'Pit Boss' Star Calls For Burger King Boycott Over Pit Bull Ad

Even though the Burger King ad featuring a mail man singing about being chewed on by attack dogs hadn’t been out long enough to be a Worst Ad In America 2010 nominee, we’re pretty sure it will have one semi-famous person, Shorty Rossi of Animal Planet’s Pit Boss, backing its nomination next year.

“For a company this large, this huge, with a world wide presence to do such a stereotypical thing made me angry — made me mad!” Rossi is quoted as saying about the ad, in which a mailman sings “Rottweilers and pit bulls–doing the mailman thing,” as fake dogs dangle from his legs.

Rossi and his company Short’s Rescuse have been the subject of two seasons of the Animal Planet reality show Pit Boss.

“I view pit bulls as the most loving dogs,” he says. “They’re nanny dogs for kids, they’re your right hand man, your right hand companion.”

While Rossi has called for a boycott of BK over the ad, the fast food chain isn’t taking this terribly seriously:

In a statement, Burger King told San Diego 6 news the TV commercial “…Is intended to be a humorous parody of the age-old ‘turf-battle’ between mail carriers and dogs….and was not meant to cast a negative light on any particular breed of dogs.”

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