? for awhile, new episodes of some of there shows were released pretty quickly (within a week of the original air date). not sure about others, i use netflix mostly to catch up on past seasons of shows i’ve missed.

      • pz says:

        “2 Cougar Towns (dont judge)”

        Sorry, judging

  4. DanRydell says:

    The price drop helps, but I’d like to see more content. I’d pay $30 a month if it had enough content.

    • consumer420 says:

      Yea most of the content on Hulu Plus doesn’t really interest me. It does have a few shows that I like, and a drop in price would certainly make me less likely to cancel.

  5. MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

    Nope, still won’t pay to be forced to watch commercials. If I can watch via my TiVo…oh, wait, I can already watch everything on Hulu on my TiVo. The only way I’d pay to use Hulu is if it was PPV, like Amazon Unbox or iTunes. Then I might occasionally use it to watch something that didn’t record for one reason or another.

  6. dickgrogan says:

    Hulu…..I remember them. They were the place I used to watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report until they couldn’t work that out anymore. Good times.

  7. doctorc4 says:

    I like Hulu Plus. The reason? Watching it on the PS3. The problem? Not all of the content is on there. That’s right. No Burn Notice, no Community, no Hells Kitchen. The interface is great, but they need to work out the licensing.

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      A lot of the licencing weirdness is platform based. For example, if you use the Hulu Plus app on the iPad, no Burn Notice. If you use the iPad’s browser to go to, voila, Burn Notice. They just don’t have the mobile rights for it.

  8. The_IT_Crone says:

    No. The commercials (that are 3000 times more loud and always skip, creating kind of an autistic computer for a few minutes at a time) suck, the selection is pretty poor, and because so many of their videos are broken. I’ll send a report, and get a response a month and a half later “is the problem still happening?” Uh, the video has expired and never worked (has happened a handful of times). They also mess up and expire videos BEFORE they aired.

    So right now it’s an available distraction for when I’m at work or home and bored or need some sound pollution, but I’d just be angry with all the technical problems if I actually paid for it.

  9. joe1313 says:

    Between Netflix and DVR/on Demand I think I’ve got everything that I’d want on Hulu anyway.

    While I know that Hulu free side is cheaper than Comcast cable, I’m primarily a sports-watcher so the DVR is well-worth it to me for that reason. After finding a website that told me how to program my comcast remote to do the 30 second skip-ahead I was able to watch the Patriots game in about 75 minutes.

  10. ARP says:

    Nope, not going to work. They should be going in the opposite direction. Charge me more and give me a ton of content so I can drop cable. I’d pay $30+ to see all the shows I’m interested in. Hell, I’ll even accept ads if you give me enough content.

  11. falc says:

    i noticed a new channel in my Roku lineup for Hulu Plus last night. it was only a screen saying it was coming soon. but as someone who has ditched comca$t’s digital cable over a year ago, i can’t wait for this to happen. i’m a happy hulu plus user right now since i have my desktop hooked up to my hdtv but the interface is clunky. when it comes to the roku box it will be SWEET. i dont see it as competing with netflix, they are cheap enough to have both! and an even better deal when you drop digital cable

  12. wrbwrx says:

    Nope. BitTorrents and Netflix for me!!

  13. Goatweed says:

    I’m more than happy with Netflix. More content, no commercials, and WAY more ways to access it. It’s great if I want to watch old TV shows and I DVR all my new shows. Anything I may consider re-watching I just download that night (usenet FTW). In both cases, NO COMMERCIALS.

  14. FrugalFreak says:

    Still Too much, Thier Captioned selection is minimal and mostly exist of foreign films.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      and even the free videos I watched had Eight commercial breaks with each having 2 different advertisments. Only way I would pay is to caption all content and cut down to 2 commercials per movie max.

