You're Locked Out Of Chase Online Banking And Can't Get To A Branch? Tough.

Nathaniel writes that Chase Bank refuses to believe that he is who he says he is. He’s locked out of his online banking account, and none of the telephone reps’ “public records” questions prove his identity have anything to do with him. While a trip to a branch would most likely straighten the situation out, he’s physically disabled and such a trip would be difficult.

He writes:

I’m having a problem with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank related to a new procedure to verify customer identity via telephone. I can’t prove who I am … I keep “flunking their test!” I spent an hour yesterday & 3 hours today and still can’t get access to my de-activated online account. They de-activated and keep asking me nonsense multiple choice questions which have NO relation to my background. When I asked them about where they got the questions from, they said it “was related to my social security number”, but NOTHING in their questions relates to me!

I spent several hours on telephone holds waiting to speak to humans who supposedly could help me, but almost everyone I spoke to said I had to go to a local branch to get re-activated. I’m physically disabled & find it extremely difficult to go anywhere. I finally spoke to a supervisor who asked me to fax proof of identity (driver license, current utility bill & signature) and to call back in half an hour. Stayed on hold tat as supposed to be 7 minutes for more than an hour and gave up in frustration!

First, the fact that transactions that Nathaniel had nothing to do with are showing up on his records makes me suspect possible identity theft. If he hasn’t done so recently, he should check his credit report by using and ignoring all of the upsells.

If visiting a branch is totally out of the question (and it sounds like it might be), try contacting executive customer service. These representatives have more power than regular customer service drones, and may be able to help.

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