MyTouch Finally Getting Android's Latest Update

T-Mobile MyTouch phone owners have felt like second-class Android citizens, having to sit back and listen to the bragging from Droid owners who have been enjoying the 2.2 version of the operating system — known as “Froyo” — for months. But Froyo, which adds speed, Flash support and tethering, has finally graced some MyTouches with its presence.

Computerworld reported last week that Froyo was slowly rolling out over MyTouches. If you’ve got an Android phone and are itching to see if and when the update is available for your phone, check out Computerworld’s running update of supported devices.

Confirmed: MyTouch 3G Froyo rollout starts today [Computerworld]
(Thanks, David!)


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  1. john says:

    My wife has a MyTouch and I have an iPhone. Maybe it is the older software, but the MyTouch is pathetic in usability compared to the iPhone. I guess we will see if Froyo makes it better.

    • WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

      The mytouch is an entry level Android, 2.2 made my Moto Droid quite a bit faster, though, so hopefully it will do you some good as well.

    • c!tizen says:

      I have a rooted mytouch that runs beautifully. I’ve been running cyanogenmod’s 2.1 for months, it’s great. Aside from an occasional needed reboot, it’s increasingly responsive and with a 16 gig class 6 microSD card I’m never short on space.

      I can see how the stock version would piss some people off though.

    • pz says:

      Running iOS 4.0 on an iPhone 3G has about the same result for the same reasons. It’s nothing specific to either Android or the HTC MyTouch.

      • john says:

        I am running an iPhone 2g that is jailbroken and it is still better than the MyTouch 3g. I would be in heaven if I could afford an iPhone 3GS.

  2. BuddhaLite says:

    Enjoy it while you can. It’s the last major OS update the phone is getting.

    • slyabney says:

      That’s fine. Or you know, I could root my phone to use future upgrades. That’s why Androids are so good.

    • The cake is a lie! says:

      Not so. Gingerbread will be coming out later this year. The MyTouch doesn’t quite have the processor for it, so it probably won’t get that update, but the newer phones with the 1GHz processors will be getting it.

    • pz says:

      For a phone that’s nearly two years old, and will be more than two whenever 3.0 finally comes out, I’d say the MyTouch has had a damn good run.

  3. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    T-mob released an update yesterday morning to my boyfriend’s Vibrant. We were all excited for Froyo 2.2 goodness but it seems all we got was 2.1-update1


    • Destron says:

      I have the Vibrant as well, Samsung was actually slow to push out the Froyo update because they had issues getting it to work with the TouchWiz skin the use, but it’s in the hands of the carriers now and starting to roll out, so probably a month tops.

      The update you got was the GPS fix. Although, you will prolly be able to get Froyo through kies before T-Mo pushes it out.

      My Vibrant is rooted, just waiting for Cyanogen to release a stable ROM.

  4. slyabney says:

    This is the most exciting news on a Monday morning!

  5. Alvis says:

    Of all the Froyo upgrades to report on – why the one for this phone in particular?

    • houstonspace says:

      Because the Mytouch 3G is the 2nd Android phone ever released, and it has been languishing with 1.6 for over a year, while other phones were released later and were updated much sooner.

  6. Admiral_John says:

    Meanwhile us Verizon users are still hosed.

    • pz says:

      You have no idea. The Droid Eris is faster and has more RAM than the MyTouch, but still isn’t getting 2.2 (at least officially).

      • broncobiker says:

        So upgrade.

        My fascinate kicks the crap out of my Eris. (Though my Eris runs much better with CM 2.2 on it ;-) )

  7. menty666 says:

    Not to sound ungracious, but what about the rest of us? I bought a CLIQ XT recently and the stupid thing’s still stuck in 1.x land.

    I have to wonder, if i root it, can I install the yogurt?

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      Its possible after a root that you could find a rom that someone has developed.

      The stupid thing about all these phones is that Android is supposed to be this big “open” new wave thing, but it is turning out to be not that.

      The only phones you can go to google to update are “theirs”. It’s like if you owned a Dell and could only install windows from Dell instead of from Microsoft. Wacky.

      • jeff_the_snake says:

        it’s because android is open source that these unofficial updates are available. carriers and manufacturers being lazy has nothing to do with whether or not the platform is open.

      • broncobiker says:

        Wow you really need to do some more research.

        Android is an open source operating system. If you want to go and develop Android feel free, you are more than welcome to, go to and get started.

