iPhone App: Scan Barcode, Get Consumer Reports Ratings

(iOS4 only) Yesterday fellow publishing family member Consumer Reports launched a new $9.99 iPhone app that lets you scan a barcode and get official Consumer Reports ratings, reviews and specs for that product. Fret not, an Android version is in the works. Video walkthrough, inside.

The app contains info on more than 3,000 Consumer Reports tested products, and over 17,000 non-tested products.

Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper (iTunes link) also enables you compare similar products, compare prices at local retailers, and shop online. Post stuff you’re interested in on Facebook or save them for later on your wishlist.

canonspec.jpgThe app is available now as a $9.99 per-year subscription introductory price. That will bump up to $14.99 after Jan 1, 2011.

slr.jpgI haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like a great companion for savvier spur-of-the-moment shopping.

rates.jpgConsumer Reports Mobile Shopper [iTunes]


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