More People Buying Mexican Coca Cola

Perhaps it’s the glass bottles. Or it could be the lack of high fructose corn syrup. Maybe it just tastes better. Whatever the reason, a growing number of folks on the north side of the Rio Grande are drinking Coca Cola bottled in Mexico.

One of the major reasons is the aforementioned absence of HFCS is Mexican Coke, which still uses cane sugar as its sweetener. While the debate continues over whether or not HFCS is any worse for you than sugar, there are many who say there is a marked difference in the taste of the two sweeteners.

Mexican Coke also provides those soda shoppers with something to sip on during those months when Kosher for Passover Coke isn’t on sale.

DailyFinance spoke to Coke’s vice president and general manager of Importation and Commercialization (try to fit that on a business card), who added that the growing Hispanic population in the U.S. is contributing to the increase in imported pop:

When purchasing Coca-Cola from Mexico, Hispanics are purchasing a bit of nostalgia — it’s like getting a piece of home… Some of that feeling may have to do with the packaging and the fact that it is imported.

Of course, many people who prefer Mexican Coke have to pay extra to do so. Here in New York, a 12 oz. bottle of the imported stuff will cost you around twice as much as a same-size can of the domestic.

Mexican Coca-Cola Is Finding Sweet Success in the U.S. []


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  1. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    It does taste better. And it seems more like a treat so I drink it less often (its also more expensive)

    • knoxblox says:

      Down to brass tacks, cane sugar doesn’t give Coke that weird flavor that HFCS does.

    • Enduro says:

      I like the taste better too. I pick up one or two at a time and it’s markedly better.

      I also like the size, it’s more appropriate. You don’t need such a huge serving sugar OR HFCS water.

    • lukesdad says:

      When I tried Mexican Coke for the first time, I was kind of astonished that there was such a difference. Being in my 30s, the pre-New Coke I drank as a kind was made with sugar (that was what… 1985 or so??). I never thought the HFCS version tasted any different until I tried the Mexican stuff and immediately knew this was what I drank as a kid.

      I’m not one to pretend that sugar is good for me, but I’ll take it over HFCS any day for taste. I won’t let my own kids near either one (except for the occasional birthday party or BBQ) so I guess I have my parents’ looser 1980s nutritional ideals to thank for my realization.

    • Difdi says:

      When I was a kid, the brand of ketchup my family has always bought (going back to my grandparents) was sweetened with cane sugar. I loved it. Then they changed to HFCS about the time I moved out of my parents house. I chalked it up to changing adult tastes (I used to love olives, and now can’t stand them, for example) and stopped buying ketchup much.

      In the past year, bowing to repeated urgings from my health-food-conscious mother, I tried some organic ketchup (no HFCS) and it tasted almost exactly like I remembered ketchup tasting during my childhood. Turns out my tastes hadn’t shifted with adulthood, HFCS just tastes like crap compared to cane sugar.

      • common_sense84 says:

        Huntz a few months back switched back to sugar. It should be in every grocery store by now.

        No need to buy “organic” (super high priced for no reason) stuff, huntz has it for normal price.

      • kricka says:

        Yes! I thought the same thing about ketchup, and hadn’t used it really in years. I recently made the switch to cane sugar ketchup and it tastes worlds better.

      • grumpygirl says:

        I always pick up a bottle of ketchup when I am visiting Canada.

    • sleze69 says:


      It tastes better and has no aftertaste. I still stick with diet mostly but will treat myself to throwback pepsi or mexican coke from time to time.

      • Murph1908 says:

        This is nearly word for word the comment that I would have posted.

        Except I would have referenced sugared Dr. Pepper instead of Pepsi.

        But yeah. During a recent vacation, I treated myself to a couple of mexican Cokes. So smooth.

    • Brian Cooks says:

      It’s a nostalgia thing too. Buying those glass bottles of coke reminds me of trips to Mexico to visit relatives when I was a kid. The coke tastes better in a glass bottle it feels colder. And the bottles looked so huge when I was 7 :D

    • coffeeculture says:

      Same here, since I pay more and I treat it as a treat, my 24 pack of Mexican coke lasts me 2x longer than the 24 pack of regular coke cans I can get at Costco.

      Also…Mexican coke is packaged/tastes just like the coke I’d buy in certain third world countries where I’d have to return the bottle after (or they’d just keep the bottle and pour it into a plastic bag and give you a straw).

      Nostalgia…taste…it’s all good!

  2. grucifer says:

    I drink Coke zero 100% of the time these days but if a cane sugar version of Coke was available in Philly I wouldn’t mind having one every now and then.

