Passengers Tossed Like Ragdolls Inside Storm-Stricken Cruise Ship

CCTV video has recently resurfaced showing what happened inside a Pacific Sun cruise ship during a severe storm. Passengers smack to the floor and locomote from port to sideboard and back again like ragdolls on ice, cling desperately to anything they can get a hand on, and try to dodge the piles of furniture caroming around. Cruise ships can be fun, but out there on the open seas Mother Nature can have her own ideas about what constitutes a good time.


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  1. sir_eccles says:

    Needs more Benny Hill :-)

    • Beeker26 says:

      OMG I was thinking the exact same thing. This would be so much better if Yakety Sax was playing.

      • Rectilinear Propagation says:

        Well, the first video did get an audio copyright warning on it: “This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.”

        Makes me wonder what the audio was. I was thinking of this:

        Which is weird, because I don’t really find this funny but it popped into my head during the first one.

      • Straspey says:

        I was thinking more like Charlie Chaplin – or maybe the Marx Brothers.

        I know it’s not supposed to be funny – but now I have to clean the coffee off my monitor – sorry…

  2. davere says:

    I…. I am going on my first cruise in 2 weeks. I didn’t need to see this.

    • axhandler1 says:

      Don’t worry about it. The chances of this happening to you are extremely small. Also, cruises are incredibly fun, so get ready to have the time of your life.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Worked on a cruise ship for almost a year, this never even came close to happening. This is an extreme rarity for cruise ships and you’ll be fine.

      For ships where this is a common occurance, all the materials would be better secured. So if nothing is secured like on a cruise ship, you have an expectation nothing will be moved about. If that makes sense.

    • Shappie says:

      plus the bigger ships that dominate the cruise world now are much better at handling weather. The larger the ship, the smaller you feel ANYTHING. The worst I have ever felt or seen on a cruise ship is walking down a hallway in a straight line and swaying back and forth between that straight line. Nothing as bad as this at all!

    • PsiCop says:

      I’ve been on cruises and this sort of thing is rare. Very much so. As other commenters have noted, any ship which might endure rough seas will have things anchored. One ship I was on did go through a patch of really bad weather, but there was virtually no motion, just a lot of gusting and rain in the open areas. It was nothing … realy truly nothing.

    • benson304 says:

      You’re lucky it’s in two weeks. September is the prime hurricane season.

    • Rachacha says:

      Several years ago I went on my first cruise (Carnical Fantasy- One of their older and smaller ships), and we hot some rough seas, so rough that we were unable to go to port at one destination because the seas were too rough for the tenders.

      Our room was on one of the lower decks near the front of the ship, and we consistently saw water spray that day in our window. Higher decks there was enough movement that it would have been difficult to walk if you were intoxicated, and the kids pool (normally 2 feet deep) was experiencing 4 foot waves, and walking up and down stairs was challenging at times. All that said, it generally was not that bad, just every once in a while there was a rough wave that would make you stumble a bit if you were not careful.

      • DH405 says:

        I took a cruise on that same ship, and I remember the pool having waves so big that at one end of the pool there’d be no water for a moment. Overall, it wasn’t a bad cruise though. I had a good time, and most of the time the boat wasn’t rocking too badly.

  3. Turnabout is Flair Play says:

    This is the Pacific Sun…which used to be the very, very old Carnival Jubilee. The stabilizers in this ship are very old. New ships are built with stabilizers that help events like this much more.

    @davere, you should be fine.

  4. ArcanaJ says:

    See, I already didn’t like the whole ocean-going thing before I saw Jaws or Titanic, this is just confirming the rightness of that paranoia.

    • LandruBek says:

      Jaws + Titanic: we’re going to need a bigger boat — OMG too big! too big!

      • ArcanaJ says:

        The storm, the iceberg, now I’m bruised, seasick and up to my neck in freezing, shark-infested waters. By God, if I survive, that travel agent will be getting a strongly worded letter!

        • Invader Zim says:

          You could include comments like “some settling of contents may have occured” and “rock n roll”, “to and fro” , “up and down” , “upside down it turned me” , and on and on.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      I think one of the reasons for the Titantic sinking is because its hull-plate bolts were composed of a high sulfur content which in turn caused them to become extremely brittle in the icy cold Atlantic waters. When the ship hit the iceberg, the hull plates popped because the bolts basically shattered and could not hold the plates together. The force from hitting the berg was too much for the bolts to hold the plates together.

      This probably wouldn’t happen today with today’s ships.

  5. Fujikopez says:

    Is there any more info on this? Was anyone seriously injured?

  6. hotcocoa says:

    Were there lawsuits related to this? Or refunds/discounts/vouchers given out?
    This happened like 2 years ago, right? Is there a follow up or….?

