Russian Hotties Collared In $3M Bank Hack Scam

Several comely young Russian woman were snagged by the feds in New York yesterday for allegedly working as money mules for hackers who stole over $3 mil from American bank accounts using trojan viruses.

The women came over here on student visas and allegedly opened up hundreds of bank accounts to launder funds that their counterparts in Russia snatched using the “Zeus” trojan. This virus gained access to computers after people clicked on seemingly innocuous links and attachments in emails. Once activated, it let its controllers monitor computer activity, including when victims typed in their banking login and passwords.

This is why it’s important to be wary of clicking on links in emails and to take precautions before downloading email attachments. Don’t download files from unexpected unknown persons and virus-scan anything you do download. And Russia! Please stop sending hot chicks over here to destabilize our country. It’s very distracting.

Russians in NY aided ‘$3M bank hack’ [NYPOST]