    I had a sip of Dr. Pepper the other day with HFCS and had to dump the rest of the glass because it tasted horrible.

    • rpm773 says:

      Check your local sandwich shops. The one I frequent in Haverford Township sells sugar Coke, as well as some other sugar sodas.

      It runs $2 for a 12-ounce bottle, though.

      • grucifer says:

        Right on, I’ll take a look at some of the corner shops around me

        • blogger X says:

          There’s a Mexican eatery at 15th and Pine that sells them. Also, there is a chinese food store in the Bourse that sells them too. I asked the lady how much it was, I think she said $2 and some change, I kindly said good day and went about my business. Acme USED to sell them for a $1.25!!!

          • grucifer says:

            Not too bad for every now and then. 15th and Pine is close enough to check out though, thanks!

            Guess I just never looked closely enough to find this stuff, haha.

            • blogger X says:

              You’re Welcome! I’ve heard that some spots in the Italian Market sell them by the case. I’ve been meaning to look around there I just haven’t yet.

            • DirectMailFan says:

              I live in Audubon, NJ (just over the Walt Whitman) and the Acme here sells that Coke as well as Fanta Orange w/sugar. Wegman’s in Cherry Hill also sells sugar coke in the “Ethnic Foods” area.

      • dangerp says:

        Also check any store that caters to a somewhat high mexican population. Failing that, a mexican grocery store. Here in california, they’re not too hard to come by. And they didn’t seem that unreasonably priced last time I was there.

        • rpm773 says:

          If the lack of taquerias around here is any guide, Southeastern PA doesn’t seem to have a very large Mexican population.

          I’m just looking for a few corn tortillas filled with grilled steak, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and some lime….

    • Heresy_Fnord says:

      I had a Dr. Pepper the other day made with real sugar. They’re hard to find (in cans only I think) but man it was good. Same goes for Pepsi and Mt. Dew.

      • sqlrob says:

        Dublin Dr. Pepper is also available in small bottles (8 oz)

        A few places around here also have it on fountain.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I picked up a 20 oz. bottle of the sugar Dr. Pepper last week so I don’t think they’re still in cans anymore.

      • BigHeadEd says:

        A helpful bunch of suggestions in this thread, but I can’t help but be reminded of a small-town newspaper I once read with a section devoted to responses to folks trying to find something: “Mary over in Waverly is trying to locate Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts and the local Piggley-Wiggly is only carrying Frosted Strawberry these days.”

        • Difdi says:

          In Washington State, the Cash & Carry chain (not related to the same named chain elsewhere) carries entire cases of Mexican Coca-Cola for a LOT cheaper per bottle than any of the regular grocery stores in the area charge.

    • jessjj347 says:

      It is available everywhere in Philly. Many supermarkets, small convenience stores (e.g. Fu-wah), etc have it. Also Franklin Fountain has it.

  3. Jerem43 says:

    Just bought two bottles here in Boston, sitting in my fridge.

  4. dolemite says:

    I like the “Sugar” Dr. Pepper that is out now (with the old time can). I’m looking for the “Sugar” Mt. Dew, but I have yet to find it in a local store.

    • Jsizzle1980 says:

      They were selling the cane sugar Mt. Dew. I mistakenly bought a bottle one time and did not enjoy it. They call it Mountain Dew Throwback.

    • Jsizzle1980 says:

      They did have sugar Mt. Dew. Haven’t seen it on the shelf in a while but I bought one by accident and did not enjoy it. It’s called Mountain Dew Throwback.

      • Philosoraptor says:

        Pepsi came out with a “throwback” about a year ago with the orange juice concentrate replaced with more citric acid (likely to offset the sugar cost) – it tasted like ass and dissappeared quickly. They have recently come out with “throwback” that just replaces the HFCS with sugar – MUCH better.

    • mister_roboto says:

      I found the Mountain Dew to be great. It was much less syrupy, and out of all of the cane sugar sodas, I thought the taste was the most different.

      Unfortunately the Safeway I got it from was only stocking it as a test… haven’t seen it in ages now….

    • tbax929 says:

      My local Walmart Grocery Store sells Mountain Dew Throwback. I had stopped drinking Mountain Dew completely and thought maybe my taste buds had changed as an adult, since I liked it so much as a kid. Well, turns out, I just like it better with real sugar. It’s yummy.

      • Powerlurker says:

        It seems like the Mountain Dew Throwback is less sweet than the normal version. You can actually taste the citrus in it.

        • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

          Which is how it originally tasted, and was meant to be. MMMMMMM!!!