        The reason these software updates are sporadic is due to hardware and changes in Android made by the people that developed the special version of it running on each device.

        Phones are computers. Small portable computers. Ever heard of drivers? You need them to run the hardware, and if they are written for 1.6 and you try installing 2.1 guess what works!? Not your phone!

        A lot of these Android phones out there are very low powered devices with less than 550MHz processors. They simply can’t run some of the newer updates. People think these updates are amazing new things when a lot of the time the lower devices couldn’t take advantage of the new features anyway.

        Google is completely open with the software and releases updates open source and freely. If you want to make a phone and write drivers for all the hardware and all that then you are more than welcome to. Google doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the devices. That’s like calling Windows and asking for help because the hard drive on your PC is failing mechanically, they can’t help you, they have nothing to do with the hardware.

        Right now my Eris is running a Custom CM Android 2.2 ROM and my Fascinate is running a stripped down version of the Android 2.1 ROM that Verizon ships it with.

        Android 2.2 has been out for a while, but Samsung needs to release a special update coded for my phone before I can install it. That is why we mess with it ourselves. Samsung gave us the source already, and it is being worked on. I have no idea how you can say this isn’t open source.

        It’s similar to netbooks being sold with Linux.

    • broncobiker says:

      You can root it and install custom ROM’s though they are not newer versions. You probably should have done some research before buying the device if you wanted newer versions of Android, as the hardware in the Cliq and Cliq XT is quite dated.

  8. HotAirConsumer says:

    Same here, I have a Cliq that I purchased in December of ’09 and it’s running 1.5!!!!!!!!!! My wifes phone is a 2 year old G1 and it’s running 1.6! THat’s not close to 2.2 but 1.5 and 1.6 are lightyears apart. Many apps don’t even work on 1.5 anymore and force close.

    Motorola is at fault here since they love the Droid users so much. They refuse to give Tmobile customers any update info other than “it’s coming” for the past 9 months. Just delay after delay. Droid gets updates in a month or so because they put all their programers on that and forget about the other phones. Cliq was Moto’s first android phone and they screwed us. For that I will never buy another Motorola product again.

    Anyone who owns a Cliq should check out the facebook group “screwed by motorola” for additional info. Start contacting BBB and get new phones. Remember, it isn’t that we want the greatest phones, we just want to use the Apps we were promised we could use with the phone.

    • The cake is a lie! says:

      Root it and get a custom ROM installed. I ran 2.2 on my G1 for a month before going back to 1.6 and then back up to 2.1. 2.2 is a little much for the processor on the G1, but it is a great phone to mess around with. Google XDA Developers and go to their site for all the help you could ask for on how to make your phones much more kick ass than they currently are.

      • HotAirConsumer says:

        I heard about rooting but if one messes up then the phone can turn into a brick right? Maybe Motorola should hire THOSE developers since they can get it running. pathetic Motorola!

        • houstonspace says:

          I’d recommend waiting until your contract is up, or very close to being up – then do it. If it works, great – you can keep using your phone. If it doesn’t, then it’s a good excuse to go out and buy another phone, or pick up an unlocked used one on craigslist or eBay.

        • broncobiker says:

          Moto has devs more than capable to make the phone work on the new release. But for one reason or another, usually hardware related, they decide not to. It’s not a matter of incompetence. Most of the custom ROMs have things cut out of them to increase performance that the people installing them do not have a desire for, but Moto wants on there, that will slow the device or be incompatible with new versions. Pros and Cons get weighed out and the update doesn’t get made. It’s a business decision.

    • broncobiker says:

      As I have stated other places in this thread people need to realize not all updates are intended for all devices. That’s simply not how Android was ever intended to work. You bought a very weak device, here are the concequences…deal with them. Next time you go out to buy a phone look with a little more effort than the price tag and you would see what the intention of support for each device is, what the hardware specs are, what experts are saying about them and more. Your phone likely won’t see many updates. There’s nothing wrong with being informed.

  9. ke4peo says:

    I have one of the MyTouch 3G limited edition Fender models. I got tired of T-mobile d**king around and not even pushing a 2.1 update to the phone. I rooted mine and installed Cyanogen’s 2.2 mod. Have to say, I’m impressed. I have far more usability in it than I do with the original OS. Yeah, I know I can’t ever go back or turn it in for warranty service…but it was worth it for the faster speed, better battery life, and host of other new features I gained.