  15. vastrightwing says:


    Yes, if they
    1 Exponentially expand their titles and shows.
    2 Remove the commercials.
    3 Emulate Netflix a little better.
    4 Remember where you left off next time you log in (to the exact frame)

    I used to use HuLu, but Netflix has so much more, there’s no point flipping back & forth when I have all I want in 1 place. The value NetFlix offers is making it easy to watch everything without the hassle of download a special player and the quality is good. I think even NetFlix is prepared to lower its

    For the record, content producers will not do well if they try to keep their programming exclusive to themselves. People are not going to like having to jump from one provider to the next in order to locate shows. We’re lazy, this is why the cable companies are still in control, grandma and aunt Betty are not going figure out how break away from cable. But their kids sure will. The demographics are showing that now.

    • ARP says:

      I’ll even accept ads if they give me enough content (e.g. premium channel shows like Dexter, etc.) and make the price point attractive (under $30). I think it’s a matter of balance for most of us.

    • PunditGuy says:

      I just toyed around with Hulu Desktop on my DVR (MythTV) and it seems to remember where you left off. The interface is busy but a lot better than the Web site.

  16. pot_roast says:

    Hulu was such an awesome idea, but the TV studios themselves are the ones that have RUINED it.

  17. backinpgh says:

    Add streaming to xbox and I’m in.

  18. RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

    For $5 a month, I might get that and keep Netflix. That’s a price point where most people might consider the amount insignificant enough to give it a go.

    Hulu Plus is going to stream over the Roku device soon. At that point, I may finally be willing to cut the cable cord. The only thing that’s kept me from doing it so far is that I like to fall asleep with the TV on, and you can’t really queue up a bunch of stuff to play on Netfilx via the Roku.

    • falc says:

      do it! we’ve dropped digital cable over a year ago and have not looked back. we did keep Comcast basic cable which is only $12 per month and i get my local network channels so we can watch news and such. plus with the HDTV having a built in hd tuner we get all network channels in HD which is great for $12!!! i also bought an extra roku box for the bedroom to keep the wife happy…

  19. diasdiem says:

    If they could get The Daily Show back I’d pay the $10 price.

    • OBEYshiba says:

      i was looking through the comments to see who else said this. completely agree, especially because the hulu player is so much better than the daily show/colbert report website players.

  20. brianisthegreatest says:

    I might take hulu plus for $5 a month. They still have the ads, but $5 is enough to get access to the extra content. This is cheap enough to do Netflix streaming and have Hulu for backup when needed.

  21. nybiker says:

    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Hulu Plus costs $10 / month and you STILL get commercials? If so, no way.
    I was thinking of watching the latest incarnation of Nikita on The CW (online, not via OTA) and then I read that The CW was going to put in same amount of commercial time in the online version as it does with the broadcast version. Sorry, Maggie Q, I am not going to sit through probably at least 20 minutes of non-show material. At least most ads online are nowadays pushing no more than 45 seconds or so per break.

  22. David in Brasil says:

    Meh… call me back when Hulu quits giving lip service to streaming outside the US. They’ve had the same “we’re workin’ on it” excuses for years now. It’s just licensing agreements, not rocket science, folks…

    • PickyPatron says:

      What’s even better is when you live IN the U.S. and you get that lovely message that content isn’t offered outside the United States. Just because I live in a relatively new zip code does not mean I don’t live in the U.S. So frustrating.

  23. Mecharine says:

    HuluPlus doesn’t seem to have the catalog of Hulu. Whats the point of paying if you can’t even stream normal Hulu shows?

  24. sonneillon says:

    If they hold all the shows I watch on cable and are able to stream them a bit better. I would pay even 10 dollars, but they don’t have all the shows that I watch, and they don’t update fast enough. I would have to supplement. Besides Hulu makes money with their free ad supported model. They should just keep working with that.

  25. brianary says:

    It’s still painful to pay for commercials. Especially since this “web site” arbitrarily blocks so many web browsers (Boxee, Google TV, &c.).