        • baquwards says:

          I bought a mountain dew throwback the other day and was really surprised how much citrus flavor it had. Also amazing how much lighter the texture, or mouthfeel was. I don’t drink soda often, but when I do, I will be seeking stuff with real sugar, the difference was astonishing.

  5. ThunderRoad says:

    My main motivation for it as a treat is less about the sugar, and more about the fact it comes in glass bottles. Soda out of plastic is just BLEH, and out of aluminum not much better.

    Hey Coke, wanna do true throwback and differentiate your sugar-water from everyone else? go back to long-neck glass bottles dropping with icey goodness!

    • ARP says:

      The problem is that logistically, its more expensive to put in glass bottles. Shipping costs and breakage, as well as higher initial costs to produce the bottles. Of course, they make up for it over time, if they recycle the bottles.

      In other countries, they recycle the bottle multiple times. You know because the bottle is obviously scratched and worn. I imagine we’d be too particular to do that.

      • ThunderRoad says:

        I dunno – we did it here in the US for decades before plastics became prevalent.

        • ARP says:

          That’s sort of my point- Shipping and logistics are “hard” costs that Coke can quantify, customer satisfaction is more difficult to predict and so they tend to focus on where the hard money lies. It’s also a matter of long term ROI. Meaning, the higher costs of bottles will eventually pay for themselves due to recycling, but that would require a company to think beyond double digit quarter growth, and that’s not possible.

          So predicting something + long term investment (from a public company perspective) means they probably won’t do it.

  6. ARP says:

    Yep, the bodega around the corner sells them. They’re much better than regular coke.

  7. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    So illegal immigrants WERE good for something. Helping to end the use of HFCS in soda.

    *slow claps*

    • ParingKnife ("That's a kniwfe.") says:

      So all Hispanics are illegal?

      Try again.

      • jesirose says:

        don’t forget, apparently all illegal immigrants are mexican.

        • Daggertrout says:

          And, apparently, so are all Hispanics.

          • jesirose says:

            It’s mexican coke, not hispanic coke…

            • Skankingmike says:

              I thought only Colombian’s had coke?

            • ParingKnife ("That's a kniwfe.") says:

              “DailyFinance spoke to Coke’s vice president and general manager of Importation and Commercialization (try to fit that on a business card), who added that the growing Hispanic population in the U.S.” [emphasis added]

              Mexico isn’t the only Hispanic country with sugar coke- just the closest.

              • jesirose says:

                Oh my god.

                How many times does the word “Mexican” appear in consumerist’s article? I said Mexican because the article is all about MEXICAN Coke.

                I know an illegal immigrant who is not mexican or in any way hispanic. 25% of the illegals are asian! (and the one I know still isn’t in THAT category either!)

                Pick your battles man.

      • cromartie says:

        You might want to change the battery in your snark detector. It appears to be dead.

  8. InsomniacZombie says:

    Had it the other day for the first time, and I have to say that and Salma Hayek are Mexico’s two finest products.

  9. backinpgh says:

    It was easy to find Mexicoke in Detroit’s Mexicantown shops. Wish I had stocked up.

    • Enduro says:

      Yep. Honeybee downtown always has it (cold too!) as does the Costco in Madison Heights.

      • Jfielder says:

        Hollywood Markets in the Detroit area also have them… It’s not super cheap at $1 a bottle, but it’s worth it since I only drink like one a week.

  10. alSeen says:

    I go to Juarez every year and I can say there is a big difference between the two. Mexican Coke is much better.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      that’s cuz they’re puttin’ cocaine in the coke.

      • kaleberg says:

        They were into the mid-1980s. Stepan Labs in New Jersey did the processing. They were the sole legal importer of cocaine in the US importing about 50 tons of coca leaves a year. They sold a non-narcotic component to Coca Cola and the narcotic component as a pharmaceutical. Cocaine is used as an ocular anesthetic.

  11. sparc says:

    coke zero or pepsi max is where it is at. No sugar required.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      I’m with ya. I think they are really good products, a true evolutionary step from old diet coke/pepsi. Sadly, AMC Theaters seem to be the only place that has them on tap (in this case coke zero).

  12. Alvis says:

    I just save up on jew coke when it’s for sale and stretch my hoard out throughout the year. Sugar coke goes great with whiskey.

  13. balthisar says:

    Note that if you get Mexican Coke in plastic bottles, it’s very likely to have corn syrup instead of sugar. Yes, some of this is imported to ethnic markets as well. And (in case you go to Mexico) fountain Coke also has corn syrup instead of sugar. It’s the stuff in the glass bottles that’s made with sugar. Even here in Mexico it’s becoming harder and harder to find the glass bottles; you’ll find it most commonly in small restaurants.

