Best Buy Finally Figures Out People Don't Buy CDs

Reacting to fading sales in most types of disc-based entertainment, Best Buy plans to slash shelf space for CDs and DVDs, making room for things that sell better, which encompasses just about everything else at Best Buy.

Click reports Best Buy will devote the floorspace to video games, netbooks and other things not made by the Black Eyed Peas.

Best Buy chief executive Brian Dunn explained the shift in a conference call:

“We’ll have another store reset before the holidays, which will include an increase in the space for higher-growth and, in the aggregate, higher-margin categories, like Best Buy Mobile, e-readers and gaming, with a heavy emphasis on new gaming platforms and pre-owned game titles. This will be enabled by our reorganization of the DVD and CD sections. The CD section in particular will shrink in space allotment.”

The news hear isn’t that Best Buy is finally making better use of the space hogged by CDs, but that it took this long to make the move.

What was the last CD you bought? Mine was Bree Sharp’s A Cheap and Evil Girl in 1999.

Best Buy Slashing CD, DVD Shelf Space For New Products [Click via High-def Digest]


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  1. DigitalShawn says:

    Poison – Open Up And Say Ahh

  2. agent 47 says:

    “The news hear isn’t that…”

    Yeesh. :(

    • BannedInBrittan says:

      Phil please proofread (hear vs here). Why this is news I have no idea. Many other retailers still carry CDs and I know several people that prefer CDs to digital downloads.

      • fatediesel says:

        There really aren’t that many retailers left that sell music. I live in a fairly big area (about 150,000 people) and with Best Buy largely dropping music the only stores left with music are Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart. Both Wal-Mart and K-Mart won’t sell unedited music and refuse to carry certain titles (yet have no problem carrying movies like The Last House on the Left unrated) so that just leaves Target. I haven’t bought a CD in years anyway, I’d rather just buy songs on itunes.

  3. kenj0418 says:

    Commerce Bank – 2 year, 1.25%

    • Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:


    • buckeyegoose says:

      Bank One (remember them?) 1.75% and an extra .5% if you held checking/savings with them too! Too bad Chase bough them then promptly destroyed the moral and goodwill of the bankers.

      • ZippoGuaillo says:

        Uhh, that would be because the Federal Reserve rate is so low. you really think Bank One was better than Charles Schwab & all the good online banks today?

  4. humphrmi says:

    When a friend moved out of country a few years ago, I bought a bunch of his old CDs for a dollar or something similar. Haven’t bought one new in I don’t remember how long.

  5. caradrake says:

    I bought Ra’s CD “Black Sun” a few years ago… before that, it was a couple of their other albums a few years before that.

  6. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    Three Doors Down, I believe in 2001 or 2002. Only because I had dialup internet and to download the album would of taken me longer than a week!

  7. shepd says:

    1997, because at that point, it became waaaay cheaper to buy a CD-R and legally pirate the music instead. This country is soooo screwed up. :-D

    • Tonguetied says:

      “Legally pirate” A bit of a contradiction in terms there. Easily pirate I can see but I sure don’t see what makes it legal…

    • Tonguetied says:

      Mmmm, interesting link in the original post and I might not have commented if I had read it first but I still don’t think it applies to pirating…

  8. Holybalheadedchrist! says:

    what is this “see-dee” of which you speak?

  9. Rocket says:

    I still buy CDs. I like having a tangible item with my music on it, oh and I can play my CD anywhere with no DRM! I can’t remember the last MP3 I bought; the last CD I bought was Beneath It All by Hey Monday.

    • jpmoney says:

      Pretty much this. I like having the ability to make it work wherever and however I want. Even iTunes with its drm-less files makes you jump through hoops should your computer crash or to move a file from one computer to another.

      Just this week I bought 3 cds. I like to think I throw off their metrics when I buy them, and even more when I get Bad Religion, Jimmy Eat World and Iron Maiden in one trip.

