Survey: Nightlights Make You Fat

An Ohio State University study found that exposure to light while you sleep can fatten you up. This is especially true if you happen to be a mouse.

The study says a group of mice that was exposed to dim light at night gained 50 percent more than another group that got to sleep in the dark.

The study suggests that the light-exposed mice ate more often — even though they didn’t eat any more than their dark-sleeping pals — and that screwed things up.

“Something about light at night was making the mice in our study want to eat at the wrong times to properly metabolize their food,” the lead author of the story said in a press release.

So as you go to sleep each night you’ll have to choose between obesity and protection from the monster that lives in your closet.

Too much light at night at night may lead to obesity, study finds [Eurekalert via BoingBoing]

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