    There’s a Coke bottling plant 200 yards from me that doesn’t produce glass products, and the corn syrup trucks are always blocking traffic.

  14. kjsnider says:

    It may be selling better lately because it is getting easier to find. Even in the Northern Frontier here in Minnesota, you could find it before in the major grocery chains, in single bottles. Now I can find it at Sams in a case of 24.

  15. captadam says:

    I didn’t notice much of a taste. Nor do I appreciate the recent trend of equating cane sugar with health food.

    • Heresy_Fnord says:

      No one is saying cane sugar is health food. All sugar makes you fat but HFCS is processed differently in your body and leads to higher rates of obesity than regular sugar does. Let me guess, unless there is a perfect solution, there is no solution at all eh?

      • Clyde Barrow says:

        Good point.

        Yesterday after work I needed a quick sammich before hitting the gym so i stopped at BK for a whopper junior and a small coke (don’t start please lol), Anyway, about 10 minutes after drinking my Coke I got “that headache” again. I cannot prove it was from HFCS, but after drinking pepsi with sugar, I never get them so i have nothing else to base it on. In fact when I drink a sugar-made soda, I don’t even get the jitters which I had always attributed to the caffiene but now I am wondering if it was the HFSC all along.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      Must agree. Everyone seems to think that drinking sugar makes it less calories or something. It’s like how cutting transfats from food made us all slimmer, right?

    • El_Fez says:

      It’s not health food – it’s healthER food. Your body handles Corn Syrup differently than sugar, and Corn Syrup blocks the chemical that tells your brain “I’m full!”, so you’ll eat more.

      So if you have to drink something, it’s way better for you.

  16. CaptainSemantics says:

    Our CostCo sells it. Every now and then we’ll buy a 24-pack and while I tell myself I’m going to drink it as a treat, I get so excited that we go through it in a few weeks. :(

  17. ill informed says:

    i emailed coca cola a few months back. i think it was their product research address or something like that. but basically i said that they need to buck the market and go back to cane sugar on all of their drinks. i said it would revolutionize the current beverage market and put the other companies in a panic. the reply i got was basically “we have no interest in doing that”

    after that, i decided red rock cola deserved my money more.

    • Gilcole says:

      That would be major $$ for them, no HFCS in any of our drinks!!! But, they are more worried about profits than their customers.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      I suspect that in addition to the sugar vs. HFCS…

      There’s a certain nostalgia to drinking out of the same glass bottles that we had when we were kids. There’s also a certain novelty value towards the foreign labeling and glass bottles for those who have lived their entire lives in the plastic era.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      I wish I could find Red Rock around here….the stuff is great.

  18. Thyme for an edit button says:

    I buy it as a treat because it tastes better. Otherwise, I rarely drink soda.

  19. JMH says:

    Nostalgia? Seriously? Are they really in that much denial about the fact that cane sugar tastes better, totally without regard to any of the health issues?

  20. Stiv says:

    It’s a staple at my Austin HEB grocery store (they’ve also recently released sugar versions of their own cola brands).

  21. jacknval says:

    Anchor Colas, sorry to admit I LOL’d!

  22. Rocket says:

    Mexican Coke is delicious!

  23. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Mexican Coke comin’ up here and stealing American Coke’s jobs!


  24. Kris says:

    Mexican Coke is by far the best. I drink Coke Zero all the time, but whenever I go to my local taqueria or panaderia, I always get a Mexican Coke for a treat. Delicious!

    • yevarechecha says:

      I think Canadian Coke also has sugar. At least, the Pepsi from the vending machines in Quebec did when I was there over the summer.

      Their ketchup also has HFCS instead of sugar. I put some Heinz on my fries in a Montreal smoked meat shop and couldn’t understand why it was so sweet: then it occurred to me that there might be HFCS/sugar in ketchup, too, and I checked the label. Sure enough! I actually prefer the tangier US ketchup, but the sugar Coke is much better. I hoard kosher l’Pesach Coke every spring.

      • yevarechecha says:

        Oops, I meant their ketchup has sugar instead of HFCS.

      • majin_chichi says:

        No, it doesn’t, unless if the Pepsi is different in Quebec. HFCS is called glucose-fructose in Canada, but it’s the same thing. We don’t seem to get any of the throwback/Mexican/real sugar versions of any pop here, either, at least not that I have been able to find.