      • JoeDawson says:

        Which is why when I buy a track on Itunes, drm or not, I grab it from the itunes music directory and RIP it to high quality MP3

        • jpmoney says:

          You can have the MP3 quality as high as you want, but if your source is a download in a lossy format, you won’t be helping the actual audio quality.

        • Interpol says:

          …which makes absolutely ZERO difference. You’re simply converting from one lossy format to another and most likely making the sound quality worse.

      • citrus538 says:

        The Amazon music store is the way to go. Good quality MP3s, DRM-free, and no personal information in the files like Apple puts in.

    • LightningUsagi says:

      Same. I like having a hard-copy backup for my music, basically. And as good as my Ipod is, the music quality is so much better on a CD than the MP3.

    • EnergyStarr says:

      i’m with you. i converted from electronic audio back to CDs because of sound quality and universal ease of use.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Me too. I do get downloads from time to time, but I’m likely to make a backup copy on a disc in case my hard drive crashes or something. And I like soundtracks, some of which are older and rare and not available except on disc, because I have to get a used copy.

    • Talisker says:

      I’ve bought a few CDs over the past five years, but mostly through Amazon. Same story with books and DVDs. It is a lot less of a bother to just open up the Amazon web page or the Amazon iPhone app and just place the order the to drive to a store and hope that they have what you are looking for in stock.

    • Jevia says:

      Same here. I rarely, if ever, buy CDs/DVDs at a store, almost always either amazon or ebay (can get used discs really cheap sometimes), but I do still buy them. I usually then upload them onto my computer to download into my ipod. I can’t play my ipod in the car, so need CDs for that. I also prefer to play the DVDs on the TV, so more than one person can watch them.

    • zt says:

      I agree. And usually (at least with the CDs I typically buy) I spend less buying them used than I would spend buying the mp3 download of the album. Then I have a high-quality, tangible, DRM-free product that I can rip to mp3 myself. Best of both worlds.

  10. ITDEFX says:

    This has been bothering me for awhile now. In the past I use to go to best buy all the time for my movie soundtrack cd fix. Over the years their soundtrack section has been shrinking more and more. Sometimes I would find it cheaper at best buy using a coupon than to find it online. Oh well I guess I am going to have to stick with amazon from now on and spend less time shopping at best buy.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      If there’s a CD Warehouse nearby or something similar, they usually have a big used soundtrack section. I’ve gotten them at Vintage Stock also.

      Soundtracks rule! :)

  11. apd09 says:

    golden opportunity missed

    The news hear[sic] isn’t that Best Buy is finally making better use of the Spacehog‘ged by CDs, but that it took this long to make the move. In The Mean Time what was the last CD you bought? Mine was Bree Sharp’s A Cheap and Evil Girl in 1999.

  12. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    My very large (and expensive) CD collection was stolen back around 1999. I never did bother to replace them, as they were a pain to move and were too much of a liability. The only time I ever buy CDs is for local or regional bands that play at bars in my town. It’s really the only way to get their music and I like supporting the little guy.

  13. suez says:

    I still buy CDs (when I can afford to nowadays) but almost never from Best Buy because of the mark-up. I usually get them either used online or directly from the artists. IMO the sound quality is still better than MP3, plus I prefer OWNING and controlling it outright.

  14. Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

    Actually, I bought Gorillaz’ album Plastic Beach a couple months ago. I like having the artwork.

    • ARP says:

      I bought Gorillaz and Massive Attack- Heligoland. I like having a hard copy and still listen to full albums in the car. Of course, I bought them at Amazon for less than the price on iTunes.

  15. Brunette Bookworm says:

    Last CD I bought? Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe 2. I still buy some CDs, depending on the artwork and extras with it. Of course, all of these are now on my ipod so I suppose it is a bit silly and space-consuming to buy them…

    • Hrustar says:

      I like CDs so I have a full quality audio version to listen to. All my digital music is compressed to fit on ipods. I know, I can keep a high and low quality track, but it eats up hard drive space.

