One Netflix User Movie Review It's Tough To Argue With

While cruising through Netflix’s user-submitted movie reviews, Roxie entered a wormhole that led her to this amazingly concise and to-the-point review of the hit new TV series Example 23.976, which drew universal raves for being a perfect example of 23.976 frames per second.

There were times during the season when I thought the series might deviate into 23.975 frames per second or veer off-course to 23.977 frames per second, but sure enough, it stayed true to the 23.976 frames throughout, even during the shocking season finale.

The only fault I can find with the show was its unfair cliffhanger, which left too many questions unanswered and failed to tie up some loose ends. It never explained the damn Smoke Monster either.

Example Season 23.976 (2010) [Netflix]

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