  10. savvy9999 says:

    I love how an “LG product pro” says this about my phone: “The LG Ally will be upgraded to Froyo with the timeline to be confirmed at a later date.”

    and that was on August fucking 4th. 2 months later, still don’t even have a timeline… WTF?

    Appreciate the non-info, bastards! I wish I could do the same with my bill. “savvy9999 will be paying his $130 monthly cell bill at a timeline to be confirmed at a later date.”

  11. TacomaRogue says:

    My husband and I both have the myTouch slide, he rooted his phone and it runs a ton better than mine does, but i can honestly say I’ve had no real problems with mine being where it is. I have no idea what version I’m running though. I know he’ll be happy when the official update is released because he’s been wanting to try it out.

    • broncobiker says:

      Rooting the phone alone does absolutely nothing to the performance of the device. It simply gives you root level access to the phones internal storage that you didn’t have before. Some apps make use of this clearance to do things to the phone that used to be locked out, but it will not change the way your device performs.

      • Lee Jones says:

        Actually, if he loaded 2.2, then it would affect the performance of the device. That may explain why he’s waiting for the OTA…

  12. B1gJ4k3 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is not necessarily a good thing. Whenever they push out Android updates to phones that are running older hardware, in some cases, it can end up being like trying to run Windows 7 on a PC that’s designed to run Windows 98. My Droid Eris updated to 2.1 about 6 months ago and it’s essentially bricked it. It runs much slower, lags and barely functions as a phone anymore. I’ve gone to Verizon four (count ’em FOUR) times to get it replaced and every time, they give me the same BS about how they can just replace it with an identical device. I would gladly downgrade back to 1.6 if it would actually make my phone usable again.

    I’m not saying this will happen to the MyTouch, but maybe give it a little bit and see if anybody else is having problems with theirs before you jump on the update bandwagon…

    • broncobiker says:

      It sounds like the Eris is not the device for you. Next time you buy a phone look deeper than how much you want to spend. Assuming you bought it after the Droid/Eris were the only two out, the selection is much deeper now.

      2.1 is a much needed improvement to the Eris, I don’t know what you are doing with it. It isn’t 2.1 slowing it down, I assure you. It’s the Sense UI HTC lays over 2.1. If you really want the phone to run better take it into your own hands. Go spend a couple hours learning, root the phone, install a 2.2 ROM that doesn’t have sense, and reap the rewards of being an informed consumer.

      • B1gJ4k3 says:

        Thank you for proving my point exactly. I shouldn’t have to root my phone in order to make a phone call and I shouldn’t feel like I have to buy a whole new phone in order to reap the benefits of the new operating system. And I never said the problem was 2.1. I said the problem was my phone couldn’t run the software that it was updated to and there was no way to downgrade. Yeah, the Droid and the Eris were the only two available when I got them, but the phone worked beautifully when it had 1.5 installed on it and I never had any problems. After the first two replacement phones I got, I let the “new” phone update to 2.1 and didn’t load anything except the stock apps on it. Same problems kept coming back. So don’t try and tell me that the way I’m using my phone is the problem.

        • broncobiker says:

          The phone will make calls fine, that I know as I used it. Like I said try doing some research, I never said you were doing anything wrong I said Sense is lagging the phone down. Do you know what sense it?

  13. Moosehawk says:

    I rooted my myTouch and installed Cyanogen’s mod on it a few months ago because it seemed like they forgot about us.

  14. ready2mosh says:

    Sorry to say, but regular Flash will not be supported on the MyTouch, it might run flash lite, but not full fledged flash.

  15. Michael Bauser says:

    As a MyTouch 3G owner, I’m surprised this upgrade is happening at all. T-mobile and HTC recently announced a Froyo/4G (not real 4G) “MyTouch” will be released before the end of this year. I assumed they were just going to let us MyTouch 3G users twist in the wind, so that we would be more eager to upgrade handsets.

    The number for Android 2.x apps that I couldn’t run on my phone was just beginning to get frustrating for me. A upgrade to Froyo probably means I’ll delay replacing my handset for a year.

  16. HappyFunTimes says:

    Tell this to the Cliq users like me who have been getting the shaft from Moto since Q1 of this year.

  17. diagoro says:

    It seems that smartphones and lack of updates/upgrades is becoming a huge issue, especially as wireless companies are moving to more of the devices (and charging more fees, etc).

