Man Gets $126 In Fees Refunded After Bar Charged Him Twice For One Drink

Freddy was furious. $126 in overdraft fees? Even though his balance is sometimes down to the wire, he is careful to make sure he has enough funds in his account. Ah yes, but this doesn’t account for when they mess up.

Turns out a bar he bought drinks at on his card accidentally charged him twice for one drink. They reversed the charge, but not before he made a few more small purchases on his overdrafted account, incurring multiple overdraft fees adding up to $126. TD Bank agreed to cut the charges in half, but said he should go after the bar for the rest. Oh, and if he didn’t bring his account current soon, they were going to close it and send it to collections.

Then Freddy sent his story to Consumerist and we posted it. Within a few days, TD Bank called him and agreed to reverse all of the charges. Hurrah! Once again, the power of getting your horrifying true customer service complaint out there pays dividends.

Bar Charges Me Twice For A Drink, I Get $126 In Overdraft Fees

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