Bank Of America Lets You Keep Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Chaz forgot about a check he wrote a month ago and when it got deposited this month, his Bank of America account went into the red. This also caused a transfer he started to get rejected, so he got two $35 overdraft charges. Armed with a “stuff happens” one-time fee refund card Bank of America gave him when he opened his student account, he went in and threw himself at their mercy.

Surprisingly, not only did the teller refund BOTH fees, she also let him keep the card in case “stuff happens” again. “This woman was awesome!” writes Chad. “I sincerely thanked her for her help, because I know that she did not have to do that for me. I’m sure this isn’t the standard operating procedure, but I’m glad that some BoA employees still have customers in mind!”

Good on ya, anonymous Bank of America rep. Your customer service skills and generosity will serve you in good stead at your next job after you are fired for breaking Bank of America stuff happens card policy.

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