Kroger Security Guard Shoots Homeless Man's Dog

A Nashville-area Kroger security guard got into a scuffle with a homeless man he says was stealing firewood and then shot and killed the man’s dog.

Witnesses told WZTV that the man, Charlie, was on the ground when the guard, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, shot his dog, Axle. The guard is not talking to reporters

axlepic.jpg“We are just all so worried and saddened in our community,” local resident Eartha told Consumerist. She said a memorial service was held Tuesday for Axle in the Blockbuster parking lot next to the Kroger where the incident occurred, “just yards away from the still visible and huge blood stain where Axle was murdered in front of Charlie.”

It’s a frightening trend when we imbue private corporations with discretionary use of deadly force against citizen’s and their property, or pooches.

Public Outcry After Homeless Man’s Dog Shot And Killed [WZTV]

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