Starbucks Explains Disappearance Of Tall From Drive-Thru Menus

You might remember last week when a reader wrote in to point out that Tall coffees were no longer being listed on the drive-thru menu at her local Starbucks. Well, some actual journalist in Seattle got someone at Starbucks to explain the vanishing act, which is apparently now happening nationwide.

The Starbucks rep says that the new Tall-less drive-thru menus, which only list Grande and Venti sizes, are just a response to customer demand:

We’d heard from customers that our drive thru menus were cluttered and made it difficult to order. So we redesigned them focusing on making ordering easier by reducing the number of items and adding more product shots. Overall, we reduced the number of items on the menu by about two-thirds – typically going from 75 to 25 items. The items featured are our most popular items, including our most popular sizes – grande and venti. Ordering options are not limited to what’s on the menu, and just as with the short size, drive thru customers may order any item or size of beverage we offer in the store.

The comments on our original story seemed pretty evenly divided between “You can still order a tall so it’s no big deal” and “There is plenty of space for Talls on the menu so this is obviously an attempt to upsell the larger sizes.” So this time we’re asking for more concrete feedback from you in the form of a poll:

Starbucks takes “tall” off drive-through menus, just like “short” disappeared from in-store menus [Seattle Times]

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