Delusional Thieves Caught Stealing Entire Mansions

A ring of confused folk in Georgia are stealing entire million-dollar homes, deeding themselves the property with bogus paperwork and squatting inside.

One of the suspects filed an “affidavit of free land” and filed documents that gave himself the deed to the house. It included a picture of the twenty-one silver dollars he paid himself for the property. He has done the same for several different properties, and then posts Facebook status updates to try to give the houses away to low-income single parents.

“Our ancestors were Moors and Hebrew Israelities and Mexican nationals,” he jabbered to WSBTV. “Which says hey, this land is free land and no need to fight over it, just go get it.”

They call themselves “sovereign citizens,” not beholden to US law, and say they’re not stealing because only people can own property, not banks. It’s not theft because you can’t steal from someone who doesn’t own something, they say.

I wonder if they’re also interested in municipal infrastructure. I’ve got a bridge I can sell you for twenty-one silver dollars too.

Another Stolen House Raided; 5 More Sovereign Citizens Sought [WSBTV] (Thanks to GS!)

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