Christmas Comes Early To JC Penney

You know it’s too early for Christmas decorations when even the people who are paid to be prematurely cheery admit it’s way too early to get geeked up for the holiday.

Christopher said a New York JC Penney worker who was helping set up this display was embarrassed to be putting up Christmas trees either a quarter of a year before the holiday or nine months late for Christmas 2009.

Annoyed by Christmas Creep? Send your photos of Christmas crap getting in the way of Halloween to with “Christmas Creep” in the subject.

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  1. pot_roast says:

    Kohl’s has had stuff up for at least two weeks. Home Depot around here is putting out stuff already.

    Frankly, I’m getting sick of it. :/

    • Preyfar says:

      I just refuse to shop at stores that force Christmas on me so early. I’ll go somewhere else. I’m just getting so sick of it… I’ll vote with my dollars.

    • Starfury says:

      Costco already has Christmas stuff out: cookies, toys, some decorations.

    • Kohl's Retail Monkey says:

      Yeah… Kohl’s has also been staying open later recently. Usually we close at 10, been open till 11 quite a lot recently. *sigh* I’m going to be burnt out on the holidays by Black Friday.

  2. momtimestwo says:

    I hate the Christmas “BUY BUY BUY!” message when I’m trying to “SAVE SAVE SAVE”. Maybe if the christmas shows and advertising started in Dec it wouldn’t be so bad, but months ahead make me sick of it and everything that goes with it by the time Christmas gets here.. (though I admit it’s fun opening presents)

  3. moorie679 says:

    All know is that eventually xmas is going to be a year around thing and I will no longer have to take down the lights in March. I will just add on lights year after year until my roof collapses.

  4. Donathius says:

    One of my personal favorites is TV Christmas Creep. ABC Family has started doing a “Countdown to” their Christmas countdown.

  5. aloria says:

    You know, I hate Christmas more than pretty much anyone on the planet, but I don’t see the point in bitching about Christmas creep. I doubt stores would keep doing this if it wasn’t somehow making them money. As for being sick of Christmas being shoved down everyone’s throat, well, that boat sailed ages ago.

    • CBenji says:

      Um I think it is pretty much think it is impossible for you to hate Christmas more than I hate Christmas. I virtually stop shopping in stores about 3 days before Turkey day unless it is a grocery store or online because I am afraid I will have to kill someone. Just how would I explain that to a judge? “Um Sir, I hate Christmas more than the average person and they just wouldn’t move their stupid cart when I was trying to buy this idiotic thing I didn’t need. I had already waited in the over crowded parking lot, and I couldn’t help myself when my hands gasped their neck. I am fully ready to take responsibility for my actions.”

      Yes, Christmas when I stop going out for about a month to shop in stores and my freezer gets very full from Sam’s Club.

  6. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Christmas Creep is one thing – but passing two major holidays entirely?

  7. Bativac says:

    Is this the retail industry’s way to try to sell more stuff? Or has putting Christmas stuff out earlier and earlier each year resulted in an actual increase in sales?

    If they’re making more money by putting the stuff out sooner then I can’t fault them. Eventually they’ll put Christmas stuff out in Jaunary and have it out all year long.

    I think they should try, just one year, not putting any Christmas stuff out until the day after Thanksgiving, and see what happens.

  8. cSam says:

    Okay, I work in a retail environment with insane Christmas creep, but it’s not because it’s selling this early – it’s largely because we have to make room in our store for all of it, and it’s easier to do that gradually, with more and more Christmas stuff coming in during our slower months so we can make adjustments in the store layout little by little, and not have a huge overhaul in November. Just a little bit of a different perspective to counter consumerist’s paranoid Christmas Creep conspiracy.

  9. rubicthecube says:

    A few years back, I worked at a retail store. It seemed that as the economy got worse, the christmas decorations went up earlier and earlier. Retailers are hurting right now which is why they try to squeeze every christmas dollar out of everyone as early as possible.

  10. sodium says:

    I used to work at Macy’s. They usually start putting their Santas up around the store the first week of October. Also, the mall said Macy’s is located is really prestigious and puts up ALL their decorations around this time. I normally like it because I love Christmas. But this week Southern California is having a monstrous heat wave and I feel these decorations would just be laughing in my face as I drive by. Screw you dancing reindeer atop giant snowy ornaments. :(

  11. medfordite says:

    Anyone remember a few years back when there was this whole feeling of “Christmas just isn’t the same as it used to be.”?

    This was right around the same time major retailers and groups started putting their Christmas decorations out in September and selling them all the way through. People got really tired of seeing the Christmas stuff and you know the saying…”Too much of a good thing can’t be good for you.” People became desensitized to it and as a result had a lack of Christmas Cheer.

