What Happens When You Let 100 Cats Loose Inside An IKEA?

Who knows better than cats what the most comfortable and interesting spaces in your house are? That’s the idea behind a new commercial for IKEA. To get the crucial kitty footage, one hundred cats were–why not?–let loose inside the Wembley store after hours to romp and nap for the cameras.

Why cats? More importantly, why ordinary housepets not trained for film work? Agency Mother London explains:

“The idea behind the work is that cats know better than anything what makes them feel happy inside, they live their lives in pursuit of their own comfort,” said Feh Tarty, creative director at Mother. “So we released a hundred cats in to the Ikea Wembley store, for real, to see where they went and what furniture made them happy.”

The end result is dreamlike and cute, but not nearly as interesting as the making-of video that precedes it in the below YouTube clip.

Ikea ads switch from guerrillas to cats [The Guardian]

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