It's Never Too Early To Start Thinking About The Next Worst Ad In America

It’s been about a month since you, the readers of Consumerist, selected the Absolute Worst Ad In America. But since there are new, crappy ads already cropping up on the TV, we are asking you to be ever-vigilant in advance of the next competition.

Starting today, you can begin sending in your nominations for the next Worst Ad In America. They just have to be currently airing on national TV. That means that any of the ads nominated in the first WAIA that are still on air can be nominated again.

We’ll also be taking suggestions on other categories you’d like to see in future WAIA competitions. Worst Christmas Ad? Worst Super Bowl Spot? Worst Jingle? We want to hear from you!

So send your nominations and suggestions to with the subject line “WAIA”

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