    I’m really wondering if the consumer has any recourse when an update takes too long/fails to get released. I have a Tilt2 on ATT. And while it’s not in the bad shape that many are in this thread, it took ATT nearly a year to roll out the update……which was shortly before WP7 is released. Neither ATT or HTC would acknowledge any update options for months, even though some other carrier’s offered something on their version. Same issue with a Samsung phone I had (eternity), major bugs and issues, with Samsung promising to update the device AND include major new options. In the end nothing was ever released and neither company would offer info, only stating that the other was responsible.

    Most phones require the wireless host to ‘alter and test’ an update before they can offer it. I believe that’s the greatest hurdle. I’m guessing this has more to do with adding their crapware and locking options out rather than quality control.

    In the end, it seems that phones require the latest OS updates to run the latest apps and software. Without them users are stuck with antiquated devices that barely work as advertised. I believe the consumer should be able to either get the companies to offer these OR qualify for a free upgrade/refund. Perhaps that’s the problem, could the wireless companies be stalling these updates in the hope that consumers, frustrated with slow performance and lack of options, opt for early upgrades????????

    • broncobiker says:

      It’s more people assuming an update to Android is the same thing as an update to their phones software. Just because there is an update to Android doesn’t mean the phone they have can use, or even run it. People need to stop assuming this and things will move along a lot better.

  18. Span_Wolf says:

    I have the Slide, still no news on my update.. :(

  19. Slave For Turtles says:

    I’m not willing to jailbreak my Backflip (yet), but I’m also pissed off that we STILL don’t have 2.1 let alone 2.2.

    • broncobiker says:

      It’s called rooting. And I apologize but the hardware on the Backflip is awful. People need to stop assuming that every time an Android update comes out, they will be getting it just because their device runs Android…that’s simply not how it works, and not how it was ever intended to work.

  20. broncobiker says:

    Can we get a consumerist post about how Android is set up, how the updates are NOT intended for every device, and how purchasing an Android device is much akin to purchasing a computer, you need to look at the specs on the hardware before buying it? Please. People don’t seem to understand this, they go to a store and buy a phone running Android and then complain/don’t understand when the newest apps won’t run on the phone, or 2.1/2.2 aren’t going to be released on the phone they just bought.

    • drblair says:


      Even the most low-powered of the recently released Android devices like the Cliq xt are still capable of running newer versions of the OS. It’s been proven through the rom group releases.

      The analogy of comparing the Pc to android phones is Flawed simply because most Pcs can have their parts upgraded to accomodate OS upgrades and software. You can’t upgrade a processor or ram in a smartphone.

      While It makes sense to research before you buy, it should be noted that companies that sell these phones should have a obligation to the consumer to tell them if the phone will receive an OS update or not prior to buying the phone.

      This is the greatest weakness of the Android phone, the lack of true standardization across the board on specs means an under-powered phone may retail for the same amount as a beefier neighbor.

      Until such time occurs, I believe consumers should still complain about the tardiness or lack of OS updates for recently introduced hardware.

      • broncobiker says:

        You are still missing the points. By your logic I don’t need to do any research at all when I buy a phone and then blame everything on the manufacturer. These devices are not all aimed at high end users.

        The Cliq and Eris and MyTouch are all mid to low level phones and will be treated as such by manufacturers. Not to mention they all run skinned versions of Android (Sense, Motoblur, Etc.) that lag down more and more ram and processing cycles. Guess what ROM cookers pull out first when they push a device beyond the released roles? The Skin! Guess what else about these custom ROMs is true…They are overclocking the devices by default!

        Just because you can’t upgrade them doesn’t make them unlike buying a computer. Laptops can barely be upgraded but you still do research before buying them. There is a phone for everyone, one of the main aims of the Android project. There is a phone for the fifteen year old who wants to text and surf facebook, the average user surfing the web hitting a few apps and calling friends, and the hardcore user who wants a high power CPU, GPU, and lots of RAM. There are also devices being made for business users who wasn’t Enterprise apps and encrypted data. Just because it’s a smartphone doesn’t mean it is going to be cutting edge, my god stop excusing the consumers from researching a little bit.

        I know for a fact most people who buy Android phones couldn’t tell you ANYTHING about the aim of the project before Google bought it. I love Google and appreciate what they did for the platform and the project, but now we need people to actually do some research and learn what this new wave of Mobile OS’s is, the differences between them and why you are no longer just going to the store to pick out a phone. It used to be that simple. The biggest advances in phones used to be QWERTY keyboards, or maybe a pressure sensitive touch screen, or a camera. Guess what? Welcome to the next generation, its about hardware specs now. Find the phone that fits your need and you will never have a complaint!