  26. hypochondriac says:

    I might actually be willing to pay $5 for Hulu plus if I get access to entire seasons rather then just a few episodes from eaach

  27. CyGuy says:

    The correct price for NetFlix streaming is now “$7.99 a month”

    I’m not sure when the price dropped from the $8.99 cited by All Things D, or the “$8.95” given in the Engadget story, but for at least 2 days now it’s been $7.99.

    • gaberussell says:

      Interesting – When I click that link, it says “$8.99” – wonder if they’re testing the lower price with a subset of visitors.

      • CyGuy says:

        Odd, now I’m seeing $8.99 again. I should have taken a screengrab when I was thinking about it yesterday when I had the chance.

  28. Qantaqa says:

    I would have considered it, but I’m still a little peeved about their 30-day delay of new Haven episodes. I know it’s not their fault, really, but I am still emotionally scarred and I can’t lash out at SyFy.

  29. golddog says:

    Keep going…you’re almost there. Divide it in half a few more times and then make it free and call it Hulu. Maybe sell it to Netflix.

  30. Mknzybsofh says:

    Nope. If I have to watch commercials, I’m not paying ONE RED CENT!! I’d pay for Netflix first for just this reason alone.

  31. gaberussell says:

    I’d pay $5/mo for the current offering, on PS3, without commercials. Maybe $8 or $10 for the extended library without commericals. If it’s got commercials, I’m not paying.

    The commercials have gotten insane – it used to be just a 10 second title card and 15-30 second commercial breaks. Now it’s 10 second title card, 30-60 seconds of adverts up front, then 30-90 second commercial breaks. That’s pretty close to broadcast, and at least you can fast forward broadcast if you DVR it. Why would I pay for that?

  32. BytheSea says:

    Never. Hulu sucks. It’s an aggregate service, it’s slow, it doesn’t have everything, you can find whatever you want by googling and torrenting.

  33. dg says:

    Ads = ZERO $ for the cost. No ads = $4.95 sure…

  34. Levk says:

    nah I can watch what hulu has for free elsewhere >>

  35. Amarand says:

    I love Netflix, and use the Instant View all the time, but when a Season 2 Blu-Ray disc failed to view on my PS3, and I was really in the mood to watch the last four episodes of the season, I turned to the Instant View service, only to find out that Netflix had removed seasons 1 through 4 of Lost. GAK!

    So I shelled out the $9.99 for the Hulu Plus membership, plus the $50+tax for a somewhat-useless annual subscription to Playstation Plus, and I was able to watch the shows – and they had all six seasons, which was nice.

    I like Hulu Plus’ PS3 interface, LOVE the fact that the closed-captioning works – while Netflix’s closed captioning rarely does currently – but what I did NOT love was the pervasiveness of the commercials. I mean, I’m paying for this service, and yet there are ads at every place they could be. The ads were shorter than usual, for sure, but I read somewhere that Hulu expects to have the ads close to network saturation levels at some point in time, and why not? I mean, if they can extract a monthly service fee from the end-user, and possibly a kickback from Sony for drawing in Playstation Plus subscribers, sprinkle in a little advertising revue and you’ve got yourself a cash cow.

    I did enjoy watching my shows, with closed captioning, but I do feel a little cheated by the price (just under $15 per month when you consider all required service charges and taxes) and the advertisement. Don’t forget that I’m also paying for my Internet bill on top of that…sheesh!

    I do wish Netflix had a greater selection of Instant View, and that they’d focus a little more on getting closed captioning on all existing content.

    It’s content-issues like this that make the piracy model (or just saving all your favorite shows on TiVo) much more viable.

  36. quieterhue says:

    I have Hulu Plus and I think it’s overpriced. I do use it fairly regularly, but for the amount of content that’s available, I think $5 is much more reasonable.

    Like other commenters have mentioned, I want to see more content. Since I don’t have cable, I am willing to pay for online content…it’s worth it not to have to pay $150 a month for cable. Even with Netflix, Hulu Plus, and buying some shows on iTunes/Zune, I am still saving a ton of dough. That said, there is a done of content out there that is not available to buy online–I would absolutely welcome a paid service that gives me the shows I want.