  25. Sian says:

    Shouldn’t this be a sign to the soda bottlers that there is demand for cane sugar soda even at a premium price?

  26. vitajex says:

    If you’re gonna buy a Mexican-made Coca-Cola product, may I recommend Inca Kola? Es muy bueno!

  27. nbs2 says:

    Our local Costco and Sam’s have started carrying the product. We have a decent sized Central American population (Salvadoran more than any group from Central America or Mexico), but I’d hardly suspect enough to get product on the shelf. That leads to my question – is this the result of demand leading to stock or stock creating a new market of demand?

  28. qbubbles says:

    I wanna say its the glass bottle as much as it is the sugar in the coke. But there’s nothing in the world better than a ice cold glass bottled coke on your porch on a hot day.

    • Blueberry Scone says:

      That sounds SO GOOD, I’m not even kidding.

      But seriously, I’d rather drink 150+ calories from one bottle of Mexican Coke once every few weeks, than drink countless cans of HFCS Diet Coke every day.

  29. Fjord says:

    I bought 12 can Pepsi pack two weeks ago, it was limited run with cane sugar. Tasted better.

  30. Intheknow says:

    We can do this easily in Texas. Sugared Coke IS “the Real Thing.” It just tastes so much better. By the way, it’s MUCH less expensive buying it across the border than buying the fake stuff in the grocery store on our side.

  31. FCBLComish says:

    It is on sale by the case at Costco in California. Costs about 75 cents a bottle.

    I am drinking one right now :)

    • Tuggie says:

      I love how Costco here in Chicago is selling it too. It’s like $19 for 24 and it is the greatest thing ever. I would seriously drink it everyday if it weren’t so not healthy and stuff.

    • teamplur says:

      They have it at Sam’s club as well here in PA. I love buying it too but it’s so pricey because you are paying for the glass. In mexico you would be exchanging your old bottles so you only pay for the drink and it’s pretty cheap.

  32. crister says:

    ah, nothing burps better than a cold mexican coke. especially with some menudo on a sunday morning after a night of clubbing and a little leftover buzz. thank goodness i live close enough to the border that i can still bring over a case or two whenever i have a chance to go down.

    also, the coke in europe (wife’s from germany) is pretty good too. the fanta and sprite over there is really gross though for whatever reason…

  33. Jaws_Victim says:

    Why does the greatest country in the world get a grossly inferior quality product to one that’s produced in Mexico? I ONLY buy Mexican Coke, if I want a larger pack I buy Pepsi Throwback for the sugar cane instead. Eventually Coke will get with it, since I’ve stopped buying their 12 and 24 packs.

    I’ve noticed that I feel more full when I drink an actual sugar drink, and it takes me longer to drink it.

  34. Dallas_shopper says:

    Mexicans definitely do love their soda pop. They have some pretty interesting and exotic flavors in their own brands but they’re too sweet for my taste.

    Mexican Coke is pretty much everywhere in Dallas now.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      There’s a yummy apple soda from Mexico that I love called Sidral Mundet. I get it at the Mexican grocery, where the bottled Coke is also available. And the mango Jarritos is good too.

      Sugared soda just tastes better. When BF was in training and I visited him, we got some Cheerwine in plastic bottles, and it had HFCS. It was nowhere near as good as the glass-bottled variety with cane sugar.

  35. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    “If Coke made a cane sugar version in the U.S., would you buy that instead of the HFCS version?”

    If Coke were to sell a “real sugar” version of their soda that was made in the USA, I can virtually guarantee it wouldn’t be from sugar cane. It would be from sugar beets, just like the majority of sugar laced products in the USA.

  36. Mira Mi Huevo!!! says:

    I live on a South Texas bordertown with mexico and was raised in Mexico myself and I can tell you the Coca-Colas and other fruit flavored pops (“Joya” [Jewel in english] and “Topochico” [Small mole in english]) that are coming from Mexico are the bomb. There is no comparison with the highly carbonated and fake sugar flavored drinks in the U.S.

    The best thing is that I still visit my parents every weekend and stock up on delicious Mexican pop… you can bring up to 150 dlls worth of grocery type Items without being taxed or charged any import/export fees. So its not only soda, but cheese, breakfast cereals, yogurts and all kinds of bad ass mexican chips to accompany you bad ass mexican soda.

  37. dethl says:

    Caffeine-free and no corn syrup and I’m game, otherwise I won’t bother drinking it.

    As to why caffeine-free, I’m hypersensitive to caffeine and even a single can of any caffeinated soda out there can give me anxiety/panic attacks.

