Weber Offers Free Parts After Customer Neglects, Burns Up His Own Grill

Brad screwed up his Weber grill, and it caught fire. He admits that it’s his fault for not cleaning the grill properly for three years, which led to fires under the control panel. When he called Weber to ask for an explanation of what could be wrong, the company not only helped him, they went way above and beyond and offered to send him–for free–replacement parts that would make his grill functional again.

Just wanted to let the consumerist know about Weber grills customer service. Top notch. I had two fires under the control panel, where the lp enters the burner tubes. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Anyways, I had to put out the second fire with an extinguisher because I could not put my hand near the gas tank to shut it off.

I called Weber after I consulted the owner’s manual and asked what was up. Judy informed me the fire was my fault for not cleaning out the burner tubes…turns out they were full of garbage from 3 years of use. I know, very intelligent on my part. She then told me that they don’t usually replace the parts I burned up (knobs, igniter, manifold, burner tubes, and the console panel) because of the type of fire and the fact that it was my fault. I wasn’t even looking to have the parts replaced, I just wanted to know what was up and why it kept catching on fire.

Judy then informed me that they would replace all of the parts I would need, free of charge. You don’t see too many companies with this kind of service these days. I will be a Weber customer for life because of this one interaction.


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  1. Extended-Warranty says:

    Weber has always been known for fantastic customer service, and they should be with their high prices. I just bought a Weber grill and even though it was pricey, I know I made a good investment.

    This is what happens when you buy quality items. If only we all strayed away from cheap chinese crap and companies who don’t care…

    • MonkeyMonk says:

      While I’m a huge Weber Grill fan I do believe that they shifted manufacturing on a number of their lines to China a few years back. Still, I’ve had a bunch of grills over the past 10 years and my Weber is easily the best of the bunch.

    • craptastico says:

      i used to buy the cheaper grills, but while i was shopping to replace my last one that had lasted 4 years i was talking to my dad and he said his webers lasted over 15 years already, and he doesn’t even cover it during snowy connecticut winters. i was sold.

  2. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I got to “Weber grills customer service” and I had to stop because I can’t support a company that would test its products on its own employees.

  3. Taliskan says:

    When I purchased a brand new grill and was setting it up, parts were missing (a packet of bolts and some larger physical bar/part). I called their customer service line who wanted me to scan/email or fax them my receipt, my shipping information, and the cover of the manual as proof before they mailed anything out. All the while I had a partially assembled grill and parts laying on my deck. Instead, I disassembled the grill and returned to Lowe’s who replaced the grill with one a guy setup for me while I waited in the store. Thanks, Lowe’s!

  4. Grogey says:

    People really look for the one touch’s as they can last forever. I love my 18″ one touch.

    • nbs2 says:

      The Silver or Gold? I’ve spent more than a year now going back and forth between the two, and still haven’t decided.

  5. DariusC says:

    Blame the OP for ruining customer service. GO.

  6. raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

    Our household had a good experience with Weber customer service a year and a half ago; the ignition switch for the grill’s charcoal lighter stopped working, and the rep sent a replacement and a spare–just in case–for no charge. It was a relatively new grill at the time, only a couple months, but there were times when we were using it two or three times weekly.

  7. microcars says:

    I am always surprised at how many people don’t bother to clean their grilles.

    Just close the lid, turn on all the burners and let it sit for 15 minutes.
    Like a self-cleaning oven. Everything turns to white ash and no more grease fires.

    My son-in-law has a grille that he cooks a LOT of meat on and he is always “fighting” the fires that spring up. Because he never cleans it.

    • MountainRooster says:

      My Charbroil Commercial Series 5 burner grill caught fire due to do to spiders in venturi tubes (according to the customer service people). Complete A-holes about it. Manual says to clean tubes only when you notice a problem lighting or can see spider eggs. Guess what, grill lit fine before the fire behind the controls. Seems like there should be a better design especially for a commercial series grill. If you do want to take it apart for cleaning it calls for using compressed air. Good thing I have a compressor and hours of time to waste.

    • williamroy says:

      Problem wasn’t with the grilling surface or anything beneath it – it was with the supply tubes feeding the control knobs. Much more difficult to clean or even diagnose a problem.

  8. RandomHookup says:

    Free pants?

  9. HappyPig says:

    I’ve been nothing but pleased with Weber’s customer support. I called about a striker issue on late one Saturday afternoon and got a CSR immediately. They identified the problem and shipped me a replacement part immediately. Wow. Wow. Wow.

  10. MrsBug says:

    I had this kind of great service from Oxo Good Grips, when I broke the top of my salad spinner. They sent me a new one free, after I asked if I could buy one. She just got my name and address and said one would be in the mail to me.

    The Weber story kind of restores a little faith in corporate America, doesn’t it? I guess if we ever buy a grill again, it’ll be a Weber for sure!

  11. zweifel says:

    Does anyone know if you have to have your receipt to get CS support from Weber?

  12. williamroy says:

    Wow! Had this exact same experience a month or so ago! Same parts, same kind of fire, same need for an extinguisher – and same scary flames inches away from a full LP tank.

    Uh, I have a little problem, however: I have never heard of “cleaning out the burner tubes” as part of typical grill maintenance procedures. I maintained my grill in what I thought was the normal way, where you clean all the grates, burners, debris-catcher, etc. But the idea that it’s the user’s responsibility to detach, clean, and then correctly reassemble propane feed tubes is ridiculous. Same with the notion that it’s the user’s fault that the tubes caught fire – ridiculous.

    I, too, have always regarded Weber as a good brand, but do they seriously expect me to mess with gas-related fixtures that in other applications (hot water heater, etc.) typically have big warning signs on them and urge you to contact a professional?

  13. hgli says:

    I too have a report of excellent service from Weber. I have a Weber gas grill that I bought in 2004. Last winter a chunk of ice slid off my roof and landed on the side shelf of my grill bending the support frame so the shelf no longer fit.

    I emailed Weber and got the part number and price and was told to call them to order the part. When I did, the excellent lady on the other end of the phone told me she would send the part for free. I didn’t ask for it, I was prepared to purchase the part, but Weber was most kind.

    When and if this grill dies, there is no question I will replace it with another Weber.

  14. CorvetteJoe says:

    I absolutely love my Weber. I have a Genesis Silver B series that I got half of for a wedding gift from my grandparents (and I ponied up money for the other half, as I was ONLY going to have a Weber and nothing else). 8 years later, never covered, it lives outside in the elements (no porch covering, etc) … whenever I wash it, it looks brand new. Everything works flawlessly still. I’ve replaced the burn tubes and grill rack itself a couple years back (wear and tear) and it still looks and works just like the day I bought it. No rust, no corrosion, no cracks, etc. I love my Weber. The only way I will ever replace it is if I could somehow afford a larger one.