      Also, back in college I was a “music king” for OWNING a a few hundred CDs, now days with kids downloading music form each other, music collections range in the thousands of albums.

  16. OmniZero says:

    Ben Folds – Lonely Avenue

    First, it’s “the news HERE” (not hear, unless you’re making a pun)

    So who else sells CDs? F.Y.E.? Yeah like I’ll shop there…

  17. trey says:

    i honestly cant remember… i dont think it was this millennium.

  18. mbd says:

    People still buy music CD’s, they just don’t buy them from Best Buy. I don’t need to waste time with an annoying cashier trying to upsell me an extended warranty for a CD, nor do I want any faux free magazine subscriptions.

    • zandar says:

      plus the shitty selection. The only reason I buy CDs anymore is if it’s a small label and it’s the only way they do business. That sort of thing I still buy and will continue to do so.

      But why the hell would ANYBODY buy a Black-eyed Peas CD in this day and age? It’s all over the usual download sites and bittorrented to death as well.

  19. incident man stole my avatar says:

    last week in at Soundgarden, one the Rolling Stones 25 best record stores in the country, I bought HIM – Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666, I love having cover art, liner notes and something the band can sign.. you can’t do that with a MP3

  20. Jozef says:

    I still buy CDs. The selection of downloadable classical music on Amazon sucks.

  21. Saltpork says:

    Clutch – From Beale Street to Oblivion

    I got it via other means first, but spent the money to support the band. They make great music, are independent of major labels and survive off media sales and tours.
    Well worth 17 bucks to me.

  22. barty says:

    My wife won a George Strait CD last year at a giveaway a local radio station was doing at a fall festival, but I can’t recall the last time I bought a CD. Maybe 9-10 years ago?

  23. EnergyStarr says:

    i recently converted from mp3 audio back to CDs b/c of sound quality.

    this is a huge bummer as best buy was the last “local” store i could buy CDs. Local album stores are 100% vinyl now.

  24. qbubbles says:

    The soundtrack to Spawn. Funnily enough, I got that a few years ago because the place I work wouldnt allow a) mp3 players or b) homemade CDs. Now, they allow iPods.

  25. lettucefactory says:

    I’ve bought several Putumayo Kids in the last few years. I like having them in the car on long rides with the little ones. It’s just not something I need in the super-portable format of an mp3.

    I never got them at Best Buy, though. Usually Barnes & Noble.

    But otherwise? Oh God, it’s been at least since 2002…I think I bought an Our Lady Peace CD that year. (Oh, the musical foibles of youth.)

  26. OutPastPluto says:

    I dunno. I think that Best Buy suffers from being lame. They have poor prices and poor selection. If they are having trouble selling spinny disks, then it’s not so much because the market is down in general. They are just bad at it.

    Best Buy may be getting rid of CDs but Fry’s is resurrecting Vinyl.

    They have a rather comprehensive DVD & BD section too. Better selection of washers too.

  27. Hi_Hello says:

    the only thing I buy form Best buy are CDs. On the release date, they have the lowest price than any other places.

    I don’t buy a lot of CDs, only from bands which I know I”ll enjoy most of the songs on the CD.

    I bought a CD last month..from FYE for 13-16 bucks.. if I waited until I got home, it wuold’ve been 9 bucks or something at best buy.

  28. JonBonWonton says:

    What was the last CD I bought? Laetitia Sadier’s solo disc, last week.

    What was the last CD I bought from Best Buy? Well, that’s a tougher question…..

  29. vastrightwing says:

    Brian Auger. I go to or some other used media outlet. I buy old CDS, copy the music to my server and the CD goes away. This way, I get full resolution copies of the music I want and the RIAA won’t bother me. I may lend or sell my cds later. Sure it’s more of a hassle than Limewire or torrents, but it’s safer.

  30. aloria says:

    I have no idea. I donated all my CDs to a local radio station. Got a pretty decent little tax credit out of it, too.

    If I had to guess, it was probably Pantera – Reinventing the Steel.

