That Halloween Costume May Embarrass Your Dog

Before you go shopping for a vampire costume for your Dachshund, have you stopped to consider whether you may be damaging his self-esteem with the getup?

The Houston Chronicle did, and sent a reporter to interview “experts” who disagree about whether or not costumes embarrass your dogs. The consensus is that dogs are uneasy in costumes, but it’s unclear whether the reason is discomfort or shame.

One TV/radio pet psychic said your pooch is self-conscious when you dress him funny:

“They feel everything. And they know when people laugh at them. I talk to thousands of animals, and even if people laugh at them if they have been cut too short, it really hurts their feelings.”

A Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine professor agrees pets don’t like to play dress-up, but that’s mostly because they’re uncomfortable.

“I doubt that they feel humiliation,” she tells the newspaper.

If you’re a dog owner, what’s your costume policy?

Experts differ on whether Halloween costumes [Houston Chronicle via Fark]

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