Which Technological Advance Of The Last 20 Years Has Most Made Your Life Easier?

In 1990, the internet was something used by fantasy baseball fanatics on CompuServe and mobile phones were the size of toddlers — a luxury for those who could afford to not use pay phones. Satellite TV meant having a massive dish on your property; millions struggled with programming their VCRs to tape L.A. Law; bills were paid by check… in the mail.

But of all the developments and advances that have occurred in the years since, which have had the most direct impact on the way you live? Obviously, I wouldn’t have a job — and you would be doing yours right now — if the Internet hadn’t exploded the way it did.

And then there are seemingly smaller things like direct-debit for paying bills, which has helped millions of absent-minded people (yours truly included) stay current on their payments and off the rolls of collection agencies.

Then again there are people we know whose lives aren’t today aren’t that different than they were 20 years ago — folks without cable TV, without cell phones, without digital cameras — and who seem just as happy as the rest of us.

So here’s your chance to tell us about those technologies that have truly changed your life — or how your life really hasn’t changed that much.

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