  31. cmdr.sass says:

    The last CD I bought was [insert obscure indie band here]

  32. wiggie2gone says:

    Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall 2009

  33. Dre' says:

    “Silversun Pickups – Swoon”. I only buy music from non-RIAA acts.

  34. Keith is checking the Best Buy receipt of a breastfeeding mother (for tips!) says:

    Last CD I bought was Sheryl Crow’s “100 Miles From Memphis,” about a month ago… at Best Buy. :)

    Kickin’ it old skool!

  35. pop top says:

    I buy CDs to support the bands I like, but that’s very rare. The last time I bought a CD was either Rammstein’s “Liebe ist for alle da” or GWAR’s “Lust in Space”, I can’t remember which came out second.

    • ARP says:

      People actually listen to GWAR? I assume they were all stage show (which I love BTW).

      • pop top says:

        Of course people listen to them because their music is fucking awesome. Now you need to go out and buy some CDs. ;) I recommend “Violence Has Arrived” and “Beyond Hell”; those are my favorites. Avoid “We Kill Everything”, as that is their worst album, which is something they freely admit. “Scumdogs of the Universe” is really good too.

  36. DrMonkeyPhD says:

    Bad Religion – The Dissent of Man (as part of a package with a t-shirt and signed copy of their singer’s new book)

    The soundtrack from Say Anything (not on Amazon MP3; too old probably)

    Muse – HAARP (live CD/DVD combo)

    My ears can’t tell the difference between a CD and high-bitrate MP3 and I keep my music backed up, so there is only the occasional case where a CD is worth it: if it comes with other media or is only available in digital form on iTunes, which I refuse to buy music from.

    • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

      I just bought Dissent of Man last night!

      I don’t get how people can stand the really low fidelity MP3s that are all over Internet music stores. Bleh.

      • Powerlurker says:

        The big online music stores use pretty decent quality. Amazon is 256kbps VBR mp3 and iTunes is 256kbps AAC. On all but the highest end equipment, it’s pretty much indistinguishable from CD. I guess it would be nice if they gave the option of lossless formats, but most people don’t want their music files to be quite that large.

  37. adrienna says:

    I prefer to support my local record shop, so I still buy CDs. I can’t remember the last CD I bought though. Maybe the Dead Weather’s new one.

  38. MickeyG says:

    The Best Buy I shop at up here in the Great White North has already moved their CDs around and made the Video Game section much much bigger and the CD section a little tiny tiny aisle (with mostly just the latest stuff/”chart toppers” on display).

  39. RobofNYC says:

    Emily Autumn – only because the downloads were not available for her music. Other than that – about 7 years ago.

  40. captadam says:

    I would rather buy a CD, both because of the tangible aspect of it and because I am actually buying more information than when I buy a compressed audio file. That means I rarely buy ANY music, because I rarely buy CDs. Whenever I do, I rip it and then have a hell of a time figuring out where to store my CD. The big spinning CD rack is so 1989.

    • Battlehork says:

      I put my entire CD collection including the booklets and case inserts into a binder, and gave the cases away.

  41. redskull says:

    One less store to go to now. Pretty soon there’ll be no reason to leave the house.

  42. rich says:

    I still buy cd’s all the time, but unless I’m buying the week it comes out, Best Buy’s prices are through the roof.

  43. quijote says:

    I don’t remember, but it could very well have been that TMBG album. Is that Flood?

  44. Larraque eats babies says:

    Last week – I bought the first album from The Adoring Heirs (a local band); But that was from a band member.

    From a music store… probably 5 or 6 years ago when I bought white light rock and roll review from Matthew Good

  45. SonarTech52 says:

    The last CD I bought was Mystikal – Unpredictable back in 97-98

  46. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    “Bree Sharp’s A Cheap and Evil Girl”

    I love that one. :3

  47. SG-Cleve says:

    I borrow CDs from the library.

    I just listen to them of course, I don’t rip them to my own MP3 collection.