    My thought on the whole Christmas decoration thing would be to mandate stores could only set up their stores and displays with Christmas themes about 1 week before Thanksgiving. This allows time for shoppers to get their Thanksgiving things done, while spying the Christmas items being set up and getting excited over it. Then, they communicate with their family at the Thanksgiving table (or wherever), and word of mouth spreads like wildfire about the “goodies”. Then of course on Black Friday, the sales would be record high in contrast to the previous years because of the excitement.

    Not only that, but if you give people a long time to think about stuff, they don’t act on it until “the deadline” appears in front of them. You give them a few weeks of deadline, they are more motivated to buy, instead of a few months.

    • Blueberry Scone says:

      “Anyone remember a few years back when there was this whole feeling of “Christmas just isn’t the same as it used to be.”? “

      YES! I used to love Christmas. LOVED IT. Now, though, it seems that I need to start thinking about Christmas (getting gifts, arranging parties, who we’ll see when during the holidays, etc.) earlier and earlier every year. Boo.

      One thing that’s kind of helped is that I’ve cut a lot of people off my shopping list this year. We’re cutting back on who is getting gifts, and how much we’re spending on everyone. That’s really helping us, as we’re not only spending less, but we’re also not spending as much time trying to find gifts for everyone. It really helps.

  12. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I saw trees set up in Kmart this weekend. I was like WTF. On the other side of the store is the Halloween stuff. It’s crazy.

  13. AllanG54 says:

    All I can say is I’m thankful that the radio stations haven’t started playing Christmas music yet. The store creep I can avoid so it doesn’t bother me,

  14. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    Where have you people been? Late September is not early for Christmas stuff anymore.

    I don’t even think February is too early anymore.

  15. AstroWorn2010 says:

    I worked in retail for too many years, we started the xmas prep at the end of August. Bah Humbug!

  16. teke367 says:

    When I was a kid, shortly after school started we got the Wishbook’s in the mail, so late September always seemed like the beginning of the Christmas season, at least the beginning of the beginning. And this was 25 years ago, so its not necessarily “earlier every year”. You would see small things here and there, but not too much. Its hard to tell how much floor space this display actually takes though, so its hard to tell if it really is too much or not.

  17. Kevin says:

    JC Penny’s still exists?

  18. TWSS says:

    Just emailed in my photo of x-mas displays going up at the Portland, OR Ikea. Happy holidays!

  19. TWSS says:

    Just emailed in my photo of x-mas displays going up at the Portland, OR Ikea. Happy holidays!

  20. tmed says:

    I get annoyed by Christmas style sales early for presents. For sales of Christmas decorations, I have no issue with it at all. These are things people want to own before they put them up, what the hell does it matter if it was bought or sold in September?

    Fools who put up decorations before Thanksgiving and stores who have Christmas sales before Black Friday annoy me, but this just makes sense.

    The message from consumerist is prepare for everything, except Christmas?

  21. Yentaleh says:

    The funny part is that Hanukkah is early this year, and I have yet to see any menorahs or dreidels out………….

    Don’t people like latkes and sefgunyots? (Jelly filled powdered donuts)

  22. baristabrawl says:

    Everyone bitches about this every year. Obviously someone appreciates it or they wouldn’t still be doing it. Just saying.

  23. Anonymously says:

    Homeopathy: If you take this medicine and dilute across as many molecules of water as possible, it makes it better!

    Christmas Creep: If you take this holiday and dilute it across as many days as possible, it makes it better!

  24. riguitargod says:

    While I agree that Christmas Creep is getting worse each year, I think at this point of the year, it’s expected. Isn’t the Christmas shopping season 100 days? We’re around 90 at this point…

  25. StrangeEmily says:

    Don’t these people have anything better to whine about? Like Walmart asking to see your ID if you use a Mastercard?
    Seriously… Hollidays in Retail have began in August for YEARS. I’m so so sorry that you all have to whine when you see their stock out on the shelves because the store doesn’t have enough room in their stockroom for all the Holliday stuff along with the other stuff you WANT to buy later… supply and demand people.
    If you people keep crying pretty soon retail stores are going to take it to heart and only put things up on the date that you like which means there won’t be enough Thanksgiving stuff in stock because the Halloween stuff is filling up the shelves in the stockroom beyond capacaty, and then because of that you won’t be able to get that Christmas sale item you wanted so bad from the sales flyer because there wasn’t any room left in the stockroom at all after that.
    I know how to fix this though, all we need to do is get the retail stores to put their stock inside the store instead of the stockroom EARLY so they can have enough seasonal products to keep the comsumer happy… oh wait!