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  1. thompson says:

    “Most likely a mistake”

    Doubt it.

  2. Kanjimari says:

    What a terrible logo.

    • Holybalheadedchrist! says:

      lol, terrible!

    • the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

      Not the worst I’ve seen, but it makes little sense on a white background. I finally saw the ECa but I can’t figure out what the logo is supposed to look like beyond that. It’s like a graphics art student got his/her first gig and couldn’t wait to use as many tricks in one logo as they could fit…

  3. outlulz says:

    He might want to see if he can still log-in to his old account and check if auto-renew is on. And cancel the account through the online service if it’s still active.

    • tonberry says:

      yes, i had to do this too, i had sent a letter through the mail and got the confirmation email, then tried my account months later to find that i still had an account, and it was set to auto renew, i unchecked the box and then canceled the whole thing online. anyone who canceled through the mail please check to make sure they did cancel your account

  4. Willy_HSV says:

    But if the OP signs in to verify his opt-out, is he not using the service, therefore validating the charge to his account?!?

  5. BurtReynolds says:

    I checked my account since the log-in still works, but it doesn’t treat me like a member and said my membership ended on 9/15/10. I need to check all my card accounts now though.

    I wouldn’t doubt it if the ECA screwed this up. They’ve proven to be a horrible “advocate” for anyone who joined. They even include banner ads from scam “penny auction” sites in their newsletters. Why would an advocacy site accept ad dollars from a site that preys on the suckers who use it?

    I’m convinced the ECA is just a way for Hal Halpin to cut himself a nice check through a non-profit. If anything I’d contribute to the EFF in the future. They file amicus curiae briefs anytime there is a court case in this realm.

  6. saltyoak says:

    Big corporate greed, someone trying to make an impossible goal. Easier to ask for forgiveness, but made getting to pay day possible for some hungry soul.

  7. Raekwon says:

    This again? This keeps on happening with them. Just look at CAG or other similar sites to see all the complaints.

  8. Corinthos says:

    I’m glad I signed up with them with a prepaid gift card so I don’t have to deal with their nonsense.

  9. Keavy_Rain says:

    I canceled my account, disabled auto-renew, and can’t login with my username and password.

    That being said, if I’m charged, there will be hell to pay because I’ve done everything I was supposed to do to not get charged.

  10. wonderkitty now has two dogs says:

    You mean a mistake like, a mistake to act like they weren’t going to charge people who had canceled? Not like a mistake where they accidentally did the thing someone asked them not to do.

  11. elislider says:

    I signed up for a free year too, and about a month ago I got an automated email saying that my subscription was running out and I should go update my account information, and that I would have 45 days to make a decision about renewal before the window closed. I went to the site (took a bit to remember what my account info was) and it tried to walk me through purchasing a renewal. As soon as I saw it was gonna cost money and not be free again, I just closed the window and forgot about it. Then maybe a week later I get an email saying “thanks for renewing!” and it noted the $19.99 charge. I got pretty pissed and sent them an email (they have no phone support, just a webform to fill out) and got a reply back from an automated email address. I replied to the email directly before realizing it was a “no_reply” so i figured that email would be gone, so i filled out another webform reply. Then I got an email reply back from the “no_reply” email, which confused me, but they didnt respond to my further questions about that. After about 5 emails I got them to send me a refund by check, which is weird because I paid by card and it only happened like 2 days before. Weird.

  12. Strell says:

    It was not a mistake on ECA’s part. When everyone at CAG found out that you couldn’t opt-out of auto-renewal, there was a giant campaign to get everyone removed from the ECA’s database. Letters were sent, messages on their forum were posted, and a huge thread at CAG documented the entire issue. We even sent a giant box full of hundreds of pages of people to be removed.

    After the ECA fought us every step of the way, it took CAG’s owner CheapyD to step in and contact them directly for them to finally admit something had been wrong on their end. They finally – last December – said they’d remove accounts and put the issue to rest.

    Since then, dozens of CAG users have been auto-renewed, despite canceling their accounts during this entire fiasco. The ECA shrugged it off as little more than a “mistake” and then refused to refund the charges immediately, instead sending snail-mail checks with the classic “may appear in several weeks.” In a digital age of Paypal and instant credit card transfers, there’s no reason they could not have done this instantly, and that’s being more than fair in the face of their ridiculous mistakes ESPECIALLY when you consider that they’ve known about this issue for months.

    If you e-mail them, they don’t respond. They’ve made numerous excuses, including “we didn’t know we had a backup server with everyone’s credit card information in it,” to “we didn’t know when we deleted the information that it was still there.”

    They are a shady organization who has done everything to preserve some false image of upholding gamer rights while being completely childish and juvenile with their underhanded actions. This was no mistake on their part – they had been warned countless times, and it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention that this entire debacle has been nothing but a perfect example of just how poorly run the ECA is.

    Don’t give them any more room to squirm around in. It’s ridiculous that it has taken this long for it to be resolved.

  13. jcoops says:

    Scumbags charged me too, they claim to have no record of me mailing to get rid of autorenew.

    The “45 day cancellation email” made it sound like they had gotten my physically mailed letter (because they previously didn’t allow web cancellation when I opted out).

    Then they charged me.

    It’s not worth my time to fight over, and a few people who charged back reported it getting put back on after the ECA claimed that they didn’t disable autorenew.

    What a bunch of jackasses.

  14. rocdragon says:

    I signed up with the ECA in July 2009 and disabled auto-renew. After a full year goes by, with absolutely no notice, I get another charge on my credit card. After contacting the ECA they indicate they have no record of me disabling the auto-renew during the time when their auto-renew button was non-functional, and they also state that it is against their policy to offer any refunds.
    I disputed with my credit card, and they reversed the charges. The ECA sends some document that says they have no record of me disabling auto-renew. My credit card company accepts this and puts the charge back on.
    I filed a BBB complaint and followed through. But it still looks like I’m going to eat the charge. It’s only $20, and I don’t want to waste any more of my time on these bastards. But if anyone is starting a class action lawsuit, please add me to the list of victims!

  15. tenjackie says:

    EHarmony does the same. Citing a technicality in not using their precise cancellation procedure, they tacked on a six-month subscription. Despite an immediate objection, they continued to charge. When the objection became more vehement, they insisted on charging half. How about if one overlooks that the subscription is automatically renewing after six more months. Is that going to mean another $200+ charge for an unwanted, unused service.

    What to do? What to do?