  48. GMFish says:

    I don’t go to Best Buy often, but when I do I can’t help but notice the vast section of CDs, completely void of human life, and wonder why they continued with that nonsense. It’s good to know they’ve come to their senses.

  49. wenhaver says:

    I can’t remember the last CD I bought either. I was just lamenting the fact that physical media is so invalid because I’m in the mood to make a mix, and making a playlist just isn’t the same.

    Also, +1 for Bree Sharp.

  50. Streakist says:

    And yet people still seem to buy DVD’s. How long till the masses finally learn that DVD’s suck for exactly the same reasons that CD’s suck.

  51. Chris J. Stone says:

    My last CD was The Social Network by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, so yes, people still buy CDs, just maybe not from places like Best Buy. Most of my entertainment comes from Amazon.

  52. H3ion says:

    Step 1 – Listen to track on YouTube
    Step 2. – Log on to Amazon and order CD
    Step 3 – Rip CD to MP3 player editing out unenjoyable tracks.
    Step 4. – Blast ear drums..

  53. muffingal says:

    The last CD I brought was the new Stone Temple Pilots. I also plan to purchase the new Trapt CD. I enjoy looking at the booklets. I understand the whole convenience of downloading music but I am pretty much old school.

  54. AI says:

    Steel Panther – Feel the Steel

  55. ogremustcrush says:

    I buy CDs for small bands at their gigs if they’re selling them. Pretty much nothing from retail CD sales of bands with a major record deal goes to the artist anyway, so I prefer not to support the organization that sues its own customers. If a band I like goes on concert near me then I’ll go to it and they’ll get paid.

  56. 750 says:

    HA! i remember buying bree sharp back in the day…

  57. ShinGetterPoPo says:

    I still buy cds. I rip them into mp3, but I like owning the cd instead of licensing a track.

  58. JulesNoctambule says:

    I don’t shop at Best Buy, but I do still buy CDs — can’t get the band’s autographs on an iTunes download!

  59. VOIDMunashii says:

    I guess that means I’ll be going to Fry’s more, as I still buy CDs and DVDs.

    My last CD was Weezer’s “Hurley”, which I’m not in love with, but it is growing on me.

    About half of “Cheap and Evil Girl” still resides on my iPod.

  60. Scuba Steve says:

    Mine was Cake.

  61. DarrenO says:

    I buy CDs all the time. On Amazon though, not Best Buy. The quality of iTunes and other downloadable files are usually crap. Until all these downloads are available in a lossless format like FLAC I’ll continue to buy CDs.. and the occasional vinyl record. Yes.. Vinyl.

    • JonBonWonton says:

      Yes, yes, yes.

      FLAC is a great format. If ripped from masters, the fidelity on them can surpass CDs.

  62. prezuiwf says:

    The last CD I bought was “Warp Riders” by The Sword about a month ago. I’m not much for paid downloads as if I’m going to be buying the music anyway, I at least want the physical package. Those of you who steal music can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

  63. Amnesiac85 says:

    I bought my dad Radiohead’s Greatest Hits compilation for the holiday last year. He has an iPhone, and yet still does not want to put any music on there. I don’t understand. I’ve tried to show him how, he just…likes CDs, I guess.

  64. selkie says:

    My local Best Buy is already seriously culling their DVD section. Which is too bad because they used to have some really good deals on late model tv series, and $14.99-$19.99 for 22-24 episodes of an enjoyable, commercial-free tv series makes for pretty cheap entertainment.

  65. Andy says:

    I still buy CDs unless I can get DRM free cheaper versions and I don’t need the cool artwork. I still love physical albums. I think the real question should be what was the last vinyl album you bought?

  66. ThatsWhatSheSaid says:

    whats a CD?

  67. kyle4 says:

    There are only five bands/musicians who’s albums I’d buy and one of them only releases a new album every five years. I think the last CD(s) I bought were the Remastered Beatles

  68. john says:

    I kinda chuckle when I walk by a car with stacks of CDs in the seat or console. It’s like walking by an AMC Gremlin in 1998, and seeing stacks of 8-tracks in the car.

