GM Recalls 322,000 Chevy Impalas Over Seat Belt Screw-Up

Before you go crashing your Chevy Impala into something, you should know that the seat belts might not hold up to the impact; GM announced earlier today that it is recalling 322,409 2009-2010 Impalas because some front seat belt webbings may not have been properly secured to the lap belt anchor pretensioner mounted to the side of the seat nearest the door.

According to GM:

Vehicles with this condition may have an anchor that can separate in a crash, and therefore may not meet the anchor strength requirements of the U.S. and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that covers seat belt assembly anchorages.

Dealers will inspect both front seat belts for proper installation of anchors to pretensioners and, if necessary, reinstall the anchors. GM knows of no injuries or deaths related to this condition. Customers will be notified on or around Oct. 25 by mail to bring their vehicles in free inspection. Any repairs related to this condition will be done free of charge.

So if you own and Impala and your kid uses one of these recalled Evenflo car seats, you might just want to walk to the store today.

GM Recalls Impalas to Inspect Safety Belt Anchors []


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  1. The cake is a lie! says:

    Wow…. so I click it to avoid the ticket, but still may wind up through the windshield. It is ironic that it is on the Impala which has been used in a number of Police vehicles. My bet is they consider the wisdom of ramming cars after they hear about this.

    • the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

      Interesting, but I doubt that any police vehicles were recalled, since even though they may bare the Impala name, they are custom built vehicles sold only to law enforcement agencies.

  2. Macgyver says:

    Maybe these were assembled by the same people who were drinking and getting high.

  3. sonneillon says:

    I wonder if any other Chevy vehicles are effected. I really like my cobalt I don’t want to have to dick with a recall.

    • The cake is a lie! says:

      It would likely be a pretty quick fix even if you are impacted. My guess is that you aren’t affected. They issue recalls like this based on part numbers. If your seatbelt mechanism (or whatever the real issue is) came out of the same bin as the Impala, then you’ll get a notice. The Cobalt is a significantly smaller car than the Impala, so my guess is that he parts aren’t the same.

  4. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    The Chevy Impala is the last car still being built on GM’s old W-body platform… so expect it to be phased out in a year or two.

  5. Doubts42 says:

    So if the steering wheel comes off the shaft it can become a Chevy Impale-ya

  6. osiris73 says:

    I was asked to be the district manager a few years ago for the company who makes the tools that fasten that particular anchor to the frame. I politely declined. As the district manager, I would have been the one programming the tool to the proper torque requirements. While this position would have meant more money, there was no way in hell I was going to take it. As it was I had John Deere and Kawasaki to deal with. Glad I had nothing to do with this! *phew*

  7. smarty-pants44 says:

    How did gm sell 150k+ impalas in a year?

    • gman863 says:

      It’s likely over half of them went to rental car companies and governmet agencies. Lowest bid gets the sale; GM likely whored out the price to hit the 150K mark.

  8. gman863 says:

    This recall creates an interesting dilemma:

    It it safer to drive an Impala with defective safety belts or a Camry with decent safety belts but a greater liklihood of slamming into something at random due to sudden acceleration?