NY To Make Foreclosure Lawyers Verify Paperwork

The chief judge in New York Wednesday ruled that lawyers handling foreclosures will have to verify that all paperwork is correct.

Lawyers are already legally obligated to ensure the documents they give to the court are accurate, but New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman says forcing them to sign an additional piece of paperwork specifically saying the paperwork is valid will hold the lawyers feet to the fire.

The form will also require the lawyers to put down the name of the bank worker who verified the documents were correct, as well as the date they spoke with them.

The ruling could provide a model for other states as the nation grapples with the fallout surrounding testimony by former foreclosure mill workers who “robo-signed” thousands of foreclosure documents a day.

In other news, states are cutting down on accidents by making drivers sign a piece of paper promising that they won’t run over anyone.

NY to hold lawyers accountable on foreclosures [AP] (Thanks to Laurel!)

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