  69. MFfan310 says:

    The last one I bought was an oldie and a goodie: AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”.

    And only because AC/DC doesn’t license its music for download.

  70. BrianneG says:

    I bought the new Weezer album when it came out last week. Before that, the last CD I bought in a store was the previous Weezer album. I also buy CDs from bands at concerts, but that’s about it. All our CDs are in a giant tub in our garage.

  71. RayanneGraff says:

    The only time I buy CDs is when I can’t find a torrent for what I want. I’d feel worse pirating music if like 99% of the profits of CD sales didn’t go straight into the RIAA’s pockets.

  72. Mulva says:

    Um, whoever opened for Pat Benatar at Ravinia in 2005… the band members were signing CDs after their set, I needed a glass of wine… walking by their table, I decided why not. Otherwise, I’m all about MP3s. My husband is the sound quality guy, took him a while to stop buying CD’s – at one point, he was buying everything SACD. Glad that’s over; he got rid of the player, but we have a 1st gen PS3 so the option is there to play our collection *rolling eyes*

    Hubby and I were laughing about cassette singles aka “cassingles” the other day, does anyone remember that little fad? Pay 25% of the album’s cost for 2 songs, what a money maker!

  73. el-brazo-onofre says:

    I buy CDs, just not the crap that Best Buy carries.

  74. RavenWarrior says:

    Only CDs I’ve bought were the yearly Vans Warped Tour compilations because it’s usually about 50 songs for $5 or less. At least this move will get rid of all the unsold Chickenfoot and Guns ‘n Roses Chinese Democracy CDs.

  75. NotEd says:

    As long as I can get it on sale I still buy CDs, on occassion. I like having liner notes and when you get bonus DVDs packed in.

    That being said, the last CD I recall actually buying was a Patton Oswald one with a bonus DVD that I gave the wife as an Xmas gift last year.

  76. MacUser1986 says:

    Insane Clown Posse – The Calm (May 17th 2005)

    iTunes receives all my money for music, TV shows and movies now.

  77. alpinesum0 says:

    Mine was the new Jimmy Eat World, and it was yesterday. This is sad.

  78. Halliday says:

    Last cd I bought: The Letter Black, Hanging On By A Thread, about month ago from a local store NOT BB.

  79. Mulva says:

    That’s true – liner notes are fun to read, especially from the creative types. The reason I first read “Interview with the Vampire” is because of Sting and his liner notes about “Moon Over Bourbon Street.”

  80. Jezz1226 says:

    I still buy cd’s occasionally just so I can listen to them in the car (no cd drive to burn cds from my little netbook if I were to download them)

  81. El-Brucio says:

    I still buy CD’s from music stores now and again, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought one from Best Buy. All the ones in town either never had what I wanted, or might have what I wanted, but it couldn’t be found due to so many of them being misfiled.

  82. zandar says:

    Spectrum- War Sucks.

    Small British imprint with a stateside distributor. It was the only way to get the new EP by one of my favorite bands. Not even on iTunes. Released late summer 2010.

  83. pleitch says:

    i still buy a CD occasionally but mostly if it is as a gift for my wife (more fun to give her a physical object instead of a download code) or if I buy it used or directly from the artist.

    99.9% of my music (and video) purchases are digital though.

    I don’t know the last DVD I bought. I’ll never buy a DVD again.

  84. Bye says:

    I still buy CDs frequently but mostly at our local CD/album shop. I will buy from Best Buy occasionally becuase their new release prices are really excellent, but due to their political donations, I’ve been absent from their stores for the past 3 months or so.

  85. Dave Farquhar says:

    Last CD I bought? “One Simple Word” by the Connells, just last week. At a church rummage sale for a buck.

    I buy lots of CDs, but all of them secondhand. I could buy MP3s, but I’ve found if I’m patient, I can find pretty much anything I want. Then if I want high bitrate, it’s no problem.