    • Griking says:

      Someone should sue Mother Nature

    • segfault, registered cat offender says:

      One article I looked up said that they were offered 25% off another cruise. I really hate BS offers and settlements like that because it forces the consumer to do big-ticket business again with the company that wronged them, also, for an infrequent traveler, it would be worthless.

      • jaya9581 says:

        How did the company wrong these passengers? They do not control the weather or the ocean.

        • hotcocoa says:

          I think some of the heavier stuff should have been bolted down…the few cruise ships I’ve been on (smaller ones) didn’t have movable tables and certainly not big ass movable cabinets and the like that could launch about. That’s the only way I could think the passengers could sue.

          • Dutchess says:

            really? So they should have looked into their crystal ball and went around and bolted all this stuff down before the storm?

            • hotcocoa says:

              Err, are you kidding?
              They’re a cruise company. Anyone who’s ever been on a boat, or even been by the sea, can tell that the water can get rough. Common sense would have you secure dangerous things that can fly about.
              You don’t need a fucking crystal ball to know that.

            • RevancheRM says:

              Or maybe they should be expected to contract with a weather routing service to keep them out of these seas.

              I did ship routing for the USN, from the tip of South Africa east to the IDL, for USN, allied navies and merchant marine vessels under contract, to get them avoiding weather events just like this. Plus, those ships ‘secure for sea’. While admittedly harder to secure for sea on a cruise ship, adequate routing should be even more of expectation.

            • George4478 says:

              Yes. Because the only time you can bolt down large furniture is just before a storm. Not when you buy the ship, not a year before the storm — only immediately before.

              After all, the ocean portions of our planet have never had bad weather, so no reason to plan for it.

              BTW, the ship I served on in the Navy (FFG-7) had every single table bolted down when it was built — before it ever touched water. Hmmm. How did the Navy know this was a good idea?

        • JixiLou says:

          No, the cruise company does not control the weather or the ocean, but they can certainly control the amount of sheer STUFF rolling around the ship. Tables and large furniture should have been bolted down. Everything flying around the room became a serious liability.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        It’s not exactly the cruiseline’s fault that weather, something completely outside of their control, happened.

        It’s not like the cruise company people should instead all commit seppuku and pay tribute to the people who willingly got on a ship in the ocean. There has to be some expectation during travel on the ocean that there might be inclement weather.

        Yeah, it sucks that this happened, and I feel bad for them considering that I get seasick, but giving some kind of discount is more than appropriate given that they didn’t in any way commit any mistakes other than having bad luck.

    • benson304 says:

      Cruise contracts will definitely have a clause related to this. It falls under the “Acts of God” thing.

      • Clyde Barrow says:

        LOL,,it always amazes me when companies believe in “God” such as cruise lines to abdicate their responsibility to the human race. Typical.

        • CreekDog says:

          Cruise Industry definitely believes in the old testament, angry God as opposed to the the “friend you have in Jesus”.

  7. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    That is totally awesome.

    I feel really bad for that guy on the first vid one minute in. He probable got pretty hurt.

    • Daverson says:

      the guy in the blue striped shirt? Yeah, I bet he got banged up a bit – he was going across the floor with that pile of furniture.

      And there’s a woman who does a faceplant directly into the support column in the background – start the video at about :40 and you’ll see her make impact at about :46 – who looks like she nearly got knocked out – someone helps her up and gets her out of there.

  8. Beeker26 says:

    Honestly this looks like so much more fun than shuffleboard.

  9. RobHoliday says:

    The video showing the outside view of the ship, from the chopper, show it listing very bad. There had to be something wrong the the stabilizers for it to list that much. It almost looked the the stabilizers were working backwards, making it list even worse.

  10. DariusC says:

    Holy shit! That is awesome! (x12)

    That is what I said throughout the videos…. Unfortunate for those on the ship at the time, but fortunate for everyone on the internet right now!

    No, I do not mean to sound like a troll… but it could definitely use some “damnit damnit damnit!”s and “no…. no no no nonononono” and a few bonk noises and slide whistles to make it really cool!

  11. mr cloudy says:

    the floor-buffer guy probably is having a fit

  12. humphrmi says:

    Despite the seriousness of this, there are a couple of laughs in these:

    – In the first one, the bartenders seems completely fine with what’s going on, and don’t even leave the bar area until later.

    – In the second one, some of the potted trees manage to remain upright, sliding around but not toppling over. I just thought that was funny.

    As a few other said, this is an old boat with old stabilizers. I’ve been on newer boats where you can see waves up to the lido deck and can barely feel the ship sway.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      I have no idea what “stabilizers” are and how do they work to keep a ship from doing this? Will have to “wiki” it tonight.

      • Merricat says:

        Think underwater airplane wings. They under the same principle, except instead of manually controlling them to cause a craft to fly, they are normally run via gyroscope to keep the ship ‘level’. Of course, they can only do so much, and can only act after the fact. They aren’t common, mostly only largish luxury craft use them due to the expense and amount of space they take.

