Men's Wearhouse Nearly Doubles Quoted Dress Suit Prices When I Come In To Buy

Erik was getting married. As if that alone isn’t enough of a reason to feel bad for him, Men’s Wearhouse went and twisted the knife by quoting him dress shoes for the men in his wedding party at one rate, then nearly doubling the price when he went in to buy them.

He forwarded us a letter he wrote to the company about his experiences at a Wisconsin location. Here’s an excerpt:

They offered to take my information to enter me in their booking system, and offered a 25% discount, and with as many people renting tuxedos as I do, myself and my brother (my best man) would have our tuxes be free.

I have a total of twelve men renting their tuxedos for my wedding. For my groomsmen, my ushers, and a friend who is coming from out of town, I wanted to give them all a gift for being a part of this. I thought I would give my men more comfortable shoes than the normal rented ones – Converse All Stars. I started searching, and found out Men’s Warehouse sold them. This was a great idea – I could give something to my friends that they will use, and they will something comfortable for them to wear during the wedding. My bride loved the idea, so we went ahead with it. We could not visit the same location that we had booked our wedding at in [redacted’, so we visited the mall location in [redacted]. We were quoted $13 per pair to rent the shoes, and the option to purchase the shoes for $23 – a discount off of the list price because my men were renting tuxedos as well. The price seemed fantastic, and I made the changes with the mall location staff to our booking.

This last week Friday, I went after work to pay for my men’s shoes prior to any of them picking up their tuxes. The staff had the shoes set aside, with each guys names on them. Wonderful!

However, then came time to ring up the purchase.

I was informed that the coupon I had booked the wedding under last year had expired (a 25% discount), which was a blow to the pocket book. Then, I was told that the price for the shoes was $44 per pair plus the colored laces, not the $23 per pair I had been quoted. I explained to Doris (the manager who I have worked with on this, and also in the previous bookings I have had in the past for friends weddings), and she did try to call someone at an office (not sure where), but could not find a way to assist. Her only options were to either wait until she could hear back from someone higher up, or ring up the total as is.

To avoid not having the shoes for my men, I paid in full right away. Bear in mind, this is roughly double what I had budgeted and expected, on a wedding that my bride to be and I have planned and put together mostly ourselves, and are getting some help from our parents financially, so to have an unexpected expense increase such as this does not help our stress level.

Anyone who’s been through a wedding has enjoyed Erik’s fun of experiencing bait-and-switch like scenarios for already too-expensive products. Married folk, groomsmen and bridesmaids, care to share your horror stories?


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  1. minjche says:


    This isn’t as big of a typo as your Pizza Hut/Papa Johns mixup, but it’s actually “Men’s Wearhouse”, somewhat of a crappy pun.

  2. wrjohnston91283 says:

    What suit prices doubled? From the letter, at most the suit/tuxes increased by 25%. The price of the SHOES doubled.

  3. grapedog says:

    wedding = anti-consumer.

    I really think the only consumer stories that SHOULDN’T be posted on this website, are wedding horror stories. By planning/trying to execute a big wedding, you are throwing away any right to be a smart consumer for that time period and any real recourse. The whole wedding industry is against you… sorry bud, you’re fucked, and not in the good way.

    • Etoiles says:

      Because it’s not like there are hundreds of websites and books out there aimed at helping smart, frugal couples avoid the pitfalls of a consumer-unfriendly industry or anything. Nope. And definitely only morons get married. Clearly. Also all women sucker all men into marriage. And into children. And women of course only spend time shopping and spending their husbands’ money (not their own) unless they’re making babies.

      Anything I missed?

    • pop top says:

      A consumer is one who purchases a good or service. How do weddings not fit that description? Just because you are anti-wedding doesn’t mean everyone else is.

    • Arctic Snowbot says:

      we had an awesome wedding. sure the total price was $10,000 including honeymoon, but my aunt custom made the wedding dress for the price of materials, another aunt is a florist, so our flowers were only $300 for everything involving flowers. our band was $300 less than they normally charge, we spent 6 days at disneyworld and 2 at universal studios we had 7 groomsman and bridesmaids. I made 20 gallons of homebrew and the liquor store had a sale on those double bottles of nice wine. not that carlo rossi or box wine stuff. better quality. anywho, we did awesome, none of it on credit except the damage hold or whatever it’s called for our rental car for the 10 day honeymoon. you sir, do not know what you’re talking about.

