Cleveland Browns Fans Charged $5 Each To Stand In Parking Lot

Given the team’s 1-3 start to the season, Cleveland Browns fans probably need a drink or two before settling in for a game at Browns Stadium. But that proposition just got a little pricier for those cheapskates who thought they could save a little money (and gas) by walking to the tailgate lot.

People who attempted to walk into “The Pit,” a lot where drivers already pay $30/vehicle to set up their tailgate parties, were greeted with a demand for a $5 fee.

From the blog clevelandsaplum:

when i was asked to pay the fee, i laughed, said no way, and walked away. but i didn’t get far… the attendant called a couple of cops over because there was a group of about 15 people (including my friend and i) refusing to pay.

Ultimately, people decided to pay up rather than spoil the festive mood by being forcibly removed from the lot.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of fee at other stadiums or events for just standing around the parking lot?

a $5 pedestrian fee to tailgate for a browns game? gimmie a break. []

Thanks to David for the tip!

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