    • Rain says:

      I assumed the bartender didn’t leave because he was clutching onto the bar to stay upright and the bar was between him and the sliding furniture. Not to mention he appears to finally fall 47 seconds in rather than just decide to leave.

  13. progrocktv says:

    I saw this clip on the news, they were interviewing the guy you can see in the footage holding the woman. The newscasters were playing stupid music when showing the footage and laughing. The woman anchor said “ha, ha that looked like fun!” and the guy, stone faced said something like “Well I’m glad YOU thought it was fun! I was trying to save someone and it’s not very fun when you have a 300 pound counter hurling toward your head at 5 miles per hour!” I love the news!

  14. Working for the man, he pays well. says:

    Whoa. From the outside:

  15. Nighthawke says:

    From my (rusty) math, the ship did 15-20 degree rolls in 5 second intervals. Very powerful waves, probably a set of rogue waves that hit her. That poor bunch that got caught in the middle of that must have thought they were in a giant cradle being rocked, very hard.

  16. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Man, I feel awful for that woman in the first video who hit the pole. It looked like she lost consciousness for a second; the other woman had to catch her. I thought things were going to go better in the other video in the restaurant because the tables weren’t moving but it looks like several people ended up injured there too.

    • Newto-Rah says:

      I can’t believe NOTHING in the first video is bolted down or attached at all to the ground. If the tables had be stuck to the floor, they would have slowed down the debris at least for a while so people could get out. The second was better, but when some of the bigger stuff got onto the floor it knocked the tables off, making a bigger mess and probably injuring people who were hiding behind it.

      Speaking of hiding, why is there only one person (end of the second video) smart enough to hide BEHIND the pillar and hold onto it. In the first one you see some people in front, facing the debris that’s coming at them, and the ones behind don’t hold on and get thrown to the wall (to be fair, one of the women was possibly unconscious and the other was helping). Also kudos goes to that guy, he started directing people out at the appropriate time, whenever people tried to run on their own they just got caught up in the wall of furniture, and helped some people after it calmed down

      • Newto-Rah says:

        …this was supposed to be it’s own comment, not a reply

        • Rectilinear Propagation says:

          Yeah, that happened to me yesterday: I had a reply fail and when I tried to make a separate comment it showed up as a reply.

          Anyhoo, as far as the second video goes, you can see that one other person tried to get to the pillar too before the ship tilted again but they ended up sliding away from it. I got the feeling that the passengers off to the right and immediately in front of the camera were managing to hold onto the tables; it was only the employees I saw tossed around in that one.

          It looked like the people in the back were trying to keep some…large cabinets? Not sure….from sliding around.

  17. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    Wow…looks like the bridge of the Enterprise during an attack!

  18. mergatroy6 says:

    “passengers smack to the floor and locomote from port to sideboard and back again”

    starboard not sideboard

  19. snowbodi says:

    Not quite as appealing or picturesque as Tim Roth rolling with the piano in The Legend of 1900.

  20. goober says:

    The first video at 1:22ish, the woman smashes her face directly into a pole and appears to pass out. Can only imagine what the fall-out was for that one.

  21. Sian says:

    I’ll be honest.
    I’d be clinging to a stairwell and laughing my sorry ass off.

  22. rondalescott says:

    This probably makes me a bad person but I LOL’d IRL. Hard.

  23. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    This is pretty old, but still very very scary.

  24. SiddhimaAmythaon says:

    Funny when i go on carnival all the tables and some of the chairs are bolted to the floor.

    • thor79 says:

      Look at the videos again…specifically #2…most of the tables are bolted to the floor…they are pretty much the only things left standing…and even some of those didn’t make it.

  25. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Also, I saw a view of the cargohold from the other direction and had wondered where the water came from. Now I know.

  26. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Just as long as the ship doesn’t turn upside down.

  27. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    Yarr, you scurvy dogs. This be the price you pay for your hedonistic ways.

  28. photoguy622 says:

    At first I thought this was funny, but then I was less amused and more worried for everyone on the boat. I kept imagining my mother or, god forbid Grandmother, on this ship.


  29. yessongs says:

    ARRRGH! Batten down the hatches Mr. Christian!!!

  30. Guppy06 says:

    Is this “Cruise ship hit by freak rogue wave,” or is it “Cruise company too damned cheap to steer clear of hazardous weather?”

    • webweazel says:

      Ships can steer around hurricanes and thunderstorms, but nasty conditions for a ship can come up under a clear blue sky, and often do. Hazardous conditions at sea can come up very suddenly with no warning whatsoever. Rogue waves cannot be seen until they are right on top of you. They last for a few minutes and are gone just as quickly.