  86. cryptique says:

    If the CD area at the local Best Buy gets any smaller than it is now, it’ll cease to exist.

    I still buy a few CDs (I have a couple thousand of them) … but I’ve probably bought more vinyl in the last two years than compact discs.

  87. bnelson333 says:

    I still buy CDs for the same reasons many have mentioned – universal ease and better sound quality, etc. But another important factor to me is an album isn’t just a couple songs, it’s a creative work that also includes album art, CD cover, musician credits, etc. I like the whole experience, not just the music itself. I’m not too sad BB is getting rid of CDs though, they have always charged too much for too limited a selection. Amazon and CDBaby are the way to go for me.

  88. FrugalFreak says:

    I for one prefer physical media. I will accept all digital if it can be backed up.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      and also for resell value, I can sell a CD, but just how do you sell a mp3 at a yard sale? You can’t.

  89. kingjeff says:

    I buy CDs. I will not buy Mp3s. I don’t consider buying an Mp3 to actually be owning anything. Although I tend lately to buy them direct from the artist. They may cost a little more, but more and more artists are offering extras (additional tracks, autographed copies, etc).

  90. ecvogel says:

    I bought a bounch up north and 3 today. All used though. If the price is near MP3 I get the CD. you get the linar notes and such. But if the costs is more tahn $2-$3 I get the digital download.

  91. Skid Malfoy says:

    Since Best Buy was one of the reasons why the record industry sucks so bad (underpricing cds to the point that they wiped out local competition ala Walmart, then only selling crap cds because in the end they never really cared about music like the little guys) it’s funny that they couldn’t make it work after all this. Only took them 10 years or so to figure it out. Wonder how long it’ll take them to realize they are completely outdated and irrelevant?

    I still buy CDs. I never listen to them though. Last one was The Dickies best of something or other.

  92. BurtReynolds says:

    I buy CDs on Amazon because they are often cheaper than the mp3 version. So for the same price, I have a physical copy of what I just spent $8 on. I don’t mind storing them somewhere.

  93. jaysapathy says:

    I buy probably a dozen CDs every week, everything from The Ramones to Henry Rollins/Black Flag to Erasure. You simply cannot beat having the disc itself: if you want it on an mp3 player, you can make the mp3s yourself and get the best sound quality. Who on earth pays for an MP3? It’s not tangible. You can’t touch it. And when your harddrive crashes, it’s gone, and you have a 50/50 chance it’s still on the servers you bought it from. DRM is just too risky. At any given time, they can pull the rights. Nobody should have that kind of control. And besides, if the Internet Blacklist thing passes — — we’ll all be buying the real thing anyway.

  94. Griking says:

    I probably purchased about a dozen CDs this year.

  95. tape says:

    David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?

  96. JANSCHOLL says:

    Bought a bunch of Imports in the last two months. Most are soundtracks. I have over 10,000 in my collection. They sit next to my lps and old 45s. I don’t download.

  97. Unicorn-Chaser says:

    Correction….people don’t buy over-priced cd’s from BestBuy. I go to Amazon. Yes…I still buy CD’s…I like hard copies.

  98. Firevine says:

    I do believe the last new CD I bought was Sonic Youth: The Eternal, so that would be June of ’09. Used is another story. I have found some gems at Goodwill, and I get a lot of harder to find stuff on Amazon. I like having a hard copy since I collect friggin’ everything.

  99. DoktorH says:

    Hamnskifte, “Födzlepijnan” and Bird from the Abyss, “II.” neither one was available as a download, and the merchant includes lots of neat pack-ins as incentive for buying discs vs downloads (mini-posters, pretty packaging, etc)

  100. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    Weird Al – Straight Outta Lynwood. 2006.

    Yeah, I’m white n nerdy.

  101. ihaveneverknown says:

    Not many local music supporters on here I guess. Almost anytime I catch a show I dig I’m leaving with their CD.

    I’ll happily pony up $5-$10 to support a touring bands PBR and Burrito habits. (not to mention gas money)