Norton SystemWorks 2006 On Sale At Walmart For Only $59.72

James spotted a copy of Norton SystemWorks 2006 on sale at his local Walmart for the must-have price of $59.72. Maybe it’s a collectible.

One wonders, for every one of these we catch and scratch our heads at, how many of them are getting purchased by clueless consumers? “And the darndest thing, Gladys, I put that Norton program on my computer that was supposed to make it faster and it actually got slower! Guess I’ll just go get a new one down at Best Buy and use this one as an ottoman.”

Walmart Time Vortex Yields Overpriced Memory Device


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  1. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    That’s the best…wonder if Windows 95 is on sale too…

  2. jason in boston says:

    I would see if the POS would even sell that. I assume it’s in inventory but that box looks like it was found in the back room or under some shelving from years past.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Unless that was the original barcode, I think it would. After all, if it’s a new barcode slapped onto an old box, someone had to enter that into inventory.

  3. holden190 says:

    Use Avast! anti-virus instead.

    It’s free and doesn’t slow your PC.

    • anarkie says:

      I think you’re missing something.

    • davidsco says:

      A. Avast does slow your PC.; B. It’s not very effective. C. It’s got one of the WORST interfaces around, and often doesn’t fully uninstall as it is poorly written. REALLY wish people with little knowledge would stop posting poor advice

      • AI says:

        Avast is just fine. You only see the interface if you run a full scan, otherwise it’s just a small blue ball in the system tray. It’s much faster than the other free alternative, AVG (which has an even worse interface). I’ve never had any issue uninstalling it when I switched over all my PC’s to MSE. I REALLY wish people that bitch but offer no helpful alternatives would just stop posting.

        For free AV, I’d suggest the following:
        1) Microsoft Security Essentials (requires a genuine Windows license)
        2) Avast! (requires yearly registration)
        3) AVG (slow and ugly, but better than nothing)

        MSE rates quite well in tests:

        • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

          No Malwarebytes?

          • Sheogorath says:

            MWB doesn’t seem well known outside of the community of people who don’t like paying $200 for a virus scan at their local computer repair shop and, of course, the people at the local computer repair shop who charge $200 to use it…

        • scoosdad says:

          The new icon is a red ball in the tray, and it’s annoying because you see it and think something’s wrong, when it’s working just fine.

        • davidsco says:

          Microsoft SE is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. I can’t tell you the number of infected PC’s I’ve had to clean that had this piece of junk sitting there, rendered useless because the user’s Internet was knocked out by the infections. (MSE does not work, and can not be updated without an Internet Connection) So please, PLEASE, when you get some real world experience outside of your bedroom, call me. The Alternative is Norton Antivirus (NOT Internet Security, and NOT 360) While it won’t find and remove everything (NOTHING DOES) it has CONSISTENTLY been ranked a top performer. The company has been around longer than ALL The others, and has worldwide research labs. It’s not developed in some foreign country with standard definitions. PLEASE, PLEASE. Stop trying to prove your prowess when you know NOTHING

      • Jeff-er-ee says:

        I’ve used Avast! for years. Never had issues with it slowing my PCs. I’ve used it to disinfect other people’s computers who thought they were protected using McAfee, with great results.

        Can you point me to the evidence that you’re using to make your claims? I’d like to know if it has reliability problems (and I don’t mean a page of people commenting that , “It sucks!”)

        You’re right about the interface though. It sucketh.

        • wastedlife says:

          Avira Antivir, while the free version has the mildly annoying “Please buy the premium version” ad during updates (easily disabled, but I won’t get into details), has tested very near the top for years in detection rate and speed and has consistently beat out other free AVs like AVG, Avast!, and BitDefender. I agree that Avast! is better than Norton or McAfee, but so is getting shot in the face. There are a lot of sources out there doing tests, here is a pretty good one to get started:

        • davidsco says:

          How about 850 clients thoughout Massachusetts? It DOES slow your system down, a fact also reiterated in professional test on the web, and it is NOT very effective, a fact proven time and time again in the REAL world by me, on client computers. McAfee, itself, is also ineffective, and has been for quite some time now, so comparing it to that is not very persuasive. Avast isn’t even ranked as high as Avira, as far as free Antivirus goes, and either one of them, while barely adequate, are not even close to the effectiveness of Norton Antivirus. Please, get some experience with more than 1 PC before posting what you believe to be intelligent experienced information

    • OIFVet says:

      Avast??? How about using the best AntiVirus program available thta was built from scratch and is also recognized on the Forbes magazine plus its backed by Microsoft and Intel. “VIPRE”

  4. phrekyos says:

    A copy? It looks like there are at least two more copies in the background.

