The Older You Get, The More Often You Forget To Use Condoms

Adults are quick to preach to children the virtues of safe sex, but not so careful to practice them. According to an Indiana University study, adults use condoms during casual sex at a rate far lower than that of teens.

The New York Times presents the study’s grim numbers: While 80 percent of teen boys under age 17 and 69 percent of teen girls in the same age range said they used condoms the last time they got busy, less than half of adults said they were as responsible.

An author of the study looked at the brighter side of the findings, telling the Times:

“I think that just as teenagers quickly develop an expectation that they’re going to learn to drive no matter where they live. There’s the same general widespread sense among contemporary teenagers that as you get to the point where you start thinking about having sex, condoms are going to be part of that decision.”

We can only speculate why adults have forgotten how to “drive,” as the scientist so crassly puts it. Maybe it’s that grown-ups develop an aptitude for being able to spot those with crabs at first sight.

Condom Use Is Highest for Young, Study Finds [The New York Times]