KFC, McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell And A&W Combine To Make The World's Worst Pizza

In June, we wrote about the Frankenburger, an experiment in which the Village Voice attempted to form a Voltron sandwich from the best bits of many fast food burgers. But the folks behind this video seem to be on the hunt for the most atrocious combination of fast foods — and they just might have succeeded.

Starting with a large cheese pizza, these adventurous eaters layered on the following: Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme, Wendy’s Baconator, A&W onion rings and Teen Burger, McDonald’s Big Mac and McNuggets, Wendy’s fries, KFC Popcorn Chicken.

The end result: 5,210 calories and 286g fat (sorry; no sodium data given for those with high blood pressure).

Maybe you could enjoy this with a 40-ounce of Olde English


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  1. chefboyardee says:

    Feel free to disemvowel me but for the love of god can we please stop putting these freaking stupid “I combined a bunch of fast food” videos on here? We get it, you can buy things and put them together and then do maths and show how many calories they have. Wow. Color me impressed.

    • chefboyardee says:

      (and by videos, i mean posts, I know most of them don’t have videos, just pics)

    • dreamfish says:

      They made America what it is today.

    • Danjalier says:

      Beware. If your luck is anything like a friend of mine’s, they’ll disemvowel and ban your account at the same time. And he was commentator without a single disemvoweled post who had been around for over three years.

      If anything, a story like this really goes to show why the rest of the world hates America. We take food for granted, and then make videos complaining about unhealthy it is in a comedic manner.

      There are people in the world who struggle for 1 meal a day. But whatever. I dip sausage pizza in barbecue sauce on a regular basis. MMMMMmmmm.

      • apd09 says:

        I got that same treatment and had a polite email discussion with the moderator about why I was banned. They knocked it down to a 30 day suspension on my account, tell your friend to email the moderator and talk it out with them. Unless of course they are back under a different handle, I don’t know if they actually block the IP address.

        • Rena says:

          Still seems like a pretty extreme way to respond to criticism, doesn’t it? I’m sure a story about being banned from a store for complaining about it would end up here in a heartbeat…

      • stormbird says:

        Um, this was made in Canada. Look at the French writing and one of the signs had a maple leaf in the logo (‘cuz their country reeks of trees).

    • MTFaye says:


    • Preyfar says:

      I stopped watching the moment the guy screamed “BIG MAAAC BAY-BEE” as loud as he could. Ugh. Freakin’ obnoxious.

    • webweazel says:

      Agreed. It’s one thing to say, ‘Hey, adding a McD hamburger patty and some mustard to the double down has a really good flavor’, it’s totally another to say: ‘Let’s buy some random fast food crap and throw it all together, making some gloppish mess that no one in their right mind would ever touch with a 6 foot fork, and see what we can add up!’
      “Look ma! I’m on the intertubes teebee!”
      The issue becomes- It’s moronic, and why are we even wasting electrons on it in the first place?

  2. HeySuburbia says:

    As far as combining tons of random food goes I’m still a fan of the Fast Food Super Stack http://dudefoods.com/the-fast-food-super-stack/

  3. danmac says:

    I second chefboyardee…it’s one thing when staffers taste test a new fast food oddity, but it’s quite another when it’s just random person randomly combining ingredients.

  4. Hi_Hello says:

    it could’ve work…if they combine it right!!

  5. ssaoi says:

    Chefboyardee Johnson is right!

    People mashing random food together? We should make a meaningless pie chart out of this!

  6. apd09 says:

    Do I get to the be the first person to write, “if you don’t like it, no one forced you to click on it”?

    happy days are here.

    //I 100% agree with the above comments.

    I have said it on other posts, send the editors an email and ask them about stuff like this and what makes this worthy of being posted. Not that we decided what we consider to be worthy, but in general what is the editorial process of determining if something is posted or not.

    • Preyfar says:

      Sometimes it’s just for fun. A reminder as to all of the issues with consumerism that sometimes we just do stupid things apparently for the sake of just doing them. It can be a fun “break”.

      Granted, I didn’t personally /like/ the video, but… it’s all good to take reality breaks from the seriousness of consumerism half the time.

  7. Big Mama Pain says:

    So many stoners right now are getting so pissed that their frankenmunchies are getting exposed..

    Best frankenfood? Cuban pork Eggo-which: sliced ham, swiss cheese, pickles and honey mustard between two toasted Eggo waffles. Syrup optional (and delicious).

  8. noinamg says:

    clearly they missed the double down

  9. denros says:

    I’ve had lots of great but crazy pizzas in my day (including one with arugula, truffle oil, soprasetta and grana), but the best legit pizza is flour, water, salt, sourdough yeast, mozarella, tomatoes and basil.

  10. FrugalFreak says:

    sorry but this is just stupid.

    • 99 1/2 Days says:

      But it allows you to feel superior to the poor schlubs who eat that stuff instead of dining in pricy trendy vegan eateries! How can that possibly be a waste of time?

  11. paul says:

    This pizza in no way compares to the one that the Olsen twins made:

    • qualityleashdog says:

      They sing like Bread Harrity.

    • Preyfar says:

      Oh my god, the camera angles… they filmed it’s like some bizarre action movie. Shaky cams, intense shots, continually moving camera targets with rapidly changing POVs.

      What the hell. And for THAT?

  12. Duckula22 says:

    As soon as I noticed this was just two guys looking for their 15 minutes of fame I quit watching the video. I’m so tired of these youtube star wannabes.

  13. cromartie says:

    And here I thought the only unlikable Canadians I’d encounter worked for customs.

  14. 6T9 says:

    That looks delicious!

  15. hotcocoa says:

    That was not only pointless, but also disgusting. :-|

  16. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Only 5000 calories? You split that between 8 people (hell even 5 people) and you have an average calorie count for dinner at any restaurant.

    • nbs2 says:

      My thought exactly. Couple a five way split (and this is going to be heavy enough to probably demand an 8-10 way) with a healthy breakfast and lunch, and I’m not seeing a major issue. Call me when they get the pizza up to 50k calories.

      Also, I’m a bit disappointed by the headline. I thought it was some sort of corporate joint venture – raising money for charity or something – and not a couple dude rounding up food from different places.

  17. lawnmowerdeth says:

    This is not news, these are jackasses with video cameras.

  18. Gravitational Eddy says:

    I join the ranks of others here who say “So what?”
    in questioning the whether this is appropriate for Consumerist.
    I really don’t care that some high school or college age -kid- piled a bunch of crappy fast food together, calculated the caloric content and then lied about how good it all was.
    In reality, they gorged themselves for about an hour, got very ill in the bathroom and then came back and tried to finish it off. unsucessfully.
    Sounds like a frat stunt to me. I’ve got much better things to do with my time and I really don’t like to waste all my lunch/food money on a Youtube episode wannabe.
    This aint up to usual standards Consumerist.

  19. haggis for the soul says:

    The good news is that this causes vomiting on sight, so no caloric harm done.

  20. Daverson says:

    “Two Douchebags With A Camcorder Make The World’s Worst Pizza” Fixed that title for you. This really doesn’t have anything to do with any fast-food restaurants.

    Consumerist is turning into the Weekly World News of “consumer watchdog” websites.

  21. Truthie says:

    They probably should have included a Cinnabon for good measure.

    But in any case, isn’t this just the Extreme Bell Grande version of Cheezy Blasters?