Starbucks Sort Of Bringing 'Tall' Back To Drive-Thru Menus

Only a few weeks ago, a blogger in North Carolina wrote us to find out why her local Starbucks’ drive-thru no longer mentioned “Tall” sizes on the menu. Since then, the ‘Bucks has tried to explain their action, but almost 80% of you weren’t buying it.

Now, a rep for the coffee giant has reached out to Consumerist to let us know that, starting Thursday, Starbucks customers will once again see the word “Tall” on their drive-thru menus:

On Aug. 31, Starbucks introduced the simplified menu, based on customer feedback, but since that time, we’ve heard people missed seeing the Tall beverages on the menu. While the Tall size has always been available at Drive Thru, along with every item on Starbucks full menu, we want to clear up any confusion and ensure our menu reflects a range of price points. We listened to feedback and starting Thursday the 16th, stores will be updating their Drive Thru menu boards, highlighting that Tall size is available.

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