Feds Make CVS Pay Out $77.6 Million For Not Monitoring Sale Of Meth Ingredients

Federal prosecutors shook down CVS for $77.6 million because it did too little to stop meth-makers from hitting up its stores for ingredients.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports the U.S. Attorney’s Office accused the pharmacy chain of letting sales of cold medicine with pseudoephedrine get out of control. Meth makers use the chemical, along with complicated equipment you’d see on Breaking Bad, and a whole lot of love to cook up the wonder drug.

CVS agreed to pay a $75 million civil penalty for violating the Controlled Substances Act, and also had to cough up an additional $2.6 million for profits gained on selling the cold medicine as meth ingredients.

CVS Caremark CEO Thomas Ryan apologized for the meth sale in a statement:

“While this lapse occurred in 2007 and 2008 and has been addressed, it was an unacceptable breach of the company’s policies and was totally inconsistent with our values. CVS/pharmacy is unwavering in its support of the measures taken by the federal government and the states to prevent drug abuse.”

CVS to pay $77.6 million in meth case [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

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