Chase Sends Me Updates On Bank Account I Don't Have

Consumerist reader Jesse has recently started receiving account balances and deposit info via e-mail for a bank account with Chase. This would be wonderful and helpful — if Jesse had an account with Chase.

Figuring that some Chase customer had goofed when entering their e-mail address, Jesse tried to rectify the situation:

I tried calling the phone number for their online services provided in the emails (after I verified it was legit on and when I choose the appropriate menu option, “Receiving emails in error” they wanted me to input my account number before I could talk to a representative. I don’t have an account with chase, so you could see how that is a problem. I also tried contacting them via their “contact us” option on but they require me to have a account to fill out the form and send it in.

I would just block the emails as junk but then someone out there would not be getting their account alerts/updates. I’ve definitely verified all the links in the emails and it’s not a phishing attempt. The urls are all legit (though I haven’t tried going to them and messing with this persons account, that would be wrong), so I have access to someone else’s account and I don’t want it but Chase doesn’t seem to be giving me a way to correct the problem.

UPDATE: A rep from Chase says they have resolved Jesse’s e-mail issue. They say if anyone receives a alert e-mail in error from Chase, you should contact the Chase Online Banking Team at 1-877-CHASEPC and report that they received an alert in error. E-mails regarding phishing scams should be sent to

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