Store Says Mother Is "Too Fat" To Enter Warehouse

Alexis said she went to an appliance store and was invited to come into the back warehouse to look for a washer, but her mother was forbidden as she was “too fat.”

Alexis writes,

“My mother and I went to [redacted] in [redacted] TX in hopes of snagging a good deal on a washing machine for my new place. After telling the man working there my budget he tells me that he has what I am looking for but I will need to come with him to the back warehouse. ”

“He then looks at my mother and says, verbatim, “you are too fat to come”. Now, my mother is not a tiny person but at almost 5.5ft and 200lbs she is not fat. This comment was made in front of another woman which just added to the humiliation. Needless to say, we walked out, leaving quite a bit of my mother’s self esteem behind.”

That must be one tiny warehouse.