  38. sodium says:

    I live by 3 liquor stores and a 7eleven. Two of the liquor stores carry Mexican coke in glass bottles. Not to mention it’s really easy to buy it in glass bottles at the swap meet every weekend. Thanks California!

  39. Skankingmike says:

    Don’t you all know that Sugar comes from Cuba and they’re are mortal enemies! What’s wrong with corn? It’s just corn guys. Nothing is wrong with genetically modified corn starch! The Indians ate corn. Remember those guys? They gave that to us when we all sat around on thanksgiving.

    Sugar is evil. Communist evil. And you don’t want to support communists do you?

    Corn it’s what’s in all your food.

  40. madmallard says:

    Isn’t carrying Mexican made Coke the equivalent of ‘bootleg’ Coke is some markets where an independant botttler was given sole rights to distribute Coca Cola?

  41. girly says:

    Is there a measurable Costco effect here? Because I noticed that sometimes Costco carries Mexican coke by the case, so offering it like that may increase sales.

  42. axiomatic says:

    HFCS tastes like crap.

    Hey Coke… I’m buying Pepsi Throwback right now because I can’t find Passover Coke anywhere. Just imagine if it were available? That way you could have my money again. Just sayin’.

  43. dlayphoto says:

    Coke made in Cleveland and sold in Cuyahoga County has always been made with real sugar (labeled as Sucrose):

  44. km9v says:

    My favorite taco truck has Mexican Coke. I get it every time I’m there. I usually drink only diet but the real sugar & in a glass bottle version tastes so much better than the HFCS in plastic or aluminum.

  45. Jedana says:

    I really like the Mexican Coke! I prefer the Throwback Pepsi/Mountain Dew/Dr Pepper over the regular stuff as well.

    But we also do our own sodas at home. SodaStream machine with Pittsburgh Soda Pop Company’s syrups. Their cream soda tastes just like the Butterbeer at Universal.

  46. mrhappydude says:

    the Mexican coke i’ve seen does say it may contain HFCS in the ingredients list, may have to snap a pic, but I’ve found this grapefruit soda that’s $.88 a bottle that is fabulous, and it only lists sugar as it’s sweetener

  47. El_Fez says:

    Nostalgia? How about a bottle of coke that doesn’t taste like ass? Seriously, I cant do american colas anymore – they all taste like drinking battery acid! It’s gotta be Blue Sky or Jones or Pepsi Flashback or Mexican Coke or nothing.

  48. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    I like the Mexican Coke, and have bought it on a very small number of occasions…but it’s not worth the price difference. The difference in taste is, realistically, barely noticeable – and the hype around it is almost certainly 95% psychosomatic. You’re convinced it’s *that* much better, so it is…but in reality, it’s a really small difference.

    The fact that it comes in an old-school glass bottle is probably the best thing about it.

  49. scotchguard says:

    Coca-Cola knows people prefer the taste of sugar over HFCS, but they continue to make it with HFCS because people continue to buy it that way.

    I love the taste of Coke, but only if it’s the Mexican coke. HFCS does not taste good. So what I do is not drink coke most days and treat myself to a mexican coke a couple times a week. If more people started doing this, Coke would change their ways.

    And not everyone who buys Mexican coke is Hispanic; I’m as white as it gets.

  50. scotchguard says:

    What large grocery chains need to do (like HEB, Randalls/Safeway, etc) is make their generic cola with sugar cane and sell it cheaper than Coke products.

    It will sell like hotcakes and the competition will force Coke to respond to this change in demand.

  51. ElleAnn says:

    I would drink Coke more often if it were all made with real sugar. Mexican coke definitely tastes better.

  52. tungstencoil says:

    Live in TX. Buy it at Costco for pretty much the same price as regular Coke. Tastes better, and the glass bottle keeps it cold.

  53. Worsel says:

    Coke already makes a sugar version in the US. It’s sold in Cleveland and part of Pennsylvania. I’m not sure how to vote, since I have American sugar coke right here.

  54. Weapon X says:

    If buying the Mexican Coke bottles, pay attention to the nutritional information sticker. Some bottles will only list sugar but often times the ingredients listed say [sugar or high fructose corn syrup]. You can bet your bottom dollar if the sticker says “sugar or high fructose corn syrup”, you’re getting high fructose corn syrup only.

  55. LastError says:

    My local Costco is FINALLY carrying the Mexican Cokes, but they are not cheap. A case of 24 8oz bottles goes for close to $30.

    It’s actually a better deal for me to get it at the local Mexican grocery where a bigger 500ml (16.9oz) bottle goes for just over a dollar.

