More People Buying Mexican Coca Cola

Perhaps it’s the glass bottles. Or it could be the lack of high fructose corn syrup. Maybe it just tastes better. Whatever the reason, a growing number of folks on the north side of the Rio Grande are drinking Coca Cola bottled in Mexico.

One of the major reasons is the aforementioned absence of HFCS is Mexican Coke, which still uses cane sugar as its sweetener. While the debate continues over whether or not HFCS is any worse for you than sugar, there are many who say there is a marked difference in the taste of the two sweeteners.

Mexican Coke also provides those soda shoppers with something to sip on during those months when Kosher for Passover Coke isn’t on sale.

DailyFinance spoke to Coke’s vice president and general manager of Importation and Commercialization (try to fit that on a business card), who added that the growing Hispanic population in the U.S. is contributing to the increase in imported pop:

When purchasing Coca-Cola from Mexico, Hispanics are purchasing a bit of nostalgia — it’s like getting a piece of home… Some of that feeling may have to do with the packaging and the fact that it is imported.

Of course, many people who prefer Mexican Coke have to pay extra to do so. Here in New York, a 12 oz. bottle of the imported stuff will cost you around twice as much as a same-size can of the domestic.

Mexican Coca-Cola Is Finding Sweet Success in the U.S. []