It's Never Too Early To Start Thinking About The Next Worst Ad In America

It’s been about a month since you, the readers of Consumerist, selected the Absolute Worst Ad In America. But since there are new, crappy ads already cropping up on the TV, we are asking you to be ever-vigilant in advance of the next competition.

Starting today, you can begin sending in your nominations for the next Worst Ad In America. They just have to be currently airing on national TV. That means that any of the ads nominated in the first WAIA that are still on air can be nominated again.

We’ll also be taking suggestions on other categories you’d like to see in future WAIA competitions. Worst Christmas Ad? Worst Super Bowl Spot? Worst Jingle? We want to hear from you!

So send your nominations and suggestions to with the subject line “WAIA”


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  1. Murph1908 says:

    Snuggie commercial where they sing Snuggie lyrics to Macarena.

    Burger King commercials where they sing to a military march.

    I’ll send these in to the email as well. Thanks

  2. MarsVolta187 says:

    I have a long term settlement, and I neeed caaaash nooowwwwwww
    Call J.G. Wentworth, 877 Cash NOWWWWWWWW

    • Dave on bass says:

      *puts two slugs through TV via sheer involuntary reaction*

      Dammit MV, now look whatcha made me do. (personal note to you: nice screenname – Deloused was incredible; FtM, meh.)

    • Kishi says:

      One of those ad makes me laugh now, because one of the people- the construction worker on the bus- was in a show at the theater my wife does costumes at. She said he’s a pretty nice guy, so I figure at least the awful ad means he had some work.

    • Griking says:

      Should last year’s ads be eligible for the next year’s competition?

  3. mirrorball says:

    There was an Old Spice ad with Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens I saw yesterday that was, well, just weird. I think he ripped a stick of Old Spice deodorant out of his chest, it turned into a ball of energy, which he then inhaled or something. And he grew multiple heads. Just weird.

  4. Earl42 says:

    Wendy’s lunchroom two items commercial.

  5. Darkrose says:

    The Geico commercial with the pig WEEEEEEEEEEing all the way home.

    /the “bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush” commercial is funny

    • Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

      “Darn you woodchucks, quit chucking mah woooood!” (Maddening woodchuck giggles to follow)

    • kenskreations says:

      Sorry but those commercials I like. Funny each time I see them!

    • Clumber says:

      Not only do I love them, but I have created my own stupid little game, As soon as the slick-haired dude starts his walk I try to name which one it will be. I am a bit less than 50% right now… for some reason the R. Lee one and the Woodchucks throw me. oh yes, the spouse is just [s]delighted[/s] when any of the ads come on and I shout CHARLIE DANIELS! or WEEE WEEE PIGGY!

    • gman863 says:

      If Abe Lincoln had actually called his wife a fat ass, my guess is she would have beat John Wilkes Booth to the punch.

  6. Dave on bass says:

    Finally Fast Dot Com. *FAIL*, as the kids are saying these days =0)

    related, but not the same:
    It’s not specific enough to win, but I have to also call out all those ads touting how fast their internet service is compared to dialup – hughesnet comes to mind. All 32 people left in the country with dialup don’t care, I’m sure.

    • kenskreations says:

      Guess you don’t live in the country. Where I live, DSL and other high speed internets other than satellite systems are not available. Like most around here, it’s dialup or dish. I don’t live close enough to a relay station for DSL and no cable company is around here. BTW. There are over 32 people living in this area :)

  7. Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

    Worst political ad and worst law ad need to be categories, for sure.

  8. HoJu says:

    I’m tellin’ ya. Stupid pink bears whining about toilet paper getting stuck to their ass. They inspect each others poop chute with a big cartoon magnifying glass!!
    Worst ad in America??? I think so.

  9. unimus says:

    That ad is starting to get on my nerves.

  10. TalKeaton: Every Puzzle Has an Answer! says:

    My vote is still with the Quiznos 5-4-3 Kittens. Burned into my soul forever. I haven’t gone within 20 yards of a Quiznos since they started airing, and I’m not sure I ever will again.


  11. ArcanaJ says:

    Those damned Cialis ads. You know, aging yuppie couple, high off of paint fumes or dryer lint has a sudden urge to get jiggy – then they walk into a hallucination and end up sitting in separate empty bathtubs.

    They make no sense, they really irritate me and they’re on ALL THE TIME. Feh!

  12. The Brad says:

    How about the “Best ad/company in America” Contest? Sure it’s easy to pick out the most annoying or downright awful, but it takes something special to be seen as the best.

  13. topgun says:

    Kieth Stone of Keystone Beer
    ANY Burger King commercial

    • CountryJustice says:

      As a native of the area from which Keystone Light is supposed to hail, I can hereby attest that Keith Stone is a pretty accurate sample of a random male inhabitant of central Appalachia.

  14. GrayMatter says:

    MUST I think about commercials? They are almost all so bad I try NOT to think about them. Thank God for PBS; their commercials are mostly short and to the point and less egregious.

  15. privax says:

    The Staples low price commerical is great.

  16. stint7 says:

    I think we should take a vote on the BEST Christmas ads. A few come to mind. The Eat N’Park Christmas tree and star, the M&Ms “They Do Exist!” commercial, a Folgers one for good measure. I love Christmas commercials!

    • Me - now with more humidity says:

      The Folgers’ college kid coming home for a surprise visit still chokes me up, even after all these years. And the Remington Santa sledding is always fun.

    • p. observer says:

      coke commercial with the polar bears and penguins and the campbells commercial where the snowman melts into a kid

  17. outshined says:

    UPS, “That’s Logistics” set to the tune of “That’s Amore”. Please, make it stop. Which I know it won’t because it’s Christmas time. But please, stop.

    • CountryJustice says:

      From a pure production standpoint, I actually rather enjoy it.

      It does destroy my soul every time I hear it, though.

  18. Me - now with more humidity says:

    The new Charmin women trying to talk around the subject of fingers poking through TP: “It, um, keeps you, um, clean as it, um, gets you clean…”

  19. kklatu says:

    The Cheerio’s commercial where the dad tells his son that he doesn’t love him and fake cries. I have to change the channel. Muting isn’t enough. I can’t stand to even watch it.

  20. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    this one creeps me out.

  21. ovalseven says:

    I don’t understand how Mucinex commercials avoided a previous nomination. Am I the only one who doesn’t care for talking globs of mucus?

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      it may be due to people stopping them right away and never watching the whole thing. i can usually tell in the first couple of seconds if i never want to see an ad like that.
      the foot fungus one gets me the same way

  22. Peter Nincompoop says:

    I second the motion for the ad and would also like to nominate the horrible commercial.

  23. crazydavythe1st says:

    I’m not sure why, but I despise that Crest commercial with the girl that’s about to go on some date with a dentist. Some friend or something tells her to whiten her teeth and avoid a bunch of foods, but she defiantly eats them – but because of Crest, her teeth are now magically white.

    Not sure why I hate that commercial. I think it is because it is so superficial.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      there’s a similar one with a model whose agent tells her to avoid red wine and coffee.

  24. Minimum says:

    Would throw my 2 cents in, but you people all have it pretty well covered.

  25. HoJu says:

    That stupid Dominoes commercial where people think they’re in a focus group but are actually in the middle of a farm?? I seriously think they expected us to believe that those people were fooled into thinking they were in an actual office.

  26. Dr.Wang says:

    I really quit watching TV back in the 1970’s, which excludes me from seeing the worst ads in America. I do watch PBS but never live, always off the DVR. And i do watch some football but always off the DVR with about an hour delay to jump over the ad breaks and halftime.
    My GF had cable TV and at her house more than once I woke up to Billy Mays screaming infomercials, I hate to admit it but I was rather pleased to read of his demise. I made a point of never buying anything associated with his image.

    • StoicLion says:

      So, Wang, you came here to be congratulated on not watching TV in the last 30-years? You that hard-up for recognition? Anyway….

      Others – I could co-sign onto so many offerings but I really HATE those meth PSAs. “I”m going to [insert moral slide here] just once…” Ugh!

  27. FreeShaggy says:

    Any Extenze commercial. God damn that is so effective when you remain vague for 45 seconds!

  28. giax says:

    Subaru the breeder car.
    Where the hockey mum of 3 sprogs from Greenville or Greensomething drags her offspring in a smoovee to hockey games and back, with the ‘trendy’ music for being a breeder car ad.

  29. SilentAgenger says:

    With Christmas right around the corner, I cringe at knowing there are a whole slew of new commercials with people singing twisted-mangled-marketing-weasel-created versions of well-known Christmas carols.

  30. CycloneBD says:

    What about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial where the girl is doing a video blog? It’s on ABC family a lot.

  31. gqcarrick says:

    Seriously, the Geico Pig commercial MUST GO! Someone punch the creator of that right in the face.

  32. ebz06 says:

    C’mon . . . we’ve come a long way . . . from not being able to show a man and woman in bed together on a sit-com—————-to TALKING BOOGERS on a Mucinex commercial! Yeccch.

  33. snobum says:

    The NAPA Know-How song!

  34. packy says:

    If only we could have a “Worst political ad” category without getting people all up in arms.

  35. cryptique says:

    I hate, hate, HATE the stupid Zegerid OTC commercials in which the idiot paints his own chest. What. The Hell.

  36. StrRanger88 says:

    How about radio ad’s? I don’t know about other markets, but in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there’s an ad for the Brother P-Touch labeler every 5 minutes. Most of them sound like a cheesy infomerical. Plus, hearing “P-Touch” over and over again sounds gross.

  37. RonJeremy4Pres says:

    Can I nominate that Nike Ad about those shoes for that tool LeBron James. It’s just his face and a bunch of “Should I…” questions. And this is why those terrible quality shoes made with slave labor probably cost $100+!…not that I care enough to be 100% sure about my Nike facts, I just don’t buy them.

  38. Johnmcboston says:

    A second for the “burger king marching for breakfast sandwich” commercials. I hear the first strains of that song and dive for the remote…