  56. Bladerunner says:

    I think in Canada its sugar, not HFCS

  57. droidd says:

    What a timely article. The Costco in Leesburg, VA sells a cases of this for $19.00 and I have been buying a case every time I go there. Last night I almost had the will power NOT to buy another case, but I am afraid at anytime they will stop getting it.
    At $19.00 a case I try to limit myself to only one per day.

  58. Cantras says:

    It’s good stuff. it’s about $1 a bottle here, there’s a little stand of it next to the ethnic foods aisle.

    It just tastes less sticky, really.

  59. bfwebster says:

    Yeah, Costco started carrying this in our area (Denver) a few years ago, and I buy it for our very large scale BBQs. It’s always a bit hit.

    I haven’t tried any actual taste testing, and I frankly wonder if I could distinguish it from HFCS Coke. But I really like the glass bottles (which is a theme of the BBQs: I buy as many different sodas as I can find in actual glass bottles).

    By the way, the nearest Sam’s Club not only caries the Mexican Coke, it also carries the Mexican Orange Fanta (12 oz. bottles, cane sugar). Bought two cases of that for our most recent BBQ, and it all vanished as well.

  60. cpkook02 says:

    I rarely drink any soda, but I have a Mexican coke once every couple of weeks. It tastes so much better than regular coke, thanks to the cane sugar.

  61. human_shield says:

    The mexican coke tastes soooo better. And it has no aftertaste. It’s just smooth delicious goodness.

  62. kerry says:

    I think a lot of soft drinks bottled in Texas are also made with cane sugar. I used to know some Texans who would order cases of their preferred drinks to be shipped from bottlers in Texas because they prefer the flavor.
    Me, the only soda I drink anymore is Jarritos, and that’s just a rare treat. Usually I go for orange or guava, but if I can find grapefruit I’m all over it. It’s especially good mixed with a little tequila. Muy bueno!

    • mrhappydude says:

      the grapefruit is awesome, it’s $.88 per bottle at my local grocery store, but i can’t think of a good alcohol to mix it with, what would complement the sour of the grapefruit?

  63. The Marionette says:

    Eh, both sugar and hfcs are bad for you if you over do it. May as well have the version that tastes better.

  64. momtimestwo says:

    I can buy it in Kroger, and no, I’m not in the Mexican part of town.

  65. Caffiend says:

    Get a bottle of both the Mexican stuff and a glass bottle of the domestic stuff and do a taste test. The real sugar stuff tastes better. Better mouth-feel. Better all around. Pepsi throwback was good, but out of a can it just can’t compete.

  66. Ce J says:

    My husband, who loves his Coke, thought I was nuts with my anti-HFCS campaign until our local Costco started carrying Mexican Coke (around $18 a case) and I brought one home for him. Now he’s in love.

    The bonus is that, because he knows its more expensive, he doesn’t drink as much of it, which is better for him.

    I don’t normally drink sugared soda, but if I am going to indulge, Mexican Coke all the way.

  67. markmark says:

    I noticed that our local Costco was carrying this too.

  68. sadolakced says:

    I drink mexican coke I buy from costco.

    It doesn’t taste significantly different– it feels different. HFCS coke just feels sticky when you drink it. Cane sugar coke doesn’t.

    The glass bottle helps as well. Rum and coke isn’t all that classy, but pouring the coke from a glass bottle sure does help.

    • Bonster says:

      That’s the difference for me. It’s not so much the taste. HCFS leaves me with a sticky taste – it’s like coating my tongue with syrup. Sugar is cleaner. It also makes me feel full, so I drink less, and drink more slowly. I stick with diet most of the time, but I do enjoy the occasional sugar-sweetened soda.

  69. Clyde Barrow says:

    Coke made with sugar tastes good but I won’t buy it cuz it costs nearly $20.00 a case.

    I know of a gas station near me that sells 2-litre’s of Pepsi “Throwback” for 2 bucks each. Also I’ll buy the individual Pepsi Throwback’s for the lesser price and a local grocer sells Dr Pepper/sugar 12-packs for cheap also. Until Coca-Cola does the same, I’ll buy Pepsi. I like Pepsi better anyhow.

  70. evilpete says:

    I like how the coke rep listed every reason but HFCS

    • Groanan says:

      I might be that HFCS is no different than the sugars they use in Mexican coke.
      They could be using pure fructose, which is worse calorie per calorie than HFCS.