  31. anime_runs_my_life says:

    You know, if no one had said that the cameras were on a cruise ship, I’d have wondered if someone had set that up as some sort of elaborate hoax. Wow.

  32. Beeker26 says:

    This never would have happened on the Love Boat.

  33. SeattleSeven says:

    I dunno about people sometimes. There seemed to be plenty of opportunity for escape to safer areas (first video, top left corner). Instead of struggling in there between tips, they just sit there shell shocked. I realize it is scary and unexpected but to make no attempt to remove yourself from obvious danger is truly crazy.

    Time has an interested article about how crowds just sort of shut down in danger. I hope I can bring myself to not be so docile should I ever end up in a dangerous situation.,9171,1810315,00.html

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      There were probably concerned about not making it to safety before the next tip and then being in a worse spot when they got thrown again. I’d rather have to protect my head from chairs then risk getting squashed by that piano for example.

  34. Clyde Barrow says:

    Wow,,,these vid’s are amazing and I don’t know if I’ll ever go on a cruise. Do the cruise lines have health care for people hurt during this? I can see someone easily being killed during such an dangerous event.

    • oldwiz65 says:

      If you are injured on a ship the cruise ship will bill you for your medical care. When you get home you can try to get your health insurance people to pay some of it, but they might place it under the category “taking unnecessary risks” and deny your coverage.

  35. cmhbob says:
  36. Clyde Barrow says:

    I thought of an old-time actor that I saw years ago and his name was W.C. Fields. I guess he was an alcoholic and he could hold his drink pretty well and there is a story that he once fell off a roof top holding his drink and never spilled a drop.

    I can see him walking about the thrown chairs and cabinets side-to-side holding his drink and walking out the door without even an issue. Amazing things you can do when you’re drunk.

  37. H3ion says:

    When does Gene Hackman lead the survivors out?

  38. RxDude says:

    Why is everyone sliding around? The floor stays level.

  39. Invader Zim says:

    Some settling of contents may have occured.

  40. Emily says:

    Wow. I’ve been on a few cruise ships, and never seen so much as a fork jiggle.

    It says in the link someone provided that neither of the stabilizers was working.

  41. Cyniconvention says:

    I kept humming the “Cha Cha Slide” while watching the first video.

    “Sliiiiide to the left!”

  42. El_Fez says:

    Please god, let someone dub this with the Star Trek Lean music – you know, where the Enterprise has just been hit by the proton torpedo and everyone on the bridge leans left and right in unison.

  43. michelsondl says:

    0:48 on the first video…Ouch.

  44. biggeek says:

    Reminds me of every episode of “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”

  45. ScottCh says:

    All of the people who keep replying how much fun they would have had are missing an important point. None of these people knew that they were going to survive. The cameras make it look like the vessel stayed level, but the deck in that dining room was heeling over to the point of being nearly vertical. That’s very close to a pants crapping experience. That’s a totally kiss-the-ground-when-you-get-home event, imo.

  46. physics2010 says:

    The number of things not bolted down to begin with are criminal. In the hold the fork lift is not strapped down and there are multiple cabinet units not bolted down. The amount of “crap” in the dining room to make it look pretty was stupid, and not securing the trollies and other items prior to encountering the rough seas is neglectful. I’m not sure how great these stabilizers are normally, but nothing is left unsecured on a U.S. Navy ship. Hopefully people weren’t too badly injured. Lesson is to get into a small hallway.

  47. Fantoche_de_Chaussette says:

    For anyone still thinking about taking a cruise, I recommend this nightmare-inducing article about one night on the M.V. Estonia.

  48. oldwiz65 says:

    The ship is obviously not prepared for situations like this! The band should have started playing “nearer my god to thee” while the Captain lashes himself to the wheel. Oh wait, today’s ships dont usually have a wheel as such. What does the captain get lashed to? And why is no one wearing life jackets? If the seas were that rough a life jacket is a good precaution.

  49. Muirin says:

    Secure for heavy seas!? But looking at the video of outside there looks like something is wrong with the boat. Seas don’t look that bad for how much the boat is listing, even if they were going parallel with the surf it shouldn’t be doing that.

    (thanks, Working for the man, he pays well)

  50. oldwiz65 says:

    Just wondered if cruise ships berths provide some kind of restraints so you don’t get thrown out of bed when the seas are rough?

  51. MoritaX says:

    I know I shouldn’t laugh at these videos, but my stomach and cheeks are sore from laughing so hard. :D

  52. nemowho says:

    As usual, nothing much consumer-related, but many of us have been laughing our asses off at this video for weeks. Hope this one has the “shocked cat” clip inserted to it, and the theme to Love Boat. If this isn’t the one you all are watching, go seek it out – it’s that much more superior.

  53. SWBLOOPERS says:

    Great special effects!

    Either that or was it poltergeist activity?