      • SixOfOne says:

        It really does help if you have people who make some of those wedding essential things who are friends or family. My mom’s wedding gift to me was my dress, and the groom’s outfit too, since he didn’t want to wear a tux. My aunt’s wedding present to me was the cake. I and my mother in law did the decorations, and she designed my bouquet. The biggest expense for my wedding was the catering.

    • KeithIrwin says:

      It’s entirely possible to have a wedding without the “wedding industry”. We did.

  4. consumerfan says:

    If the booking was confirmed and the OP had the obligation to purchase the shoes / left deposit on related purchase, then the OP has a legitimate complaint.

    Otherwise, a quote is a quote and it’s not valid forever.

    The OP had the choice of buying the shoes straight way, leaving a deposit (or offering to do so) or shopping elsewhere.

  5. LACubsFan says:

    EECB this Biatch…. They tried to pull this same shit on me for my sisters wedding. Meaning that I went in and tried on the Tux…. I paid IN FULL that day… when I went to pick up the Tux I was told that the discount my sister got for having so many tux’s expired and I had to pay another $35. This was 2 days before the wedding, so what are you supposed to do?? I paid it, but was issued a refund when I returned the damn thing and started complaining.

  6. XTC46 says:

    Has the OP tried to follow up and get the difference refunded? Pricing errors happen all the time, especially when someone is getting a special deal. Ive dealt with this kind of thing as both a salesmen and a consumer. As a saleman, a manager would approve some special deal, not leave a note on the product or anywhere else, then be out for lunch when the customer comes in, we would all be clueless to the deal, and all we can say is “we need to wait until we hear from X” most people are fine with that. We dont deny they are getting a discount, you just say that you need authorization to do it, and need to get in touch with that person to get the authorization.

    As a consumer, you need to realize you are getting a special deal and that mistakes happen. Follow up and talk you whoever promissed you the discount, get a refund for the difference.

  7. dolemite says:

    I got my wedding suit from Amazon. It was $99, marked down from a ridiculous $1500 (supposedly Italian). It was a decent suit, but of course I couldn’t try it on before buying. I had it taken in, but the shoulder area was really tight (seamstress said she could make parts that are too big smaller, but you can’t create more material to make something bigger basically). Didn’t look bad in the photos though, and I only needed it for the day.

  8. bender123 says:

    To be honest, I have found every one of this chains stores to be almost over the top nice…Problems were usually handled right away and the staff are almost creepy in their desire to make patrons happy.

  9. dijo10 says:

    One again the headline does not agree with the story

  10. Robearbobo says:

    Same thing happened to me in 2005 at my best friends wedding. The groom had picked everything out, gotten a quote, and we all paid a deposit when we got fitted. Three month later we go to pick ip the suits before the wedding and the price had doubled. Instead of each suit being $75 they were about $150. They said that some of the options my friend had picked weren’t covered and were extra. I didn’t have the extra cash but decided I would take the $25 overdraft fee for my friend’s wedding so I paid them.

    This ended up being my first encounter with banks reordering debit transactions and I ended up getting hit with $150 in overdraft fees. The bank ended up reversing one of them but I had to pay the rest.

    I was so pissed about it I did an EECB, before i knew what that was, on the rental company along with quite a few certified letters. I eventually got a call from their VP of marketing and they ended up refunding my money and the grooms for some reason. I ended up coming out ahead but I still closed my account with that bank.

  11. BrianneG says:

    We did Converse too for the groomsmen and got them for $40 from Kohl’s. $23/pair is an insane discount and I don’t know if I’d have trusted it in the first place.

    Tuxedo rental seems to go wrong all the time for weddings, so I definitely wasn’t interested. Our groomsmen just wore black suits they already owned and we bought them matching ties.

    • UltimateOutsider says:

      Yep that’s a crazy low price, especially for Men’s Wearhouse. They are not the cheapest place by far, but we always have excellent service there. The OP doesn’t mention what the manager’s explanation was for the discrepancy between the quote and the charged price; he said the manager had been working with him through the whole process. Anyway, if I had been quoted $23 per pair there I would have been dubious.

    • SG-Cleve says:

      It’s not clear if $23 is for new shoes, or for used shoes that have been rented out to other people.