      It is the fructose that is the bad actor in the sweetener.
      These HFCS alternatives could actually be worse for us.
      Nutrition labels should let us know the exact sugars in our sugar drinks.

  71. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    and make sure to read the ingredients – the local supermercado carries mexican coca cola in both formulations

    with HFCS

    and with real sugar

  72. Chaosium says:

    HFCS is gross and the products that use it are trash.

    • Groanan says:

      But beware, fructose is what is bad with high fructose corn syrup, and if you read “sugar” on a label that doesn’t tell you what form it comes in, just that it wasn’t processed as HFCS.

  73. Brontide says:

    You people realize that it’s not “sugar” that they mix into the vats, it’s invert sugar. They take the sugar and pre-dissolve it with an acid like ascorbic acid and it breaks down the sucrose into 40% glucose, 40% fructose, and 10% other sugars.

    It’s in every way nearly identical to the HFCS version. The fact that they change the flavor for different markets is not surprising.

    • grumpygirl says:

      All I know is that American Coke has an absolutely vile aftertaste that the Mexican Coke in the little glass bottles doesn’t.

  74. guspaz says:

    Why would you import Mexical cola all the way to NYC, when Canadian cola also uses cane sugar, and is a heck of a lot closer?

  75. ChuckECheese says:

    The Mexican Cokes have more flavor, period. I go to MX every few weeks, and usually drink some local stuff. No matter if it’s regular or diet, it has a much better flavor. MX “Coca-Cola Light” is very good, far better than Diet Coke. I think they are skimping on the flavor syrup in the U.S.

  76. Thorzdad says:

    The Meijer here in Muncie started carrying MexiCoke last month. I bought a bottle on a whim to try it and was very surprised at how much better it tastes than US Coke. It just didn’t have that thick syrupy mouthfeel that HFCS Coke has, which probably added to my impression that MexiCoke was a bit less sweet than US Coke. I could taste more of the actual flavors of whatever is in Coke.

  77. ferricoxide says:

    One of the things I loved about working over in Germany, last year, was that all the sodas were made with cane sugar rather than corn syrup. Since coming back, I’ve stocked up on soda every time Pepsi does its periodic sales of “throwback” Mtn. Dew. It tastes SO much better. Hell, I won’t drink regular Pepsi, but Throwback Pepsi is quite decent. I actually prefer it to normal coke. But, yeah, when I can get cane sugar coke for a reasonable price, I snatch it up.

  78. FLConsumer says:

    I have a 24 pack of Mexican Coke sitting in my closet here as I type this. Sugar vs. HFCS is the key issue for me. Both for possible health effects and taste.

    C’mon Coke, get some balls and sell us this stuff, made in the USA. Ditch HFCS.

  79. kyle4 says:

    As a Canadian, it’s a bummer that we don’t have cane sugar Coke here. We still haven’t even gotten the “Throwback” sodas yet, at least that I’ve seen. There’s a huge difference in taste, bring it back Coke.

  80. s2 says:

    FYI coke with cane sugar is produced in the US. It just isn’t produced year round. For passover Coke produces a limited run of “Kosher Coke”. Head to your local jewish enclave and you should be able to find it. It usually comes with a yellow cap but Coke uses the yellow cap frequently. Check the label.

    I buy as much as I can but its only produced in 2 liter plastic bottles so shelf life is only 2-3 months. I wish they produced it in aluminum cans.

  81. zandar says:

    “Hispanics are purchasing a bit of nostalgia — it’s like getting a piece of home”

    For Americans as well- both Mexican Coke and Pepsi Throwback taste like the sodas I drank as a kid. I thought my taste buds had changed, but trying these products made me realize, no, it’s Coke and Pepsi that have changed. They should make this change permanent, and apply it to the garden-variety Coke and Pepsi as well.

  82. Cokecans says:

    There is a definite taste & feel difference; Coke made with sugar is better but also has more calories. The HFCS also makes you feel bloated. Did you know that Canada still uses sugar in their coke too? Just a little interesting tidbit…Back when Coca-Cola Classic came out in the us it had the tag line original formula but Canada had the tag line original taste. Even Coke recognized the difference in their packaging.

  83. bullsballs says:

    I have been buying Mexican Coke over a year now. It reminds me of Coke before the “New Coke” debacle… I stopped buying any coke products till they brought out “Classic” which is still new coke with a slightly old flavor. I have stopped buying any American Coke products again.
    I tell everyone about Mexican Coke when I go through the pop isle at the store, many grab a bottle to give it a try.
    My favorite way to drink Mexican Coke, an ounce of Bacardi gold, a slice of lime and Coke over ice…