Caller ID Says "Phone Scam"

Telemarketing credit card fraudsters aren’t even trying anymore. Reader Chris took a picture of the caller ID for one of them actually showing up as “PHONE SCAM.”

Looking at complaints about the phone number online, which also say that the number comes up as “PHONE SCAM,” it sounds like they already have your credit card number and they try to get you to give them the CCV code. They pretend to from a company that can lower your credit card interest rate and say they just need the code on the back to verify your account.

Remember to never give out personal information to strangers on the phone.

Not sure why they would program the caller ID to say “Phone Scam.” Disgruntled employee playing a joke? It’s not the first instance we’ve seen of this, though. A few months ago another reader sent in a picture of a roboscammer that showed up on caller ID as “TELEMRKET FRAUD.”

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