      If the shoes are used then the price is OK.

  12. cjcharv says:

    Bait and switch?

  13. JCZ says:

    I just went through this. Mens Warehouse tries to tempt your selfish side by offering a free tux for you but then they rip off everyone in your wedding party. My (now) wife and I decided to tell everyone to wear a dark (preferably black) suit with a white shirt. We bought matching ties for everyone at $20 a piece. I bought a tux from a local store, but everyone else wore a suit that they already had. The pictures look great, and to be honest, you can’t tell that their suits don’t match. It made the groomsmen much more comfortable, saved them a lot of money, and showed them that we care by not letting someone like this rip them off. Being considerate of the wedding party goes a long way.

  14. Wrayvin says:

    I’m a Bride and have currently been dealing with Men’s Warehouse. When we were reserving the tuxedos we were told about the option to buy the shoes, but the shoes were more in the lines of $60+ (closer to the actual retail price). No discounts were offered. Maybe it was a local promotion or store specific promotion? The gentlemen will be wearing Airwalks instead….look the same and are $25 at Payless.

  15. TTFK says:

    Far from the first time they have ever pulled that type of stunt.

    In a situation like this, the only reason I would ever walk back into a Mens W****house would be to stuff an invoice copy of what I spent at their competitor under the nose of the uppity excuse for a manager.

  16. notgoodenough says:

    Obvious solution. Stay single.

  17. JANSCHOLL says:

    We had issues with Mens Wearhouse several years ago when I told my husband he looked awful in a suit he was thinking of buying that the salesman was really pushing (why I will never know). I had been picking my husband’s clothes for 30 years (he is color blind). The salesman actually told me to shut up and let my husband pick. I wanted to walk out but hubby already had several items marked for alterations. We never went back and found a small local tailor for his suits. Imagine my disdain when I found my daughter had chosen MW as the tux of choice for her wedding last year. I know we paid too much but hubby signed for all the stuff-he is quite naive when it comes to consumerism. But it fit horribly and he looked like a penquin who had lost 50 pounds but the skin didnt shrink too. The next time he will need a tux? Never. And we will never ever cross the door step of MW again.

  18. El-Brucio says:

    My general advice is not to rent. The last wedding I had to rent a suit for, I realized afterward that I could have simply bought the darn thing at another store for a little over twice what I paid in rental fees. And the rented shoes that had to go with it were horribly uncomfortable.

    I swear, the moment these places find out something is for a wedding their eyes light up with dollar signs and the money extortion begins. Tell them it’s for anything else – private parties, funerals, job interviews, and you’ll probably get it for less. And look around at different shops and prices well in advance so you don’t get screwed at the last minute.

  19. drburk says:

    The store you bought from has to call the store the product was priced or quoted at in your case the mall store and confirm the price. It may even take a trip back there because there is little incentive for a store to loose money. They aren’t worried about your future business (according to the store I used) once you are married the number of weddings you are in drops dramatically so you won’t be renting many tuxes.
    We wore suites (not tuxes) in my wedding because we could buy good suits for about the rental price of a tux; what guy couldn’t use a nice suite? I had the suites shipped to the local stores, when my best man and I went to pick his up the price was $125 higher then quoted, it took a simple call to the store I set up the order from to confirm the price.

    • webweazel says:

      I hate grammar nazi-ing in general, but here’s a help for you.
      SUIT (soot) is a dress outfit of clothing. Plural is SUITS.
      SUITE (sweet or soot) is a set of things, like a bedroom suite (pronounced ‘bedroom sweet’) or hotel suite (hotel sweet).
      They can be pronounced the same (soot), although in general, the spelling of ‘suite’ is usually pronounced differently (sweet). The spelling is more important.
      Hope this helps.

  20. qbubbles says:

    “Erik was getting married. As if that alone isn’t enough of a reason to feel bad for him…”

    Are you fucking kidding me!? Christ, you’re such an asshole.

    I dont understand why people are so anti-marriage. If you dont want to get married, dont. If you dont like the person you’re marrying, you really shouldnt be with them. But dont make wisecracks about people who do. Ugh!!


  21. djlotus says:

    TMW does not offer the Converse shoes for rent. They do indeed have them for purchase but they aren’t something that can be added to a tuxedo rental package. Check the website. Then again I suppose some stores could be trying different things.