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      There’s at least one more identical copy in the background. The other one may just be the latest, greatest 2007 version! Get it before it’s gone, at the amazing low price of $69.72! Note: only works with Windows 95, 98 or ME. Requires i7 950 processor, 8Gb RAM and 400 GB of available hard drive space. Recommended hardware requirements: the entire Google server barn.

  5. sgtyukon says:
  6. Dover says:

    On the plus side, James now has some great experience for a new career as a hand model.

  7. Willow01 says:

    mmmmmm antiquated crap software……

  8. crazydavythe1st says:

    I actually sold a 1.5 year old Acer netbook for what I paid for it on Amazon a few days ago. Unfortunately, the buyer insisted upon Windows XP and all I had was Windows 7. I was *that* close.

    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel guilty for almost going through with it, or if that’s the cost of not doing your research.

  9. vitajex says:

    “And the darndest thing, Gladys, I put that Norton program on my computer that was supposed to make it faster and it actually got slower!”

    Shoulda used the name Alice instead of Gladys.

    Alice- Norton…
    ‘One of these days, Alice… Bang, zoom, to the moon!’

  10. stint7 says:

    As a former Wal-Mart Electronics expert, we did what we were told and many times I knew we were selling crap so I tried to steer people away from buying “discounted” items like that. Every Wal-Mart has a few walls of stuff that just wouldn’t sell but it still isn’t priced low enough to buy.

  11. Buckus says:

    Throw that in the cart with my $89 2.5GB portable hard drive! Now, where’s the buckets ‘O lard kept?

  12. RxDude says:

    You couldn’t pay me to install the newest version on my system.

  13. budgetingincome says:

    This is not surprising.

    They have bargain shelves containing 1st generation computer peripherals and electronic products selling for a few percent off their original price.

  14. lawnmowerdeth says:
  15. Griking says:

    As long as you have a valid license number you can always upgrade to the current version of Norton online.

  16. zigzagdance says:

    My local 5 Below has a serial mouse that’s shaped like a surfboard. For some reason it is the full $5.

  17. physics2010 says:

    Walmart has the worst discounting scheme for obsolete items. It may only be most obvious on electronics items that date easily. These items never seem to go away. They used to have markdowns around Wednesday where they’d throw everything in a cart, or sell it by box, but there are certain items that never make it. I always shake my head at 32meg flash drives that cost more than non-discounted current 4gig flash drives.

  18. DoctorWhom says:

    This happens often enough I’m surprised there isn’t a separate website for just these occurrences.

  19. Tokarev_Makarov says:

    Even more egregious is that this was when SystemWorks was at its most bloated and slow.
    I’m not the biggest fan of Norton/Symantec products, but they really did a nice job of revamping their products for the 2009 versions and beyond.

  20. Dave Farquhar says:

    That thing wasn’t worth it when it was new. Here’s your free replacement for Norton Systemworks:

    Microsoft Security Essentials — antivirus software. Effective, not too hard on the CPU either
    MyDefrag — free, open source defrag program. Much better than the one in Norton Utilities
    MBRWork — free application to recover lost hard drive partitions. Norton Utilities used to do this but doesn’t anymore. You’ll probably only need this once a decade, if that.
    NTREGOPT: Packs the empty space in the registry. Might shave a half second off your boot time.
    PageDefrag: Defragments your page file, hibernation file, and registry files at boot time.
    CCleaner: Roots out junk temporary files that common applications leave behind.

    These six programs will accomplish everything Norton Systemworks ever did, without causing additional problems (which is more than I can say for Systemworks), and won’t cost you a cent.

    In 1999 I actually wrote an entire book chapter about Norton Systemworks, detailing how to install and use it and specifically what components not to install and use in order to avoid making your system worse, not better. The software has gotten a little cheaper in the last 11 years but it certainly hasn’t gotten any better.

    The most valuable thing in that package is the jewel case the CD comes in.

  21. wastedlife says:

    Malwarebytes is fantastic as a secondary tool and has replaced Spybot:S&D for me, but for day-to-day always-on protection I use and recommend Avira Antivir free or Microsoft Security Essentials.

  22. shaner55418 says:

    There is a copy of Madden 2004 sitting at the Elk River MN Super Walmart for a low low price of $29.95. What’s the catch, you say? Its for the Playstation. Nope, not the PS2 or PS3, the 15-year old original Playstation console.

  23. Dyscord says:

    Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s one of the best and it’s free.