BMW Recalls 150,000 Cars Over Fuel Pump Failures

While it’s never fun to post car recall news, it’s at least a change of pace to write about a recall that doesn’t involve Toyota. This time it’s BMW, who announced earlier today that they will be recalling a variety of vehicles from model years 2007 to 2010 for possible problems with the fuel pump.

130,000 vehicles equipped with twin-turbo six-cylinder engines would be recalled for software updates and a potential replacement of a high-pressure fuel pump, reports Reuters. BMW believes it will have to replace the high-pressure fuel pumps in 40,000 of these vehicles.

Additionally, BMW is issuing a recall for around 20,800 of its 2008 model year X5 SUVs that have six-cylinder engines to replace the low-pressure fuel pumps.

BMW to recall 150,000 vehicles in U.S. [Reuters]


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  1. jdmba says:

    Well – if they are recalling, then its REALLY a thing, because a recall is DAMNED expensive. Lexus’ last recall involved them also sending out $1,500 discount cards off a new lexus.

  2. Marlin says:

    Wonder how much HP will be lost due to the update in the computer.

    BMW, we rather F__K you over then spend money to make our cars work right.

  3. BigDave says:

    My fuel pump went out last year – non-turbo. I read numerous chats/blogs where many owners were on their 2nd or 3rd fuel pumps. It was a rite of passage for 3-Series owners. [see] The dealership that handled one of my issues admitted it was “an epidemic.” They sure waited a long time to issue the recall.

    They’re still fun to drive, though.

    Still waiting for my check from the class-action suit for defective Bridgestone run-flat tires!

    • howie_in_az says:

      I have an older E46 3-series (2003 330i sedan) whose fuel pump failed at 150k miles (ish). What mileage did yours fail at?

      I’d still kill for an E30 325is (or, better, an M3).

      • BigDave says:

        2007 328i – died at 19k miles – would not have been included in the recall, but a fuel pump failure struck me anyway

      • Mike says:

        I am going to have to ask you to never mention an E30 M3 again, the pain is too great. There are far too few of those cars in the US to even think about finding a good one. I see them for sale on occasion, but they are always bastardized with ugly wheels, or modded too much for my taste. My wife had a black E36 though, which was nice. We might get another one soon.

        I’ll take my E30 M3 in Alpine White, thank you.

        • howie_in_az says:

          The latest issue of Roundel (courtesy of the BMW CCA) had a ~58k mile Alpine White E30 M3 for sale. It’s probably gone by now.

          I hate the new owner because it’s not me.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      How much money did you spend replacing the run flat tires? My sister bought a car with them and I couldn’t believe how expensive they were. I’d much rather deal with the occasional flat every 5 or 10 years that can be fixed with a $10 patch.

      • BigDave says:

        $800 for 4 run flats. I often have to drive through central CA – can’t afford to have a flat in the middle of nowhere. Per the class-action, because my tires were prematurely worn [betw 20-30K], I’ll be reimbursed 30% of costs of tires & labor.

  4. Kavatar says:

    Only one of the last five (six including this one) car recall posts have involved Toyota. If you’re gonna pick on a company at least be accurate about it.

  5. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    Ha! Saw one of these on fire sitting on the side of the freeway yesterday.

  6. NYGuy1976 says:

    Do car recalls still have negative connotations like they did years ago? IMO I would rather a company admit a mistake/ error and issue a solution/fix than try to hide a problem.

  7. Jason Litka says:

    It’s about time. I’ve been mulling over giving my G35x to the wife to replace her Malibu (yeah, I know, ugh…) and picking up a 335 but I haven’t been able to get over the lack of acknowledgment from BMW over HFP issues. All they did before was release a tune that introduced a bunch of turbo lag and didn’t manage to fix the issue. I think I’ll let some of the people on E90Post report how this recall goes and then take another trip to the dealer… Hopefully the car won’t drop 20HP in the process of being “fixed”.

  8. john_nj says:

    The one in my ’09 Z4 35 failed about a month ago. I looked over the diagnostics logs when I picked the car up and there was a recall procedure they followed, so the recall has been in place for at least that long.
    Of the 7 BMWs that my wife and I have had, this was the first time one ever broke down.

    I though the whole process of contacting roadside assistance by pushing the button in the car, getting a flatbed out to get me and bring the car to my dealer, having the service writer waiting for me, getting me home in a loaner, and getting my car back the next day work very well.

    Knowing what I know now about the recurring problem with the fuel pump in the 3.0twin turbo engine will not prevent me from getting another car with that same engine.

    I noticed no introduction of “turbo lag”. There’s always been a lag off the line because traction control prevents the wheels from spinning, at least that’s what the instructor said at the BMW driving school when we were driving 335 and 135 cars.

    Marlin, in no way has BMW ever made me feel “F_K”ed over, even after my 2nd production year X5 which had a service file an inch thick and was involved in at least 4 recalls. I loved that car.

  9. LAH says:

    This recent recall by BMW concerning the fuel pump is only the tip of the problem. I purchased a 1998 BMW 740il and it has i potential deadly problem concerning its fuel tank.

    The problem with the fuel tank includes a large number of BMW’s. There may have been some auto deaths contributed to this problem and yet no recall has been issued. My personal experience with this issue is that I had to replace 2 fuel tanks due to tank ruptures.

    The first rupture was discovered due to the odor of gasoline in my garage with pools of gas on the floor. This rupture was noted at a service station in the process of pumping gas. The second problem was noted when a knocking noise sound was heard in fuel tank area after a new tank was installed. Upon inspection the new tank was partially collapsed.
    Here’s a communication from BMW that addresses the issue

    GROUP 16
    16 04 97
    Woodcliff Lake, N.J.
    February 1998
    Fuel Supply Systems

    This problem was known by BMW in 1998 with no recall issued. The dealer in my area was not aware of the problem/correction which is a service/SAFETY issue. This has cost me over $2000.00 without the problem being corrected.

    Bottom line BMW did not give me the information concerning the problem that is a deadly problem that can be corrected.

  10. chbrules says:

    I lemoned my 335i. There is no fix for this issue. BMW is doing this to circumvent a class action lawsuit against them. It’s a shady move, which looks good in a PR situation. Class action lawsuits are not allowed when a recall is going on. BMW has been toning down the HP with these software updates to help lessen the fuel pump failure rates.