Best Buy Closes Early, Denies Me My Video Game At Midnight Opening

Question_Sleep lived up to his name by heading out to Best Buy for the midnight release of Fallout: New Vegas early Tuesday morning. Assured by the accompanying screenshot that the nearest location would stay open until 1 a.m., he made the 25-minute drive, only to discover the store had closed up early and sent him home.

He writes:

So tonight after my friend got home from his second job, we decided that we could still make it to the Best Buy Fallout New Vegas Midnight Release, so that he could pick up his long awaited copy. The release was listed on their website to run from 10 pm – 1 am, so we headed out in a hurry to get there before they closed. We arrived at 12:36 am, the gate was being closed and locked and all of the employees were outside and getting ready to leave.

We drove 25 minutes there and 25 minutes back all to see a closed gate in our face. When confronted, one of the employees said “Well, guess you’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow.” I think the months of anticipation were quite enough of a wait and though one night may not seem like a lot of time, if you’re an avid gamer, it is. Sad to see this is how Best Buy treats devoted customers. We